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Gordon Ramsay Slammed By Baking Company From Kitchen Nightmares!

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The world is on FIRE about what some are calling the best episode of Kitchen Nightmares ever (clip above!) — and the only episode where Gordon Ramsay refuses to help the owners, as they are too far gone.

And by too far gone, we mean too stubborn to listen to any kind of constructive criticism! Here's what this ep's owner said about inviting Ramsay back, perhaps to redeem her image:

“Never! He is a ginger head troll! He tried to ruin my business and my life. And he is obsessed with my husbands balls! No cake for him!!! We are so guarded now, and there is such a wrong impression of us out there."

From what we understand, the portrayal on the show was dead-on! She continued:

“We have to screen our customers now. If they don’t speak feline they don’t get in……..meow that was a joke! It has been emotionally taxing on Samy (her husband) and I having such hatred and hostility directed towards us. It was just a show for entertainment purpose; people really need to lighten up!”

If anybody has been watching the facebook pages, their twitter, or the episode itself — you'll know quickly that what they are calling entertainment is actually a brutalizing of customers. They claim they were hacked, but who doesn't use that excuse these days?

She continues:

“Since Kitchen Nightmares aired we have not replied to anyone online. In the beginning we replied because these people were spreading malicious gossip and untrue slanderous things about my business. I took them for losers and opened fire with them to let them know that my husband and I are not suckers. And we are not going to let the ‘Camel Toe Mafia’ try to ‘extort us out of a free pizza.’ But that was when we were dealing with a handful of bullies here in Arizona. Now it is us versus the entire Internet. We are using our energy towards more positive lucrative opportunities now.”

The things she says borders on unintelligible!

Not all is bad for them, though, even if they've lost a lot of business. Apparently they're fielding reality show offers:

“It would be fantastic entertainment, and a great chance for us to use it as a platform to help bring awareness to cyber bullying. Also then they can see I make my cakes and they can all shut the F&*^%$@! Up!! We care a great deal about our customers and our employees. Samy and I work 18 hour days, and we do not think that we are better than anyone. We do the best we can and we believe 100% in our food."

On the show, Amy straight up fired a young girl for confirming an order with her, so we're not so sure about how they care a "great deal" about their employees, and this came after kicking out a customer for refusing to pay for a pizza that was taking FOREVER to be finished!

She finished:

“We don’t back down from a fight and no amount of wishing we would kill ourselves or go out of business is going to actually make that happen. We are here to fight. Meow!”

Online bullying is absolutely wrong, but a lot of the bullying is returned ten-fold to those who only disagree with the owners, or would like prompt and friendly service. We will never condone online bullying from EITHER sides!

It sounds like they just need to LISTEN to those who want to help, though! Like Gordon! More clips (below)!

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10 comments to “Gordon Ramsay Slammed By Baking Company From Kitchen Nightmares!”

  1. Whitney says – reply to this


    Damn, Perez. I'm used to you being behind on news but this takes the cake. This happened 3 weeks ago.

  2. 2

    Old news! Amy is insane and served time in prison for identity theft… what a loon. Hilarious episode. Geeze this is like 2 weeks late!

  3. 3

    what is it with all these fucking ads???????

  4. harperabbot says – reply to this


    You're slacking this is OLD NEWS AND BEEN ALL over the news wow you just posting now???
    hahah oh perez you need to have a production meeting with your staff… If you're going to be featured on talk shows to discuss pop culture topics, then you gotta keep up…

  5. 5

    Such great entertainment it was!

  6. 6

    Talk about employees from hell. This couple were criminal in my opinion!

  7. 7

    I watched this episode and I tell you what those ppl should not be allowed to have a business. Keeping the employees tips is as low as you can go. She really has a mental problem, so does he but not as bad as her.

  8. garciaandi says – reply to this


    You are about 3 steps behind everybody else…you wanna be piece of ugly shit!!!

  9. Poopdick Fartface says – reply to this


    Perez, you're fucking late, dude. This is OLD news from like a week ago.

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    I watched the first part of this, and had to turn it off, was made to feel so uncomfortable. Lots of denial and stubborness there, and not a whole lot of listening and learning and tasting. She wasn't gracious; far too tense. She could change things. This would be a start.
    They have a great little place there otherwise.