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Joan Rivers Cracks Jokes About Adele's Weight On The Late Show With David Letterman!

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That's not very nice Joan Rivers!

The Fashion Police diva made an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman to recap what went down at the Oscars on Sunday, and while she was there… instead of just talking smack about the fashion — she cracked jokes about Adele's weight.


She went so far into even saying:

“What is her song? Rolling in the deep? She should add fried chicken!”

We're not quite sure what she meant by adding fried chicken, but we definitely know that she was making a mockery out of the singer's weight, and that's NOT cool with us!

Ch-ch-check out the clip (above) to watch Joan talk shiz about Adele's full figure!

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41 comments to “Joan Rivers Cracks Jokes About Adele's Weight On The Late Show With David Letterman!”

  1. Stepy says – reply to this


    I think she means add it on to the song title…as in… "Rolling in the deep fried chicken"

    Im a big girl and I still think its funny.

  2. Felix says – reply to this


    Deep fried chicken…

  3. jokesonher says – reply to this


    Like Joan Rivers should be talking about anyone's looks. She is made of so much plastic barbie is jealous! She looks strange and fake. I would definitely rather be rolling in the deep, than have a face made of stone! =-D

  4. 4

    If you're brave enough to be fat then you should be brave enough to take the fat jokes. Hollywood is just that cruel, that's just how it is. Love you Adele (and Joan).

  5. 5

    Joan didn't need all the plastic surgery because she is a beautiful woman. But I do understand that is hard to age, specially these days. I am seeing my hair and I am thinking about painting already. I am trying to become vegan not only to beat a disease but to mantain my youth. Let's not kidding ourselves here. And Joan must be a little jealous of Adele. Just a little. Not that much. She doesn't need to be jealous or prove anything to anyone. She is and always will be an amazing star and comedian. Long life, Joan!

  6. Bogdan says – reply to this


    ohhh come on Joan give me a break. Adele is a singer not a model. the joke was not funny at all. Adele is so talented and wonderful person. It really doesn' t matter how she looks. i dont wanna be rude but look at yourself first and make jokes about how others lok like after youve seen your face in a mirror. i really like the fashion police show and joan and i have to admit that she is funny but not with this stupid jokes about people's bodies. Adele is amazing and it doesnt matter that shes fat stop bulling her. you old lady. is not about how she looks is about what kind of person it is. and Adele is lovely.

  7. 7

    like you are one to comment perez. when you are the one that was saying that khloe kardashian was stuffing her face and should go work out the food that she was eating.

  8. LadyDi says – reply to this


    I can't respect anyone who makes a living off of the feelings of someone's else back. That's one of the reasons I started watching Perez. He appreiciated the damage that can be done by ridicule and he toned downed his page. I still think Perez is goofy but I have respect for him.
    Joan can justify herself in any way she likes. These folks have put themselves in the spotlight so they are fair game. It is expected.
    But…Perez put his subscribers and, hence his$, on the line to take a stand. And he even stopped putting those stupid hearts and lame stars next to his genitial de jour.
    Gotta give props.

  9. Lola says – reply to this


    She also talked about how Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton shouldn't have children because those kids would be ugly. God how I now hate that woman.

  10. barbara says – reply to this


    Please I guess you never read your web sight. You are still the meanest of all web sites about everything. Just because your skinnier doesn't mean your nicer. Just a little less of a bully but please perez you are a fist class ass.

  11. tacogirl says – reply to this


    are you serious?…this is what she does. It's her comedy. She makes fun of people and she's hilarious and usually spot on. Says thing people only think….love her…

  12. 12

    Re: Beaunyc – if you're brave enough to be fat?? really???…don't even know to say about this one

  13. Tania says – reply to this


    Joan is so stupid. Shut up alien face! Adele is beautiful and so much prettier than you!

  14. anonymous says – reply to this


    she's just a bully… it's none of her business to comment on that

  15. 15

    hahaha she is funny. she makes fun of everyone, even herself.

  16. 16

    I'd rather be fat than ugly…I can diet!!!

  17. 17

    Joan Rivers is the female counterpart to Don Rickles. Their brand of humor(?) gets old very quickly. Basically, they just say hateful things about people and we are suppose to laugh. Since this is the only way she delivers comedy, it gets old real fast, like 40 years ago.

  18. RainbowBrite says – reply to this


    She has a lot of nerve to mock others appearances when her mouth looks like it has a close hanger in it. She should stick to what shes best at, plastic surgery..oh wait.

  19. 19

    It's time for society to shun that bully.

  20. Nic says – reply to this


    Joan Rivers shows that you're never too old to be an immature bitch

  21. RazorsEdge says – reply to this


    Old wind-tunnel face shouldn't talk about anyone's image.

  22. 22

    I like Adele, she is one of the few singers that around these days that I can tolerate.
    As for Joan, she is usually funny, at least to me.

  23. Jen says – reply to this


    hmmm joan rivers funny but really bird just had a kid give her time and if that doesnt take so what really?

  24. Smitty says – reply to this


    Joan Rivers is about as funny as a funeral. She is the reason that female comediennes were considered unfunny for so long. And some idiot compared her to Ricklles?!? Gimme a break! He wouldn't say her best joke ever for fear of total embarrassment.
    She is the worst. At least Adele has some merit.

  25. 25

    Joan Rivers is so 30 years ago. She isn't funny and her jokes are so predictable.
    Time to retire Joan, you are no longer relevant. Her schtick is old hat. 30 years ago she was making fun of Elizabeth Taylor's weight and now same shit different name.

  26. Maggie says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but Joan rivers is funny! It's a joke gosh shes makes fun of everyone! Adele should be glad that means she likes you! Loool I wouldn't mind this joke and I'm big!

  27. mm says – reply to this


    Joan is just a bully whether it is Adele, Kristen Stewart, Helena Bonham Carter or any other woman, Joan loves to bully and torment them. She should stick to tallking about fashion.

  28. Bridget says – reply to this


    Oh dear for a moment there I thought it just said Joan Rivers cracks - I thought her hard face had finally cracked - give it time - it will!!

  29. jjj says – reply to this


    joan rivers shut ur big trap mouth,u neva say anything good about anybody,ur so awful,so plastic and fake,ure famous for the bad stuff neva for the good stuff,u can neva compare ur masculine,croaky,bass voice to adele's never,so dont abuse what u dont have,scrawny little bitch

  30. Booboo says – reply to this


    "When an ass calls me a cow, I take it from where its coming from."
    -Elizabeth George, British writer

    At least Adele can lose weight. Joan? I used to be a fan of Joan's but she's not helping those young women who are already struggling with self esteem issues and up with life threatning eating disorders and or addictions…or committing suicide because they are very influenced by what they hear and see in the media. Too bad she can't use her platform and talent to help empower women and girls rather than perpetuate the belief only thin is acceptable. Based on her many surgeries and beavior shes obviuosly a very insecure woman.

  31. Diane says – reply to this


    Joan's gone from funny to cruel. Honestly she's a mean girl behind people's back, a suck up to their face and a waste of tv air time. She's not funny, shocking or even in touch with reality anymore. I wish E! would retire her and turn the show over to G

  32. Oops says – reply to this


    Joan Rivers makes her living by being offensive. That's been true for years and it will not stop now. It's her act and she doesn't leave anyone out of it. I'm waiting for her to turn on Kelly Osbourne — she's such an easy target…

  33. Dan85 says – reply to this


    I think fat jokes would roll right off adele. She's got a back bone and a sense of humour about her self.

  34. Bondsy says – reply to this


    Adele is a singer, what she looks like is irrelevant, the question is, can she sing? The answer is obvious the girl is an amazing singer. As for her looks she is gorgeous, I don't even notice the super skinny actresses on Oscar night, but she stands out. Her skin glows and her hair shines-she is healthy and happy. Joan Rivers is clearly offended that Adele does not buy into the hate yourself, be like everyone else mantra of Hollywood. Joan acted like a moronic school bully and she came off looking insecure and stupid. It is obvious that it is Joan who has self image problems and needs to get some counseling. Actually I feel sorry for Joan Rivers , her world is a soulless ugly place.

  35. Joel says – reply to this


    Joan is hilarious! Lighten up! It's her job to say those things. Adele can dry her tears with her money.

  36. Nickie says – reply to this

  37. Nickie says – reply to this


    I agree, Joan Rivers looks like a cat, so fake.
    Adele has beauty, and she is gifted.

    I love Adele

  38. Nickie says – reply to this


    Re: Lola – I agree, I hate Joan Rivers as well, she should look at her thigt face, she is not funny, in think she is so uglu, like a cat.
    Adele has youth and beauty,as well as talent

  39. Nickie says – reply to this


    Re: Nic – She is a bitch, an uglu one.

    Adele has youth and beauty!!!

  40. Nickie says – reply to this


    Re: Maggie – You are stupid, she does not need Joan Rivers approval, or help to be successful,

  41. Edith from Chile says – reply to this


    That stupidity bigger!, This lady based on the weight of a singer, or whatever, at least Adele is natural and is not bothered by their appearance, and the nicest thing is his talent and personality, and has a beautiful face and not needs of the thousands of surgeries like this lady and her face is so stiff, she would like to have the talent and charisma of Adele beauty, I think should be punished, and that in these times the bullyng still exists or not penalized? ! I find abhorrent especially a woman of this age and has the word on TV, criticizing what she knows fashion the brain to all she gives.