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Have Stinky Feet? Wash Your Socks Or You're GUARANTEED To Get Malaria!

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Fine, maybe not 'guaranteed,' but your chances of getting bitten by a mosquito carrying malaria skyrockets if you have stanky-ass feet!

WASH YOUR SOCKS! Science says so! LOLz!

Mosquitoes infected with the malaria parasite are significantly more attracted to human odors, like stinky socks, because of course they are. Why would our bodies attract normal, harmless mosquitos when we can get the worst variety?

They figured this out by having someone wear sock for 20 hours. They took the socks, mixed them with clean socks, and put them in an enclosure with mosquitoes. The nasty-ass blood suckers infected with P. falciparum showed more landings and more probing of the smelly socks!

NEITHER healthy or parasitic mosquitos were drawn to the clean socks. So clean your sockz!

We're tired of smelling your feet anyway, and illness can't get enough of them! Those are the only reasons you should ever need! LOLz!

We can only hope this research leads to figuring out better traps… instead of just making uncles across the globe feel self conscious!


[Image via AP Images.]

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