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Richie Sambora Leaving Bon Jovi — Jon Bon Jovi Not Bon Jovial About It — Hints At Drug Probz!

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bon jovi richie sambora leaving quit band substance abuse angry upset

Understandably, Jon Bon Jovi is NOT happy with Richie Sambora's decision to leave the band (not KICKED out) after a long career together!

In fact, he's so not happy that Jon is even calling him out for substance problems AND says he's completely replaceable! Take that, professionalism and friendship!

Richie's departure from the legendary band came as a shock to the world, and didn't leave Jon with a good taste in his mouth. Here's what he said:

“It’s getting more and more difficult every day to not just sit here and say something… Because all I can say is this — it’s for personal reasons. He’s been through it before, fortunately for us the same guy who filled in last time was available this time.”

When he says he's "been through it before" we can't help but remember that Richie went to rehab for alcohol problems in 2011. He even continued to throw shad by comparing him to U2’s The Edge, who would not be so easy to substitute.

“Life goes on, so if someone chooses not to be here… unlike if this were, God forbid, The Edge, and he for some reason couldn’t make a U2 show, [then] it would be very difficult to just step in. You have a choice — you either figure it out, go and grow, not only survive but thrive. Or, you say, ‘I hate my brother and I’m gonna quit the band.’”

That's shizz is COLD. If Richie left because of alcoholism and wanting to fix it, then all this animosity is wack. You need to BE THERE for people struggling with substance abuse, not abandon them when they're getting help!

In the end though, if there was this much tension, maybe it was a good thing!

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32 comments to “Richie Sambora Leaving Bon Jovi — Jon Bon Jovi Not Bon Jovial About It — Hints At Drug Probz!”

  1. 1

    I once loved bon jovi but jon bon jovi is so far up democrat politicians ass I can't stand him anymore. Crook jon corzine democrat New Jersey stole almost 1 billion dollars and not a damn thing happened to the crook. nanny bloomberg all these creepy people are big pals with jon bon jovi. his own daughter o'd on herion but its Richie he calls out. Don't blame richie for not going back. let jon bon jovi go down in his own depression.

  2. 2

    Have you ever had to "be there" for people with substabce abuse issues? Ones that go on forever and ever??? It becomes exhausting when it goes on and on and they can't manage to stay sober and they mess up and you have to help them over and over and they keep making promises and then they slam you when you did try to help. Sometimes you just can't do it anymore and you have to walk away for your own preservation and just wish them luck. Sadly Sambora has had issues for YEARS and can't seem to keep it under control. Hope he eventually gets a grip on it.

  3. 3

    Jon Bon Jovi disrespected Richie Sambora when he was on the Ellen show. Richie's mom was there and Jon Bon Jovi was on for the whole hour, except for the last few minutes when the let the band come out and sing with him. He didn't even introduce the band or give them any credit. He hogged the whole show. Also he came across as unlikeable. Those two women who were his biggest fans and follow him all over the place at his concerts came up to the stage and he didn't hug them. He just kind of waved and then as an after thought he shook their hands, as if he remembered he better be nice in front of the audience. I always liked him but after seeing him on Ellen that day, I don't think he is as nice as he seems. Also when Ellen asked him about his wife and the secret to their long marriage, he could barely come up with something nice to say. I think Richie got tired of being disrespected.

  4. 4

    kabuki girl: Your post sums up the problem perfectly. I've experienced this with an alcoholic family member and it's a nightmare. It never ends. I can see why Bon Jovi might be fed up, but it looks like he's handling it badly.

  5. karen says – reply to this


    Until richie says something about it i ain't gonna believe anything any press or magazine says.

  6. Lys says – reply to this


    I do not believe any this crap! Inless RS say's different! I wont believe this mag

  7. tacogirl says – reply to this


    What do you know about it Perez???..Just Maybe JonBonJovi is Just FED UP…
    Maybe this has been going on so long it's just a joke….Maybe the band has made so many sacrifices for this guy they are just Over it…
    I'm all for Support, but it becomes enabling after a while….

  8. rsfan77 says – reply to this


    The Daily Mail has just published an article featuring quotes from Richie saying, where he is **NOT** back on alcohol or drugs. He says he has no major problems in his life and that he is in fact working on the worldwide launch of his fashion line with designer Nikki Lund (a side project Richie has had for a few years now). He says Jon's previous comments (about Richie versus The Edge, and the allusions to Richie drinking) are making it really hard for Richie to want to come back to Bon Jovi. He said, 'Jon needs to quit talking about me publicly."

  9. ynotme2ok says – reply to this


    You can't help someone until they are willing to help their self.

  10. Scorpio48 says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – I AGREE with you 100 percent. I've noticed JBJ has gotten such a BIG HEAD these last 4 to 5 years, not that he didn't before. Richie,David,and Tico have ALWAYS been down to earth, where JBJ treats them as HIS SLAVES. I've heard and seen Phil on YouTube, he can play the notes, BIG DEAL, so can a lot of other guitar players. BUT THERE IS ONLY ONE RICHIE SAMBORA . I'm WITH YOU RICHIE no matter what.

  11. Seriously says – reply to this


    I would expect Jon to have more class and empathy given his daughters struggles and Richie made him a lot of money. He is underestimating the fan base. I've seen them 5 times and would not go to see Jon on his own without Richie. Wanted Dead or Alive is Richie's amazing backups and guitar.

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    His personal concern for his lifetime friend Richie must be in there SOMEwhere…I mean, after the 'you can be replaced because you're not like the Edge' swat and 'if you don't want to be in *THE BAND*' thing…
    Come on, Jon. Stand up and be there for your mate of decades. The band is a thing. Richie is a human being, ffsakes. Something big is wrong. Find out how you can help or could do to fix things. It's a huge decision, and didn't come out of nowhere. Get head out of azz and get down to brass tacks with your best buddy.

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    'After a lifetime of friendship and working a stage together, I really love and care about what's happening to Richie, and am doing everything I can to move mountains to help him get back to happy. Any guitarist replacement will be temporary, because no one can do it like Richie, who is part of the heart of Bon Jovi; and as soon as he wants to, his gear will be back on our stage.' Where is that statement?

  14. Bon2013 says – reply to this


    Boo hoo ! Richie bailed out ! He let down his fans,his band mates and himself and bailed out ! Everybody with half a brain knows that OTHER people are NOT to blame for somebody's substance abuse and to let them down at the eve of a world tour …unbelievable! Richie is a very weak man,true primadonna and I'll be damned if I'd hate the rest of the band for showing up and giving our money's worth with or WITHOUT Sambora!
    Jon has all the right in the world be as Democratic as he chooses …it's you teaparty crap in America that clouds all your judgement! This is music NOT politics! Have A NICE day ;)

  15. Bon2013 says – reply to this


    Re: Seriously – And you speak with a personal knowledge of these fine men !!!??? Get the crip you people …we know nothing! It is amazing how a guy can fuck up often and freely and the one's on tour get the crap! Richie is letting his mates down,his fans down and growing a big head after his soloalbum …all of a sudden loyalty means nothing to you people as long as it's Richie fucking up! Jon is a business man …he is a strong man and weak people tend to dislike strong people …well not me,I have respect for people who keep their shit together!

  16. Bon2013 says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – You are going so low that I can just see what kind of a person you are …Teaparty Sambopsycho! Nothing seems to be sacred to you,not family,not children just because of your studid republican brain! Shame on you.Thankfully your comments say nothing about Jon and his family but they do speak volumes about what kind an individual you are!

  17. lazaros says – reply to this


    fuck you and everthing you have!THIS IS FAKE BITCHES!STOP PANICING THE FANS!BASTARDS!

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    Richie and Heather both seemed to have had much better days before their split. They seemed to do better with each other than without, but what do I know. Too bad they didn't patch it up, lesson learned.

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Bon2013 – Strong is great, so long as it's not steamrolling over everyone else to the point that they feel they have to walk away from one of the world's premiere bands. His statement sounds more snarky than giving a shiz. If it actually is
    substance abuse, then his bud may need assistance. Axe men abound. Friends don't.

  20. Angie says – reply to this


    Re: ynotme2ok
    Again, just a tabloid. Matt (Jons brother) has said that DM article is BS. So until I hear something from Richie…

  21. 21

    the article I just read had quotes from Richie. Richie just wants jon bon jovi to quit talking about him. He says he is fine that Jon wants to see if he can be the whole show.

    I just find the timing interesting. After his daughter od's on herion, Richie gets thrown under the bus. Richie says jon talks about him so much that it would make it very difficult for him to go back. Love you Richie, jon not so much.

  22. 22

    Re: Bon2013 – hey its jon who has been "depressed" and its been Richies job for years to pick him up. also has a lot to do with the drug addicts mother. she thinks richie is a bad influence on her little herion addict.

  23. Joan says – reply to this


    Can't help but feel like Jon is just going for the jugular right now. Richie doesn't want to make a statement, but it seems that Jon's forcing his hand…. If Richie's dealing with personal issues, he's dealing with personal issues, it isn't for Jon to dictate another man's priorities. As for the tour, I can agree that it was a bad time for Richie to make that decision, but there definitely had to be some reason for him to just up and quit…and given this sort of trash-talk, band tensions seem to be a good option.

  24. 24

    This whole Jon versus Richie drama is getting stranger by the day. I'm a huge fan of Richie and love his solo albums, but I also appreciate his work in Bon Jovi—Richie is a huge part of that band's sound, with his guitar playing and background vocals. Plus, Richie co-wrote the band's hits with Jon! It would be shame for them to throw 30 years of career partnership/personal friendship away after all of this time. *IF* Richie is having addiction issues again, and is just really in denial about it, I hope he gets the help he needs. If there is a feud going on between them , a power struggle, a respect issue, etc.–get Jon, Richie, and a psychologist into the same room to hash it out. They did that back the early 1990s and it worked then.

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: mrsg13 – I saw that show, and wanted to see the rest of the band in a big way, but it was only Jon. I thought that was weird. If Jon had requested four chairs, he would GET four chairs for that interview. Having been in more than a few bands in my day, not one was a lord and master band in that way. I wouldn't have liked it if it were. A band is a team. There's no 'I' in team. The members that do more behind the scenes work just rightfully deserve more money, and no one has a problem with that but the breakdown should be equitable.

  26. Rod says – reply to this


    Wow! Big news. Richie we love and support you. Bon Jovi is not the same without you.

  27. Linda says – reply to this


    Jon's should keep his comments to himself Bon Jovi without Richie is a bad thing!!!

  28. Linda says – reply to this


    No Richie, no Bon Jovi!!! Jon, if he is a friend then watch what u say! I am a huge Richie fan!!!

  29. Emanuel Joseph Sokol says – reply to this


    Fans pay in the neighborhood of $100.00 U.S. for a single ticket to see Bon Jovi….the band is not complete without It's guitar Hero "Richie Sambora" in my opinion….The fans are not getting their money's worth not to see the original Guitarist that made Jon who he is today…Jon needs to smarten up, kiss and make up with Ritchie and put the band back together…It's his duty to his fans….at least thats my opinion…

  30. candi says – reply to this


    I can't believe that some of you are bashing Jon! Its Richie who has let down everybody(the band, and the fans) He has no sense of commitment or responsibility! How about obligation? They are under contract!! He needs to grow up..

  31. sia says – reply to this


    First of all sambora is an addict. he is unstable at best but the real reason he is no longer a part of the band involves jon's daughter the drug addict..

  32. sia says – reply to this


    Sambora is an addict and a stone cold drunk… enough is enough people that blame jon have purple blinders on…