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Honey Has More Benefits That You Can Believe!

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Humans have been hunting for honey for at least 8,000 years as depicted by cave paintings in Valencia, Spain. Here, on rock etchings, two hunters are shown collecting honey from a honeycomb in a wild bee nest. In ancient Egypt, honey was not only used as a pastry sweetener, but also for embalming the dead and for offerings to, Min, the fertility god of Egyptians.

Fast forward to today. Is Honey really that good for your honey? Of course it is! Following are just a few of the many health benefits reported in the literature for this busy bee鈥檚, natural sweetener:

路 Honey contains cancer risk reducing and heart healthy antioxidants and flavonoides.
路 Honey has been demonstrated to help treat disorders such as ulcers and bacterial gastroenteritis.
路 Researchers have found that all honey is antibacterial, because those busy bees add an enzyme which makes hydrogen peroxide.
路 Historians have reported that ancient Olympic athletes ate honey and dried figs to enhance their performance. Modern studies have confirmed this health benefit by honey鈥檚 ability to help maintain glycogen, which functions for the body鈥檚 secondary long-term energy storage.
路 Studies show that a single dose of honey can help to reduce cough and throat irritations.
路 Application of honey to wounds has demonstrated to be effective for healing them.
路 Some types of honey contain friendly bacteria and are thus probiotic.
路 When used with other ingredients, honey can be used to nourish your skin and as a moisturizer.

As you can see, whether your honey wants to eat honey, use it as a sweetener, sip a teaspoon when sick or apply it to a boo boo, honey has many health benefits for all of us.

Lisa DeFazio鈥檚 a leading nutrition expert and a Master鈥檚 degree level Registered Dietitian, so be sure to check out her website and follow her on Twitter for more tips and videos — and if U wanna know more about honey OR anything else, U can always email us at Questions@FitPerez.com!!

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