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Kim Kardashian Isn't Giving Into CRAZY Cravings Because She Wants To Eat Well For Baby Kimye!

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kim kardashian is eating well during her pregnancy

Kim Kardashian has been working out like crazy ever since she found out she was pregnant with Kanye West's baby, and while she's been busy trying to keep her kurves to a minimum, she has also been eating well.

The queen of E! took to her blog on Monday to reveal that she's been sticking to a well-balanced diet because she's eating for two.

Miz Kardashian wrote:

"I’ve been researching recipes and healthy eating tricks to make sure that I get the right nutrition. For me it’s about maintaining a well-balanced eating and fitness plan. My friend Harley Pasternak sent me this book and I am so excited to read it! The Body Reset Diet will give you the tools you need to restart the way you are eating and boost your metabolism. I love his recipes and I know you guys will too! Xo."

Pasternak has worked with several celebrity moms including, Megan Fox, Hilary Duff and Jessica Simpson, so we believe him to be a miracle worker.

Plus, if he can keep Kimmy's bod from getting extra voluptuous, then he definitely is something like a food god! LOLz

[Image via WENN.]

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42 comments to “Kim Kardashian Isn't Giving Into CRAZY Cravings Because She Wants To Eat Well For Baby Kimye!”

  1. 1

    Could've fooled me.

  2. 2

    Kourt should show her little sister how to dress for pregnancy. What the fuck is she wearing. She looks horrible.

  3. 3

    I call bullshit! She doesn't want her ass to have it's own zip code it's already a National Park!

  4. 4

    What the fuck do people see in this troll?

  5. 5

    this is such a bad picture :(

  6. 6

    that's a really bad picture

  7. 7

    she looks so much like a botoxed alien in this picture, it is frightening actually.

  8. Ugh says – reply to this


    She always wears the ugliest clothes.

  9. 9

    As long as she's being healthy and careful and not worrying too much about the weight. She's gaining weight in a weird way. She just looks like she's getting fatter. But I started to see the bump in that black dress she wore the other day. Some of my friends over ate as an excuse of being pregnant. It's usually with their first and then they learn their lesson.

  10. mat says – reply to this


    She's looks like a witch in this picture.

  11. Brad says – reply to this



  12. vic says – reply to this


    OMG! She looks like a hippo in a tutu

  13. 13

    Seriously Perez, enough about the Kardashian, you posted about them 12 times today …. ENOUGH! nobody cares!

  14. Ali says – reply to this


    She's got to get in shape for her planned miscarriage and the TV special she'll do to share her "grief" with the world. She'll want to look her best during such a horrid time. Lucky she has such a wonderful support system in her family. I'm sure they'll be doing interviews and writing books about the pain of miscarriage. Poor Kanye, Karma is getting him good now. As for this person, she is literally "of the devil" and anyone who looks up to her or thinks she's hot has a screw lose.

  15. Brad says – reply to this


    trendingrecords.com …we are waiting to watch her eat or wear the afterbirth…PEREZ KEEP IT UP…WE LUV YA

  16. jerry says – reply to this


    New Zoo Review called, Henrietta wants her pant suit back!!

  17. BlowMeOver&Over says – reply to this


    Why waste time, ink, and or anything on this disgusting hoebag. She is about as worthless as toe jam,shes rude, ignorant & a,whining slut.She puts herself out there and boo hoos when someone says anything bad about her.But really ain't a whole lot of anything she has done good.She has slept with so many guys and thinks she is the shitz! Her comment about her not wearing hand me downs on her baby, Well good for her and her useless babydad.Who in the f*$k do they think they are.Some people have no choice what their babies wear.Most people wasn't handed a shit load of money for being a drama queen.And her beau that most people can't stand.He ain't nobody.You may have money but that don't make a sincere compassinate person.You both are pathetic ungrateful pigs Mr.Ka Nuts needs to jump down off his high horse, and Ms.Thing are nobody.My only hope is you have a healthy child.
    Grow up after this and your big mouth beau.He needs to show other celebs some respect.Coz he can't sing all that great!!

  18. andyv says – reply to this


    Looks like she ate her sister

  19. tony says – reply to this


    damn she is one of the ugliest in Hollywood, and her body is still shitty.

  20. RainbowBrite says – reply to this


    What the fuck if she wearing? Christ. Someone get this girl some NICE maternity clothes.

  21. Cheri says – reply to this


    WTF is she wearing???

  22. Lover55 says – reply to this


    RE:BlowMeOver&Over,good for your comment.You hit the nail right on the head. Who in the hell does Kayne thinks he is.Always running some other singer down.F*+k he ain't nobody himself.From grabbing mikes or just bringing up names and trying to run other singers down.Can't stand that punk! Him and his fugly lady need to go far far away from here. Ignorant Prick!!!

  23. 23

    She is so focused on not gaining weight it is pathetic. She shouldn't be working out twice a day and eating on a diet. I'm not saying she should be eating like Jessica Simpson did during her firs pregnancy, but she shouldn't deprive herself. I agree with all those saying she needs to take tips from Kourtney. Kim is dressed up like a mess. She isn't dressing for a pregnant body at all. Something tells me the mix of her vanity and Kanye isn't healthy for her pregnancy.

  24. Jenn says – reply to this


    She could have fooled me because she is gaining at a rapid rate….a not so healthy rapid rate. She is the size of someone about to give birth. The thing is she is as big as they are only she doesn't have a round pregnant belly. It is as if the baby is growing in her ass and thighs. Working out clearly isn't working.

  25. Sarah says – reply to this


    Is it just me or is she looking more and more like the Octomom?

  26. fairmaiden says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – TOO FUNNY….and sadly TRUE!!!!!

  27. @v@ says – reply to this


    Cravings can be your body signalling that it needs some vitamin or mineral. Listen to it.
    Between following the food guide and eating your pregnancy vitamin, it's not that hard.

  28. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    Wow, she really looks like Octomom in this picture.

  29. Shhh says – reply to this


    Lord have mercy… She looks like she's about to pop!

  30. diane says – reply to this


    she's not eating healthy for the baby… is for herself… so egocentric

  31. jnyjny says – reply to this


    She is NOT dressing well!

  32. torgster says – reply to this


    I just laugh when I look at her. She looks like a bad joke.

  33. Gabrielasmith says – reply to this


    Kim is Looking so Gorgeous and beautiful .I think that she is avoiding the fast food .

  34. barny says – reply to this


    If it were not for the Big Boobs and Hips she would look more like a man then a woman.

  35. eve wa jo says – reply to this


    Re: adg100 – jelosy,you will never succed in ur entire life,you hate a person who doesnt know if you exist in dis world

  36. 36

    I don't know if it's the clothes or she is just an ugly, fat pregnant woman. I looked a hell of a lot better pregnant and I don't have the money for clothes that she has.

  37. Frank says – reply to this


    Kim kardashian..Kim kardashian..who gives a fuck???? :) #HBO

  38. Lis says – reply to this


    That's why some women get HUGE during pregnancy - stupidly thinking they're eating for two rather than one and a sixth.

  39. Ugh says – reply to this


    Whats she done to her face? Doing botox again or what? There is a frozen bloatedness to it that isnt all preg changes. Or is she just mirroring Kayne's ever present scowl

  40. Tita says – reply to this



  41. Nome@home says – reply to this


    BULLSHIT!! She just dosent want to get too fat. Too late blimp! I love that she looks so misersble, she hasent smiled since she got fat, I mean pregnant! lolz

  42. 42

    u shouldnt botox too early all the freezing of muscles actually shrinks the muscles in the end ull end up looking weird… the ass reset diet