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E-cigarette Craze Creates Subculture Of 'Vapers!'

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Do you smoke? We would hope not, but if you do, the switch the e-cigarettes is seen by some to be healthier… plus, if you get way into it, you can call yourself a "Vaper"! LOLz!

The Vaper subculture isn't just for those who switch, instead it's for those who are actually outspoken about the switch — and the fact that they have NO intentions of quitting. They're the same people who you'll find yelling from the rooftops that they believe their their addiction can save the lives of millions because the vapors they inhale, along with nicotine, are far safer than the tar and chemicals in tobacco cigarettes.

Even more so, they're obsessed with the customizable technology of electronic cigarettes — spending thousands to trick out their smoking pieces with upgrades! Here's what one e-cig store owner says:

'You’re not downgrading from a cigarette. You’re getting something more. You’re getting accessories, you’re getting colors, you’re getting flavors. You’re able to tune the experience – fine-tune it to you.'

Basically, Vapers are a combo of smokers and tech geeks.

In the end though, while e-cigarettes are technically far safer, it seems like they're far from safe: you're still inhaling chemicals, just less harmful ones. Plus, legally, the U.S. government forbids e-cigarette makers from claiming that the devices will help smokers quit and the FDA still classifies it as smoking.

We say it's probably better just to quit altogether, and save yourself some SERIOUS cash (and health problems)!

[Image via Giuliano Correia/DigitalTrends.]

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2 comments to “E-cigarette Craze Creates Subculture Of 'Vapers!'”

  1. Bish says – reply to this


    Quitting smoking is the hardest thing to do in the world. The community of vapers is a great place to kick the stick, and has plenty of intelligible people to help others out. This post is even a little scary, because people that can't quit have quite a bit of misinformation about e-cigs. I'm sure a few more people are willing to help educate on e-cigs, but I quit smoking a pack of Kools and Newports a day after 15 years. My email is guerodesanjose@gmail.com, if you want the real story. Or , ask anyone who backs me up in this thread. Education rules.

  2. Mac says – reply to this


    I love how you wrote this, making us look like we are the idiots and jerks of the world. With all do respect, just because we decide to switch to something that has, oh you forgot to mention this, less than or even a fraction of the stuff you can get from smoking a regular cigarette, you forgot that Mr. Author. Here’s a little story, let’s see if you can follow along since you cannot seem to get the facts straight. I am a former smoker, I smoked roughly a pack a day, that is on a good day. I switched to E-cigs and to be honest, I never want another real cig again. I hate them, the way they smell, the taste, anything to do with them. I can breathe better, more energy to do things, I feel a lot better about myself.
    Just like any other article I bet you did not go talk to people that vape, or if you did you let what they said go through one ear and out the other just like the rest of the countries media. Because if you did you would have changed you story around and got a lot more info to go by, but then again even you did you will write what you want just so you can get people to read it and not understand anything. Wow, sounds just like our government.