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Kim Kardashian's HIGH Calorie Diet Is Revealed!

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kim kardashians high calorie diet is revealed(1)

While Kanye West has been away in Paris working on his latest album during Kim Kardashian's pregnancy, the starlet is going cray and is unfortunately covering up her sorrows with FATTENING FOOD.

Last month, Miz Kardashian said that she was sticking to a healthy diet and slammed rumors that she had gained 65 pounds, but according to a source, Kimmy is "eating her feelings."

The source said:

“She’s hungry all the time and getting bigger and bigger. She hasn’t just gained 20 pounds like she claims. She’d already gained 45 to 50 when she still had four months to go! This is a time when she needs Kanye the most, and he’s not there.”

As of late, Kimberly was seen in Atlanta scarfing down on an 1,100 calorie plate of chicken and waffles, but what made her meal even worse was that she also ate mashed potatoes, collard greens and mac cheese, which could've easily skyrocketed her calorie intake to 2,000 in just one sitting.

Then when she was at the Italian restaurant Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills two times, a source revealed that the mom-to-be ate a 1,300 calorie creamy mushroom risotto dish twice and "also ate bread with olive oil, and the second time she came in she also shared the arancini [fried rice balls] appetizers.”

And while we already know that Kim has chomped down on a burger and animal fries from In 'N' Out we can see where all her weight is coming from.

Unfortunately, Kim is not only packing on the pounds, but another source revealed that Kardashian is apparently "over being pregnant and hates her new curves," the insider added:

“She feels like she can’t be herself and wear fabulous clothes and be sexy. Her very identity has been stripped away – and it’s driving her insane.”

Why are we not surprised though???

Pregnancy should be a beautiful time in a woman's life, and we're actually a little saddened that the beauty is having such a tough time.

We hope Kanye comes back to El Lay soon because we don't like our girl being miserable!!

Hang in there Kim!

[Image via Alberto Reyes/WENN.]

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74 comments to “Kim Kardashian's HIGH Calorie Diet Is Revealed!”

  1. dddff says – reply to this


    Normally she is unattractive. But as a pregnant lady she is gross.

  2. 2

    Everyone, make way for the oompa loompa.

  3. lak says – reply to this


    I am not a fan of Kim K, at all! In fact, I find her annoying, but I honestly think this makes her a "real-woman" pregnancy isn't a fun time for most women, and I have to give her credit for still trying to be fashionable! If she wants to stuff her face, let her be, it's not like she doesn't have the money to hire the best weight loss experts once the baby is out!

  4. 4

    What the source says. No identity left because she can't be sexy. What else can she do?!?! She's either depressed or losing the battle fighting it… and it's funny stuff.

  5. 5

    debunked by Gossip Cop

  6. Samantha says – reply to this


    this is ridiculous…this whole post is messed up…your a bully.

  7. MmmmV says – reply to this


    Aaaand, meanwhile in North Korea, REAL news is happening.

  8. CJ says – reply to this


    Do you ever post anything to help people and make them feel good about themselves? NOPE NEVER. She is pregnant you ass and she's eating for two people! Let her live and just because you are as famous as her doesn't mean you have to be so damn rude. Oh and those sources I bet are some scumbags that will say anything for $$$

  9. Mikkie says – reply to this


    This is bullying. You don't call a pregnant woman fat or spat out into the world what she eats every now and than. This is what breaks womens confidence in the most precious time of her life. You might be a father perez, but that doesn't mean you know how to treat lady's who in fact carry the child. Stop this bullying.

  10. horrible says – reply to this


    I'm no Kardashian fan either, but I think obsessing over what she eats is a little sick. Why be cruel? You wouldn't have a job if she and others like her weren't around. I wanna know… what do the ug-moes behind the camera look like? Eeeexactly…

  11. A says – reply to this


    I'm not a fan of Kim but this is just mean. I'll have plenty of rosotto and burgers when I'm preg as well as veggies. If I can look that good gaining apparently "65 pounds" then good on me. Try being preg Perez and writers!

  12. mm says – reply to this


    can this ugly WHORE please DIE!

  13. g says – reply to this


    Re: MmmmV – This is a celebrity gossip site… calm the fuck down

  14. syl says – reply to this


    Re: MmmmV – for reals!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Laurenann5 says – reply to this


    Maybe she can't enjoy it because of articles like this. Leave the poor girl alone.

  16. fatal says – reply to this


    decent women feel beautiful and womanly when pregnant-nasty skanks and hores turn into giant fat blobs from "eating their feelings" because the only way they know how to get what they want is from being a disgusting hore-so the game is up when they are pregnant-other examples-Jessica Simpson and Mariah (the pig) Carey-who must have gained 100lbs when pregnant-these types of skkankks hate pregnancy and do nothing but bee-yotch about how hard it is on them because without playing the sex card they are literally the most stupid boring fake monster on earth and when they can'get horny idiot males to drool on their tits anymore they have NO power and hate it

  17. 17

    she def has NOT gained that much weight. She has a small waist and wide hips normally,so now that she gained weight in her stomach(ie the baby) she looks wider all around but really it's just in her stomach. Give the girl a break!

  18. sam says – reply to this


    so what! leave her alone. she is eating for two. she has so much money that she will get a trainer after she gives birth. these websites are so mean and cruel. just let her be herself

  19. messygirl says – reply to this


    Re: CJ
    "Eating for two" does NOT mean eating twice as much food. That's a common misunderstanding, and the reason why so many pregnant women pig out and gan a huge amount of unnecessary weight. "Eating for two" is a phrase used to remind pregnant women to eat healthily because they are making nutritional decisions for TWO people, not just themselves.

  20. messygirl says – reply to this


    "Eating for two" does NOT mean eating twice as much food. That's a common misunderstanding, and the reason why so many pregnant women pig out and gan a huge amount of unnecessary weight. "Eating for two" is a phrase used to remind pregnant women to eat healthily because they are making nutritional decisions for TWO people, not just themselves.

  21. jnp says – reply to this


    don't be fooled people
    Kardashians publicists sent this to Perez and paid him money to post it
    They don't care if the news is bad or good , as long as they stay in the "news" they keep making money. As soon as people stop giving a rats ass about them they are donzo… Heidi Montag anyone?

  22. 22

    Kim's Fetus "Mommy, you still have time to abort me…PLEASE DO!"

  23. 23

    That human/chimpanzee hybrid is going to be ONE BUTT-UGLY KIDS…think Bobbi Kristina, but UGLIER!

  24. Dia Diamond says – reply to this


    LEAVE HER ALONE!!! Stop judging her. She's pregnant and is supposed to be gaining weight! It's Hollywood and stupid ideas of beauty that drive women into unhealthy habits! We are not barbie dolls! We're people who come in all shapes and sizes and that fact should not be judged. I feel like this experience makes Kim K a bit more of a real person. I've always been a fan and think she's beautiful at any size.

  25. Tara says – reply to this


    The fact that she's still attempting to try and be sexy is what is making her look like a fat pig. Rather than embrace her pregnancy and wear clothes that flatter her expanding figure, while at the same time accentuating her bump, she insists on squeezing herself into those tight, ill-fitting clothes she always wears. They are so tight and ill-fitting that she doesn't even look pregnant, she just looks fat.

  26. 26

    I just threw up 2,000 calories when I looked at her fat ass and then I think she ate them.

  27. torgster says – reply to this


    What an immature, self-centred skank. I feel so sorry for that baby.

  28. 28


  29. 29

    I would have loved to have been able to eat even a spoonful of any one of the mentioned dishes when I was pregnant. Unfortunately, I suffered severe morning sickness and actually lost weight. Not a fan of hers at all, but that article was extremely mean spirited, not to mention, posting the calorie counts for each dish? Seemed overboard to me.

  30. Megan says – reply to this


    Re: CJ – You are mean

  31. MM says – reply to this


    Eh. Me and Kim are built similarly (NOT identical, but similarly) and I'd say it's definitely an OVERstatement that she's gained 65 so far. I mean, I gained 20 up until 36wks and was carrying very low and not showing much at all (the people at Motherhood thought I was only 3 months along). But I'll be damned if i didn't get wide as a house. I think i looked MUCH bigger that Kim does… although Kim is definitely sucking with the maternity style, which adds about 15-20 extra pounds to her. Girls with big hips always end up looking extra large during pregnancy >.<

  32. Ali says – reply to this


    Why are you so concerned with her weight and what she's eating? SHE'S PREGNANT!!!!! Leave her the eff alone and don't be so shallow. Women have enough to deal with, they don't need a gay man judging their ass.

  33. 33

    Maybe all pregnant women should have personal calorie counting people with cameras following their every bite. Maybe then all pregnant women will be a size 6 at nine months pregnant. I mean isn't that the healthy acceptable weight for a lady with child? When did the goal change to not gaining any weight while creating a human?

  34. 34

    Your pregnant you dumb bitch…your supposed to eat and gain weight. I agree gaining this much might be a bit much but I'm sure your trainer will whip your body back into shape. She is acting like she's going to be pregnant forever ya know maybe wearing some cute maternity clothes is just what she needs then they will all comment on her sleek maternity style. She can be fashionable she does not try very hard. I feel sorry for her child if she hates pregnancy then she might hate being a mother.

  35. meh says – reply to this


    I'm not a Kim fan at all, but she's already a curvy girl and she just looks like she's gaining pregnancy weight normally for her body. If this story's true and she was eating like this in public, it could have been just one day of indulgence… you don't really know if she eats like this all the time. And you only need a couple hundred extra calories a day when you're pregnant, so I hope not!

  36. 36

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  37. Brosef says – reply to this


    You should be ashamed of yourself for posting this story. It is sick to report on what a woman is eating and BULLY her for it. It doesnt matter how famous she is, this is wrong and it is posts like these that lead women to have eating disorders.

  38. ekka says – reply to this


    how about we leave kim alone people!! i think she is a gorgeous lovely natured women. so what if she puts on extra weight while pregnant. so what if she has cravings for nice foods…she is freaking pregnant with another person inside of her. every woman reacts to pregnancy differently and just cause she's famously beautiful and talented dosent mean you have to bully and put her down. for goodness sakes she is a hard working determined women and dosent need people like you telling her she's huge etc etc. shame on all of you.

  39. WomenRule! says – reply to this


    Stop the FAT SHAMING. I think she's a talentless hack but she's pregnant and has to live up to a ridiculous standard. Frankly strories like this are one reason why women in this society have body issues. Feel free free to talk about how she is famous for being famous, her sex tapes or her 72 day marriage. Lay off pregnancy fat talk. I know you are a guy and you may not know this, but women's bodies react differently to pregnancy. Only her obstetrician or a perinatologist really has any right to comment on this. This kind of talk about any one is rude and irresponsible. I would think you of all people Perez would have some insight in this, having struggled with your own weight issues. Clearly, I'm wrong. Or more than likely, clicks on this site make you money so really you don't care about the damage you are doing especially to the young women who read your site.

  40. MissLulu says – reply to this


    For God's sake, LEAVE HER ALONE !!! I don't even like her but seriously stop talking shit about her weight. She is pregnant and pregnant women tend to gain weight,, it is a natural thing,,, she's human after all,,, or maybe you forgot that -__-' I just hope she doesn't read this crap

  41. htown says – reply to this


    I'm not a Kim K fan, but leave the girl alone. After being on a diet her entire life, she is letting loose, as many women do, when pregnant. She is supposed to be feeling beautiful and glowing, and people keep knocking her down. I thought Perez was supposed to stop being so negative. I thought he made a vow a few years ago. What happened? Now that you lost some weight you can judge others? I don't think you would have liked someone blogging about your every meal when you were heavier. Give her some space.

  42. wilna says – reply to this


    kim doesn't look like this.this picture is clearly steched or something. and even at her most heaviest, she will probably be more beautifull than most of us

  43. mileyyyyyyy says – reply to this


    Re: lak
    i think you're right i mean why cant she enjoy her pregnancy
    its sad that they have to stalk her and literally find out everything she eats like come on thats a little too much…

  44. 44

    She looks more awful than usual. She'll never rid herself of the look of whore, but now she looks like an elephant (my apologies to elephants for the insult, but it's a size thing).
    Re: CJ – To you and all the retards bashing Mario for posting things about this whore's weight: IT'S NOT HEALTHY TO PACK ON POUNDS WHILE PREGNANT. A certain amount of weight is expected. But when what she's eating is turning to FAT, it's not good for her OR for the baby. Fat women aren't healthy. Fat babies aren't healthy either. And while I think Perez is a complete twat who has no business criticizing others considering how flawed he is, being self-indulgent when it comes to food is BAD. So you and all like you should STFU.

  45. 45

    She just should not be wearing the clothes she is wearing. You have to wear what flatters your body. In this pic, she looks much bigger than she probably is because she's STILL insisting on wearing clothes that hug and show EVERYTHING. That's really her only mistake. When you're pregnant, you should be eating. There's nothing wrong with that. Some women gain more than others. She'll have to work hard to get it off if she wants, but she should wear clothes that flatter her new figure and stop squeezing into her pre-pregnancy wardrobe.

  46. paperducky says – reply to this


    Because it is really cool to bully someone over pregnancy weight. Posts like these are sexist and rude.

  47. LNW says – reply to this


    That's funny, you said that she's not in Paris with Kanye, but on E! online they constantly have new pictures of them TOGETHER in Paris right now!

  48. lola2006 says – reply to this


    STop being a bully to pregnant women Perez. Are you kidding me? Have you or will you ever be pregnant? You were fat, yes, you were and you only recently became health conscious and overcame the weight. She's pregnant. Let her and her doctor discuss any issues and stop following what celebs eat. You probably starve yourself.

  49. 49

    She's having a black baby so it's totally normal that she's eating friend chicken. Lol. While I can't stand her bitching attitude about being pregnant the bitch should know that the baby is in charge of her body…not her! And while we're talking pregnancies least she didn't FAKE HER PREGNANCY like Beyonce.

  50. bossalina says – reply to this


    I really cant believe people are counting her calorie intake!!!!! I hate kim kardashian but this is unreal!!!!!!!! who effing cares?!?!?! i find it funny though that she thought pregnancy was going to be this thing where she would carry a baby, never gain weight and still be "fabulous". being pregnant is not that hard until the last trimester, trust me ive had 4 lol. she needs to stop being a selfish b***h and think about her health and the health of her meal tick…baby….i meant her baby

  51. 51

    Watch out–it's a land whale! Kim is a fat, shallow, vapid, self-centered, no-talent attention whore…which makes her perfect for Kanye. I feel sorry for the spawn that will soon be exiting the Gates of Hell that is between her legs. She's going to pimp that thing all over the media and make sure it's as screwed up as Kardashianly possible. That is, if she can manage to squeeze it out between those massive thighs!

  52. 52

    Re: MmmmV – Aaaaand most people with 1/2 a brain would know that this celebrity website isn't the one to go to read about real news like North Korea's threats.

  53. 53

    Re: wilna – She's fake, what do you not understand about that? I don't consider her beautiful, she looks like a tranny. Who wants to look like that? Besides you, obviously.

  54. 54

    She's a stupid whore.

  55. Martha says – reply to this


    Leave the poor girl alone! Let her live her life and stop being so critical and judgemental towards her. Stop being so judgemental!

  56. Laura says – reply to this


    Perez, you should be ashamed of yourself! Really, I thought you were done w/ the bullying. Any woman in her condition does not need people such as you perpetuating these ideas. I'm disappointed in you.

  57. Laura says – reply to this


    Re: paperducky

  58. Laura says – reply to this


    Re: Mikkie

  59. Az says – reply to this


    Think she looks fine.

    You're being a bit rough as a new parent, don't you think?

  60. lolli says – reply to this


    i think its disgusting the way people are judging how a women treats her body during pregnancy. SHES PREGNANT! let her be its not like she smoking crack. get over it people.

  61. Lolli says – reply to this



  62. 62

    Oh please…when I had my daughter I only gained 30 lbs. BUT, I looked like a bloated whale! I lost my jawline. and my behind took on a whole new shape. I'm 5'7 with a long torso. Kim is petite with a shorter torso. It's gotta go somewhere folks. Now, when I was pregnant with my son I looked like Princess Kate. For me, being pregnant with a boy did me justice. As long as the baby is healthy WHO CARES!!!!! Every one is different and will carry different.

  63. K says – reply to this


    WOW, once she ate bread at this restaurant and shared an appetizer another tim?! What a FAatttaayyyy. Good thing she's your girl Perez, what are good friends for if they're not counting your calories, exploiting your eating habits, your weight gain, and other sensitive things during your pregnancy. Yeah Kim, hang in there and keep getting fatter so Perez can keep fat-shaming you.

  64. User says – reply to this


    Honestly, she looks very beautiful in this picture.

  65. 65

    That's mean. She's fucking pregnant for godssake! She's not fat from eating.

  66. 27yearoldmomma says – reply to this


    Personally I dont give 2 its but hell shes pregnant eat damit!!! She can work it off when that baby is out!!

  67. sisssy says – reply to this


    DAMN!! She is looking like a COW already! OK, she's pregnant, understand that wrecks a woman's body…but have some self control, and dress appropriately!

  68. sir meowington says – reply to this


    Re: Tara
    +1 i completely agree

  69. 69

    omg she's HUGE.

  70. Josh says – reply to this


    Kim Kardashian appears and does things that are perfectly natural for a pregnant lady. Whilst you write this awfully written and misogynistic hate spiel. I know which, of the two of you, I think are more worthy of scorn.

  71. darcy says – reply to this


    funny how even with the big bling she looks HUGE!!! and still has yet to reach 3rd trimester. lets make more sun of her since everyone was down on jessica simpson oh wait she is a kardasian she is off limits as a already married but prego not by husband ho.

  72. Susan says – reply to this


    She's pregnant. Of course she's going to eat higher calorie intakes and gain weight. Everyone just needs to get over it and stop calling a pregnant woman fat. It's annoying.

  73. lc says – reply to this


    Give the girl a break. It is a huge adjustment when you are pregnant. Especially when all you have known before is working, dressing up and living your life independently. Give her a chance to adjust. I hope she realizes that this is only one part of her life and once the baby is born that she is overwhelmed by the love you feel for your child and before she knows it, she will be one hot mamma. Good luck to you and to anyone who is about to become a mom. US woman have to stick together.

  74. rumminov says – reply to this


    Re: lak – amen. theres nothing wrong with stuffing your face