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LeAnn Rimes Expresses That She Was NEVER Anorexic!

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leann rimes expresses that she was never anorexic(1)

Back in 2011, LeAnn Rimes got so skinny that you could see her rib cage, but she claimed that she wasn't anorexic… instead, she just wasn't sleeping because of all the stress she was dealing with from the affair she was having with her now hubby Eddie Cibrian.

So in 2012, after she checked into a medical center for "stress and anxiety," she finally opened up about how thin she got, and now she's saying:

“People said I was [anorexic], but I didn’t have a problem with eating as I ate a ton all the time – I could eat my husband under the table! But I was going through a time when I just wasn’t sleeping – my mind wouldn’t shut off and my heart was breaking.

Now I’m secure about my body, although I’m like any other woman and have my moments of self doubt. But it’s nice to have a husband who tells you you’re beautiful all the time. I’ll say to him, ‘I’ve gained a few pounds,’ and he’ll say, ‘Good!

It just gives you another level of confidence. But being in this business, I’ve noticed that image-wise it’s definitely worse for a woman."

We're glad that the country star was eating, but seeing that she was a tiny little thing, we're extra happy about her fuller weight.

LeAnn just looks a lot more healthy when we can't see her bones!! LOLz

[Image via Twitter.]

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11 comments to “LeAnn Rimes Expresses That She Was NEVER Anorexic!”

  1. mikki says – reply to this


    Why do you continue to print anything about this woman? She has not contributed anything to the entertainment industry in like forever, yet you post the stupidest crap about her. She is not reverent and never really was. Who cares!! Give it a rest Perez!!

  2. Draperismine says – reply to this


    Mikki, I think you meant "relevant," not "reverent." Also, if she's so happy with her body, why did she feel the need to get those hideous implants? This girl is ridiculous and needs to grow up. She so desperately seeks approval all the time, and it's sad.

  3. 3

    she needs just to take it all off for playboy or penthouse or something and get it over with.

  4. Macey says – reply to this


    Trying to have a body as hot as Brandi's I'd say….

  5. Leslie says – reply to this


    Could she just shut up. She keeps repeating the same old garbage in every interview she does. So, she gave up laxatives and gain some weight?

  6. nik says – reply to this


    She should be more concerned that her album tanked, Nashville can't stand her, and Eddie is a cheat …

  7. 7

    Who cares Leann..Everyone knows your a laxative eating junkie..

  8. 8

    Poor thing all stressed out because she was cheating with a married man! (NOT) I sleep about 2-3 hours at a time and am then awake. Maybe I get 5 hours of sleep a night if I am lucky and I am not getting thinner by not sleeping. In FACT - there are SO many weight articles that say LACK of sleep is a cause of WEIGHT GAIN. She got a boob job, she constantly tells the media where she will be for photo ops - she needs attention to validate herself.

  9. 9

    notice how she keeps mentioning her husband in everything she says. this girl is most insecure. i do not see this reltshp lasting. it's a major interfacial reltshp.


  10. excuses says – reply to this


    Eddie is cheating on Leann, so she is going to have trouble sleeping. She is wondering when he is going to come home or if he is going to come home at all. Why is the media always protecting Leann? Why don't they ever call her out on her lies? Eddie has to be drunk just to touch Leann, do you really think he is going to say something nice to her? He won't even protect his own kids from Leann.

  11. LeAxative says – reply to this


    Anorexia and laxative abuse are two separate disorders.