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Kim Kardashian: 'I Have Only Gained 20 Pounds, Not 65!!'

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kim kardashian claims she hasnt gained 65 pounds(1)

It's been speculated that pregnant Kim Kardashian has gained a whopping 65 pounds, and while she's only in her second trimester, that much weight gain is obviously a lot… so instead of crying about her body, the reality star is fighting back and wants everyone to know that she has only gained 20 pounds!!

Miz Kardashian appeared on Live With Kelly & Michael earlier today, where she told Michael Strahan and guest host Kristin Chenoweth that she has most definitely NOT gained 65 pounds, she said:

“I’ve gained 20 pounds — at this stage Kourtney had already gained, like, 30. I probably will gain all that weight, they say you gain that at the end. I probably will gain that 65, just give me a couple more months.”

Since Kanye West's baby mama is sticking to a healthy diet, we think it's highly unlikely that she's pushing 200 pounds.

Plus, because her sis Kourtney Kardashian is helping Kim stay on an organic diet and is giving her "tips," we think that she's right where she should be.

Don't U?!?

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31 comments to “Kim Kardashian: 'I Have Only Gained 20 Pounds, Not 65!!'”

  1. 1

    It looks like she gained 20 pounds since yesterday! I love to see full-figured women in the media, but the tight clothes make her look huge. And very uncomfortable.

  2. kY says – reply to this


    Nobody was THAT gullible, Perez!

  3. 3

    per cheek

  4. 4

    This. Whore sucked so much nasty black cock that she is. Turning. Black already

  5. Ky says – reply to this


    No ho! During the end of pregnancy, nutritionists recommend that you only gain a pound a week, which is healthy. You can take off the weight easily if you don't go crazy during your final trimester.

  6. 6

    holy frack Perez lay off the Kardashians will you. you post more about them than you did when you were being paid by Kat Graham. ENOUGH! It's a bit much

  7. 7

    this is just another kardashian fraud.

  8. The Matrix says – reply to this


    There's no proof she's preggars. She has no obvious male friend and she's estranged from her husband. The 65lbs is probably from all her stress and bad karma.

  9. Rose says – reply to this


    She is 5'2" with large breasts and bottom. Weight gain shows on short girls with this figure. She will look huge by the time she delivers. When I was 7 mos along strangers would ask how far along I was and tell them 9, because otherwise they'd freak. Add this to the camera adding 10 to 15 pounds, you have your answer.

  10. Egirl says – reply to this


    It's not the weight. It's the clothes!

  11. 11

    Everyone's pretty much laughing at her, saying there is no way she is only 140 pounds when she responded to the 200 pound rumour. But they are forgetting that she's like 5 feet tall. She's pregnant and as a woman, I can't rag on her size like that. Who knows what I would look like and feel like when I have a bun in the oven.

  12. JosieJ says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – I agree with you. The fact that she wears tight clothes and often buys stuff that is a size or two too small for her, makes her look even bigger than what she is! I don't believe that she's 200lbs, but she's definitely gained more than the measly twenty she's claiming… or at least it appears that way because she wears stuff that it too small.

  13. Ky says – reply to this


    The 'personal perez' Kartrashian ads are disgusting, vile and offensive to all women. It is unacceptable that Perez Hilton would constantly align himself with a momager ad agency that would so carelessly release the ads of these whores.

  14. 14

    Yeah she'd be a lot larger if she actually gained 65 pounds. She's short like me and a little bit of weight really makes a difference to your body. Also, her clothes are so unflattering that they make her look bigger. Her sister dressed conformably and looked fine while pregnant, it's not hard.

  15. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: sick_girl – They don't want to hear it. They just want to believe its true. I don't understand why, but when people hate, they really relish it. It is more important to them to hate her than allow the truth in. I believe it has something to do with consciousness.

  16. Karen says – reply to this


    Please stop w/ the Kardashian coverage. I don't like or hate them, I'm just tired of reading about them & if it doesn't stop soon, I'll start reading other sites to be entertained.

  17. 17

    She must be SO miserable! I've never been pregnant, but women I do know that have been/are pregnant want nothing MORE then to be comfortable. You just know she puts on her spanx right under those super tight clothes….no way in hell she breathes comfortably.

  18. 18

    Telling the truth is not her strong suit so why in the world would we believe this.

  19. 19

    Well I am a poor judge of things like height, weight and age, but she is very short and it

  20. 20

    She is short, so her weight gain will show more, however even though I am a poor judge of things like weight, age, etc. I think she may have gained closer to 30-35lbs. But her clothing is also way too tight and she needs to ditch the heels.

  21. Trixielolo77 says – reply to this


    I can't wait until her need to be the center of attention withers away with age. If it ever withers! I'm tired of seeing pics of her walk everywhere but I'm more disgusted with seeing her disrespectful baby daddy, their trashiness is obviously what attracts them to one another.

  22. stfu says – reply to this


    Re: The Matrix – wtf.. lol

  23. 23

    I honestly wouldn't dare judge her for what she's put on or what she hasn't. I don't believe its only 20 pounds but with her height and body type it would show early so who knows? I don't care at all, and quite frankly, I'd rather see this than someone like Victoria Bechkham who basically starved herself. That all being said…I just wish she'd start dressing for the weight she put on! She keeps squeezing herself into unflattering, skin tight clothes that can not not be comfortable and clearly don't fit right…she needs to accept that she's pregnant and start rocking it.

  24. 24

    She could have only gained 20 pounds. No one knows how much she actually weighs with wearing a full body Spanx cast. Since she can't wear it now, we can see that she truly is plump. On to another subject… can people please stop wearing the Kuntrashians, buying their products etc so they can go away? Bruce Jenner quit that crazy ass family. :)

  25. 25

    its not her fault alledgedly it could be twins one to krish and one to kayne

  26. 26

    Delisional???? NO WAY that is only 20 lbs! She is "tiny" but she has put on more than 20 lbs. She just does not want to (or will not) admit it. She probably put 20 on in her boobs alone!

  27. lyla says – reply to this


    ugh, anyone else dreading the "Kim loses her baby weight" headlines everywhere after this baby's born..?

  28. Ratzassss says – reply to this


    PANTS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 29

    Why does she insist on wearing those high waisted, flared mini dresses? They look awful on her. Yuck.

  30. JustSaying says – reply to this


    Re: The Matrix – What proof do you need to tell if she's pregnant? Her belly should be enough or the weight gain should tell you she's pregnant. What do you need her ultrasound?

  31. Melissa says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – Exactly! If you are cursed with being short ( I am ) weight shows so much quicker! Can we also stop picking women's bodies apart? Go watch the new Dove campaign!