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9 comments to “Tiger Woods & Lindsey Vonn: Is Their Relationship Just A PR Stunt?!?”

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    I have been giving some thought to this matter. I think that this whole thing is part of a massive campaign to rebuilt Tigers image, regain the public favor, new sponsors and more revenues! I read the appearance fees some countries were paying Tiger have decreased since his appeal abroad went down hill after his sex cheating scandal!!! They tried to use Elin and the children; hence the multi-million dollars proposal for remarrying that was reported by The Enquirer! Elin did not accept! When this failed they went with Lindsey Vonn who seems willing to do anything for publicity and money! Even sleep with a serial liar and cheater like Tiger Wood! They are both truly pathetic! Tiger has not changed! He is still an arrogant and self centered individual who only cares about himself and his pleasure!

  2. lala says – reply to this


    Maybe they're just dating and rather than the paps and gossip mags reading between the lines they just got out ahead of it. I cant really figure out how his dating life would rebuild his image, sure it would give her more press but not in the right way. Pay no attention and let them get on with it, if its fake they will soon part ways.

  3. Kara says – reply to this


    I think these two are totally dating. She is definitley his type. Sure this is good publicity for him, but I don't think the relationship is fake.

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    After all, she's always gonna be known as the woman that Woods rebounded with to try to get his good name back.

    Sexist pig !
    She's considered the best female skyer EVER !

  5. Yesman says – reply to this


    Tiger has more money than any athlete on the world and I think he's past the point of caring what the general public thinks of him. He messed up, big time and he knows that. But his life revolves around one thing and thats golf and becoming the greatest of all time. I don't see how forging a sham of a relationship would change many peoples opinion that already don't like him.
    This seems like just another media cry for attention on what truly is a non story. Its funny that they put those photos out to put the cabosh on the media with the whole "first pictures" thing and now the media is saying their a "sham relationship". Lets not be bitter guys. Its amazing the things the media will say and do just to get viewership/readership.

  6. zyggie says – reply to this


    I think Tiger has issues with himself. He has all the money in the world and yet I really do not believe he is happy. I think he fights himself to be the best of the best when he already is the best in golf. He revived golf as much as we might not like his lifestyle he revived interest in the game of golf. Now,,,his personal life and in that circle he runs in, I as a female would not date, marry or anything with him. He appears to be all about himself. money can not buy you everything but it will keep a blond, redhead, etc on your arms and in your bed. Tiger has issues we know nothing about.

  7. OMGWTH says – reply to this


    Tiger Woods and another white girl. A big fat who cares?! Ms. Vonn, other than skiers no one cares about you. Go sit down.

  8. OMGWTH says – reply to this


    Re: Yesman – Uhh he's part Asian, I think he's thinking about those dollar bills. He's already the greatest golfer, that is no big accomplishment. Paying that alimony without dipping into his savings though may require some endorsement dollars, which have not been as plentiful, and I'm guessing still won't be. You go sit down too you greed bastard.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    I wondered if it was a PR stunt too, considering it lined up alongside Elin's new boyfriend.
    If they ARE dating (can a leopard change his stripes?), he must realize that Lindsay Vonn
    could truly and literally kick his azz from here to Timbuktu. Lol. Good luck with it all.