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New Deposition In Kris/Kim Divorce Makes It Clear That Humphries Was In On The 'Fraudulent' Marriage!

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new deposition in kim kris divorce is clearing up that humphries was in on the fraudulent marriage

And the biggest LOSER is… Kris Humphries!!

The Brooklyn Nets star thought he was doing something when he claimed that his 72-day marriage to Kim Kardashian was total fraud, but after a deposition surfaced which has the Keeping Up With The Kardashians' producer, Russell Jay confessing that Kimmy RE-SHOT her reaction to Kris' proposal… it pretty much throws out Humphries "fraud" case.

According to Jay, because the reality star didn't like how she reacted to her estranged hubby's proposal and was "completely surprised," she asked if the scene could be re-shot, and she of course got her wish.

So now, since the NBA athlete clearly knew that Miz Kardashian did another take on her expression, he has nothing to back him up in court anymore.

It's about time that Kris just lets this go because there's no doubt that he was in on the whole thing. After all, he would probably just be another almost 7-footer running up and the court if it wasn't for Kim!!

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18 comments to “New Deposition In Kris/Kim Divorce Makes It Clear That Humphries Was In On The 'Fraudulent' Marriage!”

  1. Ky says – reply to this


    Now that's some serious BS! Kris loved his wife and would have done anything for her. If she wanted to re-shoot their proposal a million times, he would have done anything for her! Hence, that proves nothing! Perez, you need to stop spinning these stories in favor of your paid rep! Media is trash just like those KarTRASHians!

  2. MAREHOOP says – reply to this


    This does not claim anything…Ummmmmm they do retakes in REALITY all the time…SMH

  3. Rojan says – reply to this


    PEREZ! Stop with the story planting. That means nothing, OBV he knew they were filming a show. He just didn't know that her ned for him ended when they yelled CUT!

  4. 4

    Yeah i don't understand how her resting her reaction proves he knew the marriage was a fraud. It's her show why would he think it odd that she'd reshoot a big moment?

  5. Mary says – reply to this


    You've made it clear what side you're on but you're obviously in the wrong. All this proves is that Kim is the one being dishonest and re-filming the scene because she's so concerned about her image. Just like she was so concerned with putting on the fake marriage for money and viewers. He absolutely deserves what he wants, which is just for her to admit it was fake. Again, she's so concerned about her image so she wont admit it was fake but clearly she's faked several scenes in her show. From the marriage proposal to the added scene of her in the car questioning if she was making the right decision to marry him, which was added AFTER they announced the divorce.

    This proves nothing other than Kim is a self obsessed media whore and spins her show to paint her in best light. Kris is the one with actual talent and an actual career that he worked hard for which is more than you can say for Kim who just screwed her way to fame.

  6. 6

    Is it just me or does this prove even more that everything on that show, is fake? Including the marriage. I just think this proves his case even more.

  7. Carol says – reply to this


    Not sure what Perez is reading that tells him he was on the fraud. LOL. This show is forced, scripted, fake, etc and so what if they reshot a scene. I'm sure they do more than one that way but the marriage was faked for TV. That's what Kris is upset about, not some reshot scene!

  8. S Herson says – reply to this


    Don't be so stupid!! Of course he knew it was all BS, he already had the plans on taking her to court when they ended it. It was just another bunch of celebrity's with too much money and nothing better to do. They are both ridiculous!! This is exactly why I dunno why gay marriage isn't legal all over the world? Why people like this just treat it like a joke!.

  9. Prezhater says – reply to this


    mario you are so blind! oh wait.. you get paid to look the other way..

    he re-shot the scene because his "wife" wasnt happy with the outtake. "happy wife = happy life"
    he obviously knew it was scripted but i highly doubt he would assume his marriage would last 72 days and his wife would bash him the way she did!

    i hope he takes her for all she has!
    p.s now she'll have a "miscarriage"

  10. 10

    Um, all it proves is that she's just as shallow & superficial as everyone says. It in no way proves he was in on anything. She was completely surprised by his proposal, that's the same reaction MANY people have. She didn't like how it looked on camera and wanted it to be re-shot. To me, it shows more of what he's saying that what she's saying.

  11. Charity says – reply to this


    I always assumed he asked her in private and they later shot the scene. Guess I was wrong but I'm not seeing how re-taking the proposal shot is proof Kris was in on the fraud?

  12. Readtheheadline says – reply to this


    The show has script writers(all reality shows do) you dumba$$ not you Perez(intern) but the whole kartrash you work for that leaks this crap. In real life people even redo a wedding to have it filmed. Trashy Kimtrash wanted a take for TV, hmmm a famewhore wanted a reaction shot for tv she made her name through Bad PORN, why would he think anything of that. Whomever wrote this is either owned by a Kartrash or truly believes every KKK fan has the IQ of drain hair.

  13. WHYRULYING says – reply to this


    Re: Charity – Why are you assuming you are wrong. Kim actually said your version was true before her wedding on a late night show. Right now there has been a lot of depos. about the show being fake (it's a reality show, da) so the publicists a are putting a spin on it and planting stories. If Kris plants a story he forfeits the whole court proceedings.

  14. The Matrix says – reply to this


    She needs to get out the Krackwhorian checkbook and write Kris H. a $100 million dollar check!

  15. ittakes2 says – reply to this


    He knew going into this that show was scripted(I'm sure). He had lawyers present when he signed onto the show. His ex gf said he knew who kim was and that he hated her. Why would he marry someone that he hated unless he had ulterior motives. I just think the fraud he's claiming is that he was suppose to be on the show longer than he was. That's what I think he's so adamant about it(missed out on a lot of money). There is no way that either one of them really loved one another.

  16. leencore says – reply to this


    So..this says she was "completely surprised" by the proposal, but she didn't like the shot and wanted a new one. How does that "throw out" his fraud case if she was surprised by the proposal, but wanted a re-shoot? Doesn't add up. It just shows how concerned with her image she is/was and Kris wanted to keep her happy; happy enough to re-shoot it for her. Perez is *completely* missing the logic on this one. I clearly remember his asking for his wedding gift back when the divorce was announced. His mind changes so frequently and he's incredibly biased, more than likely depending on who is paying him.

  17. forevaryours says – reply to this


    Re: Mary – I have to agree with you. Besides the fake marriage her image got worse by going out with Kanye and getting pregnant while still married. Her reputation will continue to go downward if she keeps making wrong choices and not being honest.

  18. Charity says – reply to this


    Re: The Matrix – Ohhhh, OK. I've never watched her on a late night show. I assumed I was wrong because it seems he never asked her in private. Just two proposals for the cameras. I was wishfully thinking there was an atom of sincerity to their relationship. At least for a moment.