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Tiger Woods Is Better At Golf Than You Could Ever Imagine — Another HUGE Achievement Coming!

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tiger woods golf par history strokes under pga tour

It's one thing to have the usual statistics per match to prove how awesome you are at golf. When it comes to Tiger Woods, though, there's one statistic that stands out above all the rest — and it's one people probably forget to look at!

Tiger is nearly 2,000 strokes under par in his PGA Tour career!


He's also about to begin his 301st PGA Tour event on Thursday, so his illustrious career has all kinds of wow factors! Right now he's sitting at 1988 under par, so we expect that milestone to happen sooner rather than later!

Good luck, Tiger!

You don't really need it, but just in case! LOLz!

[Image via AP Images.]

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15 comments to “Tiger Woods Is Better At Golf Than You Could Ever Imagine — Another HUGE Achievement Coming!”

  1. stephenf says – reply to this


    And you know this is the most amazing thing ever ever ever about any golfer in history, because you've compared it to some of the all-time greats like Nicklaus, Snead, Hogan, et al., and factored in equipment changes and course conditioning. Right?

  2. hhgreg says – reply to this


    Im loving every minute of it, man I'm having the tyme of my life seeing Tiger Wood get his blessing I know Earl is proud.

  3. dave says – reply to this


    …Tigros dark past will be in his the history books forever also. I hope he crashes and burns every game from here on out. He is an arrogant , aloof poor sport. He does support the street walkers though. F him

  4. dave says – reply to this


    Everyone can jump back off his band wagon this week. He going to lose. He will never win another major. Maybe more steroids and a blow job from Vonn or a 9 iron upside his cocnut head will fix his game

  5. Tiger woody says – reply to this


    I love to have kinky sex with white girls ,take steriods and look down my nose at other people. I hired several hookers to Pee on my face and my wife caught me. My father is down there looking up at me and my mother watches videos of my fun with the girls. L. Vonn has now learned how to do 3 inputs….my game sucks this week and will for a long time but people still whorship me becasue i,m RICH !!!!

  6. Why says – reply to this


    What happened Perez? Career careening towards the cliff with the cum cartoons near all the actresses mouths, so now you want to attach your name to something a little more mainstream and homogenous? Stroke someone polarizing so your name gets airplay? Your pathetic.

  7. taylor says – reply to this


    Re: dave – Sounds like you're just a racist guy. I hope Tiger keeps banging the white-girls for you. Lol

  8. Buda says – reply to this


    Who give the rat ass about Tiger.i wish he go back where he,s coming from
    the land of the Apes .

  9. kishkan says – reply to this


    Re: stephenf – You mean just like they factored in equipment changes and course conditioning for Jack Nicklaus, Snead, Hogan,et all. So basically, the only way Tiger Woods is able to meet your standard is to use wooden clubs and 50 year old golf balls. Go watch horse racing or water polo, you'll be happier.

  10. shanker1 says – reply to this


    Re: dave – thanx dave finally i hear the truth from some one else . i have been saying this since 2000, you hit the nail on the head.He has done some horrible things to people out of being selfish. i know he has helped with money to certain charities, its his way of trying to make up for all the bad .

  11. tiger hater says – reply to this


    Re: Buda – bullshit the guy has no class he is not fit to f-a dogRe: dave – you can't say his name to guys like jack or anorld

  12. john says – reply to this


    Silly Article unless you can compare it t someone else. Tiger has been playing well the last couple years And has his number1 back…. but the simple fact is, he won't be considered REALLY back until he wins another major. He probably will, but he may not. I hate to say it, but he has been in contention a copl times in the last couple years and has choked (at least as compared to his prior record). The Opens are coming…. who thinks he gets one? Watch the putter….. that, and keeping it in play, is what wins Opens

  13. 13

    You shouldn't report on golf. Claiming this is a huge achievement and a meaningful statistic shows you have no idea what you are talking about. It is more a measure of how long you have played golf. Strokes under par per round would be much more significant.

  14. dan rico says – reply to this


    I hope this ni 66 er comes down with a std and dies a slow death….slow, but soon.

  15. SmoothTiger says – reply to this


    Re: dan rico – LOL! I really get a kick out of you racist white mofos. First of all, non-whites dominate any sport they attempt and Tiger is just another example of that. As for as f**king white chicks and getting serious with them is a mystery to me. I love f**king them, it's soooo easy for a black man, but I could never have feelings for one. There will never be another human that can do what Tiger has done for the game. No one cares about his personal life. Only people like you racists that have nothing to do but drink beer and play with Rosey Palmer.