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Tia Mowry-Hardict Shares Workout Motivation Tips!

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tia mowry hardict shares workout motivation tips

Ever since Tia Mowry-Hardict and her sis, Tamera Mowry-Housley launched their lifestyle, parenting and healthy living blog, they have shared a lot of wonderful tips, and because they know how hard it is to bounce back into shape after having a baby, Tia wants to motivate U… even if you haven't had a baybay!

In The Game actress' latest entry, which is titled Move-It Monday: How to Stay Motivated, she details how to get the drive to work out and how to think like an athlete.

Tia's tips are:

Think like an athlete:

Just making a conscious effort to think about your workout in a different way will help get you into gear. I try to think like an athlete – when it comes to working out, I zero in all of my thoughts into exactly what I’m going to achieve and then push all self-doubt and laziness aside. I’ll visualize success like athletes do by seeing myself at the gym, kicking butt and sweating hard – this usually makes me feel so motivated that the next thing I know I’m out the door with my gym bag in hand!

Trust your positive side:

When there are two voices battling inside your head as you’re trying to motivate yourself, always listen to the positive one. The more times you do, the stronger this voice will become and the easier it will be to follow it. After all, when have you ever come back from working out and thought, “I wish I had listened to that other voice in my head and sat on the couch instead”? I've NEVER regretted a workout, ever. Remembering that always helps me get to the gym!

Make it easy for yourself:

One of the ways I make sure that I work out is by making it easy for myself to do so. For example, if I plan on working out in the morning, I make sure to lay my workout clothes right by my bed the night before. That way, they’re the first thing I see when I wake up – and it’s just easier to just put them on instead of digging in my closet for a new outfit. Keep a pair of running shoes by your desk at work, schedule a no-cancellation one-on-one training sesh or just buy a membership to a gym right by your office – the easier you make it for yourself to work out, the less excuses you’ll have not to!

Find a buddy:

If there’s one thing that makes me more motivated to hit the gym, it’s having someone along who’s equally passionate about getting fit. I love going to the gym with Cory or one of my friends - I guarantee having a workout buddy will increase your motivation at least twice as much. Double the motivation, double the fun :)

Do it when you DON'T feel like it:

If you work out when you don't feel like it, working out will eventually become a habit. If you DON'T workout when you don't feel like it, then THAT becomes your habit.

Make it fun:

No one likes trudging through the treadmill day in and day out (well, there may be some of you, in which case – teach me your secrets!!). I love doing fun, enjoyable workouts that get my heart rate up and my mood lifted. Piloxing, a combination of pilates and boxing, is one of my favorite fun workouts.

So there you have it! NOT working out should ever be an excuse — especially with the actress' fun advice!

Now all you have to do is get out there, enjoy yourself and reach your fitness goals!!

[Image courtesy of tiaandtameraofficial.com.]

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