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Kris Humphries Ch-Ch-Chooses Basketball Over Kim Kardashian!

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Kris Humphries would rather spend 9 hours playing basketball or whatever than watching Kim Kardashian be deposed for the same amount of time. We can't say we blame him, LOLz!

The only thing is, he bent over backwards to get the deposition to happen — and has been ruthless in denying a divorce in favor of an elusive annulment based on Kim's love being a fraud. We have a hard time believing he isn't just jerking her around now that he's missed something huge like this.

His lawyer even talked about Kris' constitutional right to look Kim in the eyes as she testified under oath about their short-lived marriage!

You can't really do that when you're sinking (some of) your shots from the free-throw line!

Apparently Kris had practice and travel obligations. There was a game Monday night in Michigan, then he had practice Tuesday and was traveling later that day to Dallas for a Wednesday game. It's a legit excuse, but it also seems kinda flippant!

Do NOT be mistaken though — he will be attending the May 6 trial, even if it conflicts with the playoffs!

[Image via WENN.]

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13 comments to “Kris Humphries Ch-Ch-Chooses Basketball Over Kim Kardashian!”

  1. 1

    Kim is queen of the poor me look. It's crackin me up lately.

  2. 2

    Kardashian overload! No one cares

  3. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    U Silly Ol Queen
    Kris is doing the exactly what Kris should be doing, he signed a contract to play ball, and he is honoring the contract he signed
    Unlike the slut who signed a marriage contract, and never honored it

  4. jnyjny says – reply to this


    sounds like Kris is WORKING! The Kardashians dont actually work so of course kim has time to go to court!

  5. YOULIE says – reply to this


    She is still married to him and got herself knocked up. She could have ended this a few months after she left him. I know that Perez site is partially owned by the KKK's but it only makes them more hated, because of these dmba$$ posts. KIM Trash is the one that kept Postponing her depo LIAR Liar pants on fire. She could of done this depo way before she was knocked up. SHE DRUG HER DEPO OUT THIS LONG. Btw Kris Humphries has seen the lying whore, why does he need to watch her lie more.

  6. Ky says – reply to this


    Kris has been out of the Brooklyn Nets rotation for weeks now! In addition, he has a lower back injury that prevents him from playing. Hence, if he really wanted to be there to see that HO, he would have really pushed for it. Your homegurl, Kum K, is going down !!! Kris is not breaking a sweat doing that all by his darn self.

  7. jackson says – reply to this


    Please,somone throw that whale back in the sea so we dont have to deal with her pathetic dressups. Throw a mirror while you are at it so she can entertain herself. Cant expect more from an idiot. Where is the wanna be i guess he is preparing an,escape. Tough luck kayne your stuck with that whale.u

  8. Kevin says – reply to this


    What a joke! He did not even play that day. He has not played since he was
    taken out of rotation, yet they spin it to make it look like he was playing. Hahahahaha!
    The Judge has ordered both of them to attend the trial, he better attend the trial, if he is serious!!

  9. nospite says – reply to this


    He just showed the world that h's a douche and a liar. He was adament that he would have to be there for the deposition and he wasn't. That tells me and the rest of the intelligent world that he just wanted his name to be relevant. Does he not realize that after May he will no longer be relevant. I stress again if he had given her a divorce everyone would have sympathized with him. He would have gotten the endorsements that he so dreamed of. But no, he had to be spiteful and look where that's gotten him.

  10. Notsobright says – reply to this


    Re: nospite – You are soooooo funny. I know Kim's fans can't be very smart …but. When has Kris Humphries said ANYTHING about Ktrash. While her family plants stories and Kim and her sisters bash him on TV. He gets boo's because of that trash family. He doesn't go looking for publicity like that pub whore family. W/ this divorce he could be talking to a tabloid everyday and he stays above it. Skimberella and her family don't. Name a tab he has talked to even with the skum slinging family. If Kris went to the depo it would of been a circus and the headlines would say he was evil for that because THERE WAS NO REASON FOR HIM TO BE AT A DEPO EXCEPT TO INTIMIDATE…

  11. Bestma says – reply to this


    Kris humphries is not looking for fame,stop listening to the kardashians.he hasnt said anything against them even when khloe called him delusional,he still hasnt talked.he just wants an allulment.these kardashians needs to be stopped.they are begining tothink they are God.manipulating the media,shoving themselves down people's throat,acting as if everyone is beneath them but using them when they think is fit.

  12. Out Of Hand says – reply to this


    Smart man. Wacho girls come and go.
    Basketball is here forever.

  13. 13

    why would he want to see the overbloated midget they are categorillacly trying to paint him as the bad guy all he wanted was a real wife now i bet hes glad he missed that bullet of a heifer

    u go play ball boy let the heifer fry under a diff spotlight