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Women Still Being Left Out Of FIFA Games, This Bullshizz Needs To Stop!

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It's insane to us that in 2013 that anybody still need to be fighting for rights — be it little or small! It's BULLSHIZZ!

Not only are lady gamers constantly fighting sexism, but badass women (or women at all) are severely under-represented in the games themselves. If they ARE there, then they have massive boobs and outfits that don't make any kind of sense!

Luckily, things are changing… but slowly. This year's Tomb Raider was incredible enough to trust in a more realistic version of the legendary protagonist (voiced by the amazing Camilla Luddington), and they made an brutally visceral and badass game that garnered rave reviews! It CAN be done, but that's just one game out of many being released this year!

So if that's the case, then why are women still being left out of sports games, especially the long-running FIFA series??

In a recent interview with FIFA producer Sebastian Enrique, he basically ruled out any hope of women being in EA Sports' upcoming football simulation. His reason was a flimsy one, saying that including women would require a different physics model specific to those players, plus new player modeling and even hairstyles.

Boo-hoo, hard work, whatever. The amount of time spent making these games is staggering, and it's all done by extremely talented people. We're willing to bet they'd be okay with it — we get the vibe that for whatever reason you guys as a company just don't think women's soccer would sell!

EA Canada, the studio that builds FIFA, has confirmed that women's soccer would not make an appearance in FIFA this year. This comes TWO YEARS after women showed up in an NHL game, and just a while after there were LPGA strides in games too! This is mind-blowing because statistically, women's soccer is way more popular than those!

Hopefully this changes soon with the next generation of consoles on the horizon, just in case they're actually worried about power and disc space! Ladies, we want to play you! Ha!

[Image via FIFA 14.]

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