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Pot Could Be Legalized To Colorado Tourists! Rihanna Rejoices! (Probably)

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rihanna smoking weed colorado to allow tourists to buy marijuana

As if Colorado wasn't already amazing!

They recently legalized marijuana for recreational use to its residents, and now they're looking to do something even more incredible: Expand the law to include tourists!

We bet Rihanna and Snoop Dogg Lion are already packing their bags!

This is almost as HIGHlariously wonderful as when we found out about the possibility of pot vending machines!

Yesterday, the state made an official recommendation to not only make the drug available to the state's residents, but also, to any adult over the age of 21 visiting Colorado.

If lawmakers agree with such the plan, then even outsiders would be free to buy and smoke the plant, which would, literally increase the number of tourists visiting Colorado to a much HIGHer annual number! Ha! Rep. Dan Pabon explains why this would benefit them, but he also adds that the drug MUST stay within state lines.

"Imposing a residency requirement would almost certainly create a black market for recreational marijuana in the state.

Marijuana purchased in Colorado must stay in Colorado. We could attract greater federal scrutiny and displeasure of our neighbors [if the drug were to cross state lines.]"

Word on the street though is that the most amount a non-resident could purchase would be an eighth of an ounce per transaction, which seems to be the perfect amount to keep people happy while also regulating the drug.

We'll know more on Feb. 28 when the state Legislature and the Department of Revenue will make their final decision!

[Image via Rihanna's Instagram.]

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10 comments to “Pot Could Be Legalized To Colorado Tourists! Rihanna Rejoices! (Probably)”

  1. thebigboot says – reply to this


    So let me get this straight. You decry people for smoking cigarettes yet marijuana is fine?

  2. lex says – reply to this


    Nederland, CO is legal to sell and buy without a medical card and has been that way for about 2 years now. We went to Boulder to visit this past weekend and traveled through Nederland on recommendation and there is a shop there called Nikki's Nook that sells smokeables and edibles and it's 100% legal. It's the only city in Colorado with that law.

  3. lauren says – reply to this


    @thebigboot - Absolutely! Perez is fine with showing how cool Rihanna and Miley Cyrus (but he mostly shows Rihanna) are for smoking pot…constantly… with limited amounts of clothes on. But, when Justin Timberlake smoked a cigarette on his wedding day Perez wrote this crazy long article about how terrible it was and how uncool it was. Mind you, I am pretty sure Rihanna was posting all these half naked/pot head pictures well before it became legal. Tell us more about how she is such a great role model when she can barely formulate a coherent sentence in English.

  4. Aspengirl says – reply to this


    Re: thebigboot – I've worked at a care center in Colorado, and saw people with terminal and/or debilitating diseases come in everyday to purchase medical marijuana - feeling better from an ability to function, sleep, and eat without pain. Try watching the movie "Run from the Cure" on youtube by Rick Simpson. How many people has marijuana killed vs. cigarettes? Seriously, educate yourself.

  5. AspenGirl says – reply to this


    Re: lex – Not true - you absolutely cannot buy without a medical card, even today, in Nederland. If you did, it was illegal. It was decriminalized to smoke marijuana, but absolutely not to buy or sell weed.

  6. thebigboot says – reply to this


    Re: Aspengirl – Did I argue that? All I was pointing out was Perez was being hypocritical. If you want to talk about education, let's do it then. What about the long term effects of marijuana?

  7. aspengirl says – reply to this


    Re: thebigboot – yes, you did. how are marijuana and cigarettes comparable? they're not, so perez writing a story about marijuana legalization has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he "decries" people for smoking cigarettes - which has proven to kill millions of people. whatever "long-term" effects of marijuana you are referring to have not been proven conclusively - and i guarantee you that the long-term effects of many prescription drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes are way worse. there are a lot of people out there who would rather take a hit of weed and function then succumb to strong painkillers when they're in severe pain, not to mention the fact that i have seen it help many people with mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and anorexia. but basically, i just didn't understand why you brought up cigarettes in the first place.

  8. irishone says – reply to this


    The law passed earlier this year. It is now legal to buy without a medical card in the whole state. You can have up to a couple ounces and grow 6 plants. You can buy at a mj shop. There are a ton of shops in Boulder and Denver, and I'm sure the shop in Nederland was legal.

  9. thebigboot says – reply to this


    Re: aspengirl – Seriously, if you couldn't get the comparison then you are a freaking moron. God help the people you work with because God knows with the idiocy you seem to possess how you function on a daily basis is questionable.

  10. lex says – reply to this


    Re: Aspengirl

    Sorry, you're wrong. It's completely legal in that town alone.