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ESPN Responds To Chris Broussard's Anti-Gay Comments!

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We allllllllll expected there to be some heat when Jason Collins became the first active gay male athlete in the NBA yesterday, but who would've thought Chris Broussard would've jumped up on his religious soap box LIVE ON ESPN (above)??

It's one thing to have your beliefs, but when they systematically treat a group of people less than others, that's when you should probably not go on-air at your highly public job and run your mouth. ESPN agrees, but unfortunately their statement about Broussards homophobic comments was pret-ty weak:

“We regret that a respectful discussion of personal viewpoints became a distraction from today’s news. ESPN is fully committed to diversity and welcomes Jason Collins’ announcement.”

It was NOT respectful, actually, which is why it was a distraction! Like we said: anyone who wants to treat a group of people as second-class human beings could NEVER be respectful in their reasoning. Believe what you want to believe, just don't spout your PERSONAL hateful rhetoric to the world! The LGBT community is campaigning FOR equal rights and to have their love officially recognized and to not be shamed into hiding who they are — they aren't campaigning AGAINST the straight or religious community!

Here's ESPN journalist LZ Granderson's awesome reaction to everything:

“My response is that faith, just like love, just like marriage, is personal, and if you try to use a broad brush to paint everyone’s faith, what you really are painting is a world that’s comfortable for you and not a world in which in this country we’re allowed varying forms of religion. And just because someone doesn’t agree with one person’s interpretation of the Bible vs. another, doesn’t mean that they have exclusive rights to dictate how that person should live. I would love not to have premarital sex, but in this country, I’m not allowed to get married.”

Whatever happened to the separation of church and state, anyway?

We're getting off topic. The topic is that if being gay doesn't personally concern you, you shouldn't be using a huge venue like ESPN to look down on those whom it DOES concern. Your focus should be sports and the ability to play sports!

Also, ESPN should let their correspondents know what kind of talk is allowed on the air! Less personal beliefs, more sports!

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