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Madonna's Met Gala Butt: How Did She Get Into SUCH Bootytastic Shape?!?!?

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If you've been wondering how Madonna's ass got so fantasstic in that short short outfit at the Met Gala, you're not the only one! LOLz!

Well there are two ways we can handle this: we can find out the specific steps, or we can just trust in Madonna and accept that booty!

While we'd love to just accept it, we're TOO curious as to how it came into existence! As it turns out, her trainer of three and a half years, Nicole Winhoffer, says they focused on it directly to:

"make sure the muscles stayed contracted, lifted, and plump.”

It worked! Here's how she did it, and how much time it took:

I knew that the event was on Monday, May 6, so in the week leading up to it, we spent a lot of time on legs and cardio, and particularly on her butt. We kept the room feeling warm, right at 85 degrees, and very humid, to promote sweating, which is good for the skin and circulation and blood flow. I focused on three [specific muscles] of the derriere, and I made sure they were fired during the warm-up, which is about ten to fifteen moves. Then we spent about 45 minutes each day on the toning session, which also focused on legs and inner thighs. We also did lots of cardio, about 35 minutes. We really really tried to burn fat and make sure the skin was tight.

I change the program every week, and when I know that she has to make an appearance, I change the cycle. This was a very difficult week. We put the muscles under fatigue so that it could create a shape. The body is like a sculpture, and we spent a lot of time sculpting the legs and the butt. But we work out six days a week, for about an hour and a half at noon in her home gym, so we’re always on top of it. She’s my most dedicated client.

I actually didn’t ask her if she was even going until the day before, but I assumed she was. On Sunday, I asked if she was going to show legs, and she was like, “Yeah,” so I’m glad we were prepared. But it’s always different, and she’s so busy that I normally just keep our conversation to the workout. I like to minimize the questions I ask my clients. It’s the same for Andy [Lecompte], who does Madonna’s hair, or Gina [Brooke], who does her makeup, or [Arianne Phillips], who has been styling her for 30 years. We come prepared, and work together, and we manage her so that she doesn’t have to worry about being asked a million questions.

We really focus on the butt. That’s my specialty. I think it’s the most important part of a woman [laughs]. But it can be hard to get her body to respond because she’s so strong and has so much endurance already. For her to feel an exercise, I have to put her in these really odd positions to even make a butt lift work. We’ll be hanging from the ceiling, dangling from ropes, or on ballet bars. Because she’s been working out for so long, it’s always a challenge to put her body in a pose that she has never done before.

The workout is a success, in that case!

It also sounds super involved — and we're wondering that if someone who couldn't hire a person to build workouts wanted to try this kind of approach, how much time is actually spent on making a new routine every week! We're sure you're worth the money, Nicole, but this sounds like it works so well that the whole world should get a taste!

Regardless, Madonna is lookin' F-A-B!

[Image via WENN.]

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4 comments to “Madonna's Met Gala Butt: How Did She Get Into SUCH Bootytastic Shape?!?!?”

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  2. mlington says – reply to this


    her body is soooo hot and her confidence is even hotter

  3. 3

    Her butt is insane…best booty in the game (sorry Kylie). It's not big and curvy but fit and rumpy. Bitch looks great for any age. I think she even might look better than she did when she was years younger!

  4. guest says – reply to this


    Stop making promotion for their DVD series! Otherwise your site will become more and more ridiculous day by day. Give us real celebrity news.