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Oscar Pistorius Murder Case: Was His Girlfriend PREGNANT At The Time Of Her Death?!?

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was reeva steenkamp pregnant1

Oh snap!!!

It has been speculated that Oscar Pistorius' late girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp was PREGNANT when the paralympian allegedly murdered her, and if this is true, it's definitely making the situation even sadder.

A source revealed:

“Police believe the preg­nancy secret she revealed is what sent Pistorius over the edge and left her dead, with bullet wounds to the head, chest, pelvis and hand. Neighbors com­plained of shouting and fighting coming from the house. Police were called to in­vestigate, but it appeared to be just another lover’s spat, so nothing was done except to ask them to quiet down.

Police theorize that Pisto­rius was in a rage – possibly induced by the illegal steroids that were later recovered in his home – and bludgeoned Reeva with a cricket bat during a fierce argument. When police found the bat, there was lots of blood on it. Investigators believe Pistorius shot the young woman once while they were fighting.

Police believe the argument started over Reeva’s relationship with Oscar’s close friend, handsome rugby player Francois Hougaard. Oscar discovered that Reeva and Francois had been texting each oth­er, and police later found evidence of their communications on Reeva’s iPad. Those e-mails were the opening salvo in the fight that got out of hand and led to murder.

Police believe as the arguing con­tinued, hot-headed Pistorius became mani­acal. Reeva tried to calm him down, saying there was nothing between Hou­gaard and herself. Although she had dated him in the past, it was long over."

The source adds that Oscar is a very jealous man, so when he found out that Reeva was contacting Francois, he said that the baby wasn't his and that she had been cheating on him.


If Miz Steenkamp was preggers, it's sad to think that Oscar actually ended TWO lives.

The gossip hasn't been confirmed, but we'll definitely keep you posted once we find out more info!!

[Image via Twitter.]

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14 comments to “Oscar Pistorius Murder Case: Was His Girlfriend PREGNANT At The Time Of Her Death?!?”

  1. 1

    I feel like saying things like "Oh snap," "dayum" and "preggers" take away from the true sadness of the situation. She was a beautiful girl with a family and friends and her life was taken tragically. Your stupid reactions seem to downplay how sad it actually is.

  2. blueness says – reply to this


    The places I can find claims of pregnancy include: Perez, Celebrity Dirty Laundry and The National Enquirer. So basically this is currently a baseless claim only posted here to capitalize on a very sad situation. @sick_girl is right - you trivialize a tragedy by your method of posting (note I did not refer to this as reporting).

  3. Pamela says – reply to this


    You're a sick freak - this article is total and utter bullshit, not ONE word true. Do you think at some point self conscious shame would kick in with you, you fucking arsehole.

  4. Lassie says – reply to this


    This is such a fucked up report , you sicko .

  5. Romey2410 says – reply to this


    This article really annoys me. I live in South Africa. And every bit of info you've provided is completely false. Surely you would do some real research before posting a story like this? I think it's unfair that you are spreading all this incorrect info about Oscar, have some respect for him and for Reeva.

  6. Tshepo Ntoane says – reply to this


    Only Americans would seek to sensationalize a tragedy such as this.

    This article stems from the most ignorant of places. There were no illegal drugs found at his residence. It was a herbal remedy!

  7. jerold says – reply to this


    This is all wrong. Very insensitive language, and a lot of false facts. The bat was used to break the door open, and that is all. Were she expecting, we would have known about it. They would have picked that up in the autopsy and it would have been on the cover of every newspaper, and all over the internet. Put your imagination to better use and go write some abstract poetry. This is one of the worst "articles" written about the case, and you should take it down. I would be very embarassed if I were you.

    Seriously. This is disgusting.

  8. 8

    "Oh, snap" really, perez?? maybe try to be a little more considerate..

  9. Pippa Fortescue says – reply to this


    You know Perez, I can stomach your usual drivel and complete shot sturring but stay away from serious reporting. You used disgusting language to describe an event that may have been even sadder. You have reached an all time low. disgusting.

  10. DLG says – reply to this


    Maybe you should stop speculating and start reporting FACTS for once.

  11. Ren says – reply to this


    Ill informed as always. Have some integrity rather than spewing out falsities.

  12. Jay Walker says – reply to this


    There is so much crap in this article it's just not funny. What a crock!

  13. Tamami24 says – reply to this


    What a load off bullsh*t!!! Get your FACTS right before posting stuff like this on the internet!!! This is a very sad story and all you care about is posting utter nonsense on the internet!!! This beautifull girl is dead, let her rest in peace and stop looking to get some sort of entertainment out of this!

  14. tracy says – reply to this


    get your facts straight, everything in your article is crap!!!!! only an idiot would write such nonsense