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Selena Gomez Has A Mini Breakdown On The Set Of Spring Breakers

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While Justin Bieber has been busy having breakdowns because he can't get over Selena Gomez, the starlet is dealing with DRAMz of her own!!

The 20-year-old actress just admitted that when she was filming her risky Spring Breakers flick, she had a meltdown because too many people were watching her frolic around in a teenie tiny outfits.

Miz Gomez shared:

"I had a mini breakdown on set. There was too much attention, photographers, hundreds of fans, and all of us in bikinis in the pool. I got overwhelmed doing some of the things we were doing and having such an active audience at all times, even though I knew at heart we were super-safe."

But then as soon as Selenita thought that she wouldn't be able to go on with the filming, she instantly sought help from the movie's director, Harmony Korine.

Korine's wifey, Rachel said:

"Harmony went over to her and said: 'This is really happening, this is you right at this moment,' and he encouraged her to use it, and from that moment on she imbued her character with a whole new extra dimension."

We're glad to hear that Selena was able to finish her job because if she can deal with her breakup from JB, then she can do anything!!

Keep doing your thing guuurl!

[Image courtesy of Spring Breakers.]

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20 comments to “Selena Gomez Has A Mini Breakdown On The Set Of Spring Breakers

  1. 1

    Not "has" but "had".

  2. hannah says – reply to this



  3. john says – reply to this


    i feel like a pedo.. she looks like a child- her body hasn't developed :/

  4. lovemumX says – reply to this


    *yawn* she needs to find an actual talent

  5. goaway says – reply to this


    i have tried to like her but i just can't.
    she has zero fame-worthy talent

  6. Stacy says – reply to this


    So many haters. It's always she's not talented, or something about her body?

    She can act. If she couldn't why does she get so many movie roles? Lmao
    She can sing, just cause she doesn't hit huge notes all the time doesn't make her any less of a singer. Spring Breakers was amazing, she had the best character. She can also play piano, write songs, play electric guitar, the drums, and the flute. K bye

  7. Joseph says – reply to this


    She is beautiful…. quit talking about people's bodies. Like yours is perfect?

  8. Matt says – reply to this


    If you hate her why take the time to comment, you guys must have a mental disorder to stalk her… anyways I love Selena!! so beautiful /talented

  9. Linda says – reply to this


    Re: goaway – k keep telling yourself that sweetie.

  10. LC says – reply to this


    Stupid slut

  11. Dan says – reply to this


    Re: john
    I know. She looks like a 10 yr old playing grownup with that cutsie baby face. Who is pushing her to grow up and who pushed her into doing this kind of movie? Spring Breakers is not the kind of movie a kid does. She's not emotionally ready to handle that shit. A few years down the road she'll be doing worse things than smoking weed.

  12. Boil says – reply to this


    She's sexy hot. JUstin is missing out. He probably knows that and cries b/c of it.

  13. hard dick says – reply to this


    STFU haters! She is hot! Totally bangable. I wanna fuck her in every position.

  14. TRUTHHURTS says – reply to this


    if she could act she would have got a movie role in a film which has actually been good, not in these little kiddie movies

  15. haters r pointless says – reply to this


    Re: TRUTHHURTS – She just signed a contract to star in William H. Macy's movie 'rudderless'. Her action movie 'getaway' (alongside oscer nominee Ethan Hawke) is going to be released this year. Of course she has talent.

  16. try again says – reply to this


    she is transitioning well but a little too slow. if she takes too long people will lose interest and forget her. she needs to do something that makes her stand out. spring breakers was not a breakout movie for her.

  17. Devvie says – reply to this


    Of for crying out loud Perez, kids break up all the time and get over it. Selena has been long over Justin…perhaps you are the one who needs to get over it. You must have been living vicariously through their relationship? As you would say "LOLz". :P

  18. 18

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  19. Selenator says – reply to this


    What Stacy said above is true!!! Too many of you guys are haters, you need to accept that Selena Gomez is am AMAZING person and very talented!! Even if you don't like her music, that doesn't mean you should hate HER. Especially because celebrities get hated on all the time and have to but up with constant hate. I admire Selena because even with you haters yelling complaints at her, she preserves and continues to be awesome

  20. 1belieber says – reply to this


    I hate selena 4 being in this movie u know that little kids
    r watching this .my 3 year old cousin saw selena in the
    cover and thought it was a happy movie and saw the
    Movie and now she Hates Selena!!!!!!! :O