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Kim Zolciak Caught Smoking While Pregnant!

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Just days before the news leaked that she was pregnant, Kim Zolciak was spotted at the beach in Florida SMOKING!

And we’re not talking about being smokin’ hot!

The former Real Housewives star was having a kiki on the beach with her family for Memorial Day weekend and was caught with a cancer stick in between her perfectly manicured fingers!

This isn’t the first time Kim’s been seen puffing while preggers, which is what makes it even worse.

She previously said she didn’t know she had a bun in the oven, but we’re going to need an explanation here.

Gurl, put that stuff down for the sake of your baby!

[Image via Splash News.]

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37 comments to “Kim Zolciak Caught Smoking While Pregnant!”

  1. 1

    At first glance, I thought it was Nick Nolte.

  2. heather says – reply to this


    you see pregnant people smoking all the time. gross yes. shocker no.

  3. 3

    The explanation is that she is a crappy mother. No big surprise there really. She always puts herself before her kids or she wouldn't have whored herself out on reality tv if she didn't.

  4. 4

    She needs to 86 that asap

  5. 5


  6. 6

    No one owes you an explanation, you idiot, ugly homo. Once upon a time, women drank wine all during pregnancy, and they gave birth to normal, healthy babies. Same with smoking; I smoked when I was pregnant, and gave birth to a very healthy, happy child. I quit long ago, but the fact is that these days everything is bad for you until other studies are done contradicting what we've been told for years. So shut up, ass face. The day anyone owe you an explanation for anything is the day England turns French, you stupid twat.
    Re: toldyaso415 – Uh huh. And you know this to be true how? You don't know her, and have no idea what her real priorities are. Perhaps she's a better mother than you are a human being, loser, because you're a truly pathetic specimen. So fuck off.

  7. Jessica says – reply to this


    My mom was smoking while pregnang with my sisters and me, and we are healthy! I don't say if she was smoking pot, taking drugs or drinking!! She's not the first and won't be the last to smoke during pregnancy!

  8. Tayler says – reply to this


    Is smoking while pregnant good? No, but most doctors will tell an expecting mother that quitting cold turkey puts more harm on the baby then actually smoking. Too much stress gets involved. It's best to slowly quit instead of all at once.

  9. 9

    OH MY GOSH!!! How AWFUL!! That poor baby :( So unfair to that little one who relies on her to do the right thing at least while she is pregnant. This is just so terrible to be in 2013 and to know all we do now about cigarettes and she of all people (a nurse and mother) should make better choices for her innocent baby. I sure hope she gets it together. She has such an amazing life with a great hubby and kids and to do something like this is just unbelievable. So SAD!!!

  10. 10

    Smoking is obviously bad for her and it isnt doing her unborn child any good, but Perez trying to constantly shame people into his ideal of life is just plain wrong. He sure as heck doesnt want any religeous zealots telling him how he should be living his pathetic life!!

  11. 11

    Wonder what Kroy thinks? Then again he doesn't wear the pants in the relationship. This is why I refuse to watch her stupid show. I'm not going to make her any more famous or have Bravo issue her another paycheck. It's clear only reason she's getting knocked up is to keep people interested on her stupid show.

  12. 12

    YOU are going to need an explanation ?
    Why should she give YOU an explanation ?

  13. 13

    That squared-off Screwdriver Mani is no longer anything close to "perfect."

  14. Neeky85 says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but this doesn't make her a bad mother.. Yes it's not healthy to smoke while pregnant, but she isn't a bad person for smoking.. Women do it all the time. When my mum was pregnant with me she smoked 15 a day and I turned out fine.. While I agree it's not healthy to smoke while pregnant I think people need to give her a break and stop being so harsh..

  15. Mimi says – reply to this


    While we all know that smoking while pregnant is not beneficial for Mom or baby, other commenters are correct, if you are a regular smoker and you find yourself pregnant, going cold turkey is not always best. I worked for an adoption agency and 90% of the birth mothers I worked with smoked through out their pregnancies and I do not remember any of those babies being born underweight or unhealthy. I'm surprised that Perez, especially since becoming a parent, blasts so many celebrity parents for what he thinks are poor decisions. It's hard being a parent today with all of the pressures and the expectations to be perfect super humans. Perez, you might think you are the perfect parent now but there will come a time that you will make mistakes and some one might be there to make sure you are publicly blasted for it and I hope when that happens you will have the wisdom to realize that it's karma.

  16. Katia says – reply to this


    As much as people are saying their parents smoke while they were pregnant and turned out healthy… but WHY would you take a risk? There are so many risk for people who already smoke. Seems selfish to smoke. And for reference, there is NO FACTS that shows weed is dangerous for you but that is a whole different debate. Tell me, what is the different between alcohol and cigarettes? Nothing, both harmful. This is 2013, it is not classy to smoke while pregnant. People who says other wise is living in the early 1900s when their was no facts on the harmfulness to smoking. Kim your sick

  17. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: Neeky85 – Thanks I agree, my mother (in the late 1940s) smoked a bit less than a half pack a day and drank a bourbon and water most nights before dinner. I weighed in at 8 pounds and was almost a month overdue (in fact her Dr. was about to induce labor if I was nor born over the weekend).

  18. 18

    Re: Pansy Hunter – You should have been banned from breathing. Everything that goes into your body goes into your baby's body. So common sense should suggest that if it's bad for YOU, it's bad for the baby.

  19. dfgdf says – reply to this



  20. a.matthews says – reply to this


    If an individual is smoking cigarettes before pregnancy they may be advised by their GP to keep smoking for a few weeks by diminishing the dose. Stopping cold turkey can cause severe troubles to both the mother and child. Same goes for heavy coffee drinkers.

  21. 21

    I know a lot of chicks who smoked during pregnancy. kids turn out fine you jackass

  22. lostyouskittles says – reply to this


    Re: Michmasterflex – not all the time fucking retard. think about all the others who didn't. you're the real dumbass for justifying smoking during pregnancy.

  23. In Theory says – reply to this


    It falls right in line with the class level of how she speaks and dresses.
    Smoking while pregnant? Natch!!!!

  24. Cat says – reply to this


    Re: TaylerRe: Tayler
    That's actually very true. Quitting cold turkey will put the baby in shock, apparently.

  25. 25

    gross stuff

  26. 26

    I don't know how people survived the early 1900's where drinking and smoking while pregnant were fine and babies were born fine. I guess the nanny state is on full bore. Get over it. I don't think it is a great idea, but it doesn't deserve this nonsense on this site.

  27. Viewer says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter – youre honestly CRAZY. did that post make you feel better? did it relieve the stress off of your life to attack someone else? is this the message you want to show that child of yours — that it is ok to call people a homo and a twat? What if someone called your daughter that? Grow up, lead by example, and stick to worrying about your own life before you attack people who don't even know you.

    Again, it amazes me you can speak with such a harsh tone, when I am sure you wouldnt want your child to one day be treated this way.

  28. 28

    I honestly cannot believe this bitch. Remember when she was invited, or I think it was her own baby shower? everyone knew she went outside to have a cigarette. She's such trash.

  29. quiana says – reply to this


    This bitch…

  30. Samantha says – reply to this


    Re: Tayler – WHY DO PEOPLE ALWAYS SAY THIS! IT IS COMPLETE BULL-FUCKING-SHIT. No doctor will ever tell you this! It is such a widely believed misconception..how convenient right? A great excuse to be a shitty mom an expose your baby & poison them while in your body because 'your doctor told you to'. I smoked for 7 years, a pack a day, quit when I got pregnant. Smoking when your pregnant is just selfish & stupid wether your baby is born healthy or not…thats a FACT.

  31. Sam says – reply to this


    Re: Viewer – LOL poisoning your baby…thats cool & totally acceptable BUT GOD FORBID YOU CALL SOMEONE A TWAT OH NO, you must be a shitty mother. smdh! You are a complete moron.

  32. Samantha says – reply to this


    Re: Cat – "apparently"????? Who told you this? Women who defend smoking during pregnancy? & if they didnt quit immediately did they taper down & quit eventually since they believed this so strongly & care SO much about their baby that they couldnt possibly quit smoking cold turkey right?…I bet NOT…99% of women who spew this bullshit smoke throughout their whole pregnancy…they arent doing it so they dont 'hurt' their baby, they say it because its a convenient excuse.. its not true at all, its such a stupid thing to believe & the only ones who say it are the ones trying to defend poisoning their unborn children. Talk to a real health professional, ANY & they will tell you the same thing & everyone saying 'I did it & they are fine' you are an even bigger idiot.

  33. 33

    Re: Samantha – I totally agree. I am a smoker, but I have never smoked one cigarette while pregnant. I do not understand why any mother would think it was okay to do that to her sweet little baby.

  34. splitail#2 says – reply to this



  35. RedVelvette says – reply to this


    To say "My mother smoked when she was pregnant with me and I turned out ok, I'm healthy or "Years ago it was normal for mothers to smoke while pregnant" is like saying "My parents never used an infant car seat for me, just belted me in and here I am, I'm healthy, never been thrown out the window 20 feet when another car rear ended us".

    Ok, if quitting cold turkey puts to much stress on the baby, why not cut down slowly and eventually stop. That remark sounds to convenient for women who have no intentions of quitting smoking for the sake of their unborn child. For all the "healthy" babies born to smoking mothers there are to many under weight, premature and still born babies to take the chance. As a mother would you never add a spoonful of cyanide to your baby's mashed peaches so why would you do so through a cigarette.

    Another thing to consider, if mothers smoke while pregnant and think nothing of it do you believe they'll not smoke around the baby after they're born? There's no escape for any child of a smoking mother until they're 18 and able to leave the smoking chamber on their own. Kim's own daughters have begged her to quit, doesn't that say anything? Her own kids know how disgusting it is.

  36. pitbull girl says – reply to this


    Re: Mimi – Are you kidding me? My goddaughter was born to a smoker and she went through withdrawls at a few days old and shook like crazy. There is NO reason to smoke while preggo. I quit the moment I found out I was expecting, and I smoked for 20 years. It was not easy, but I did it. And yes you can slow down then stop but she has known she is preggo for a couple months now, plenty of time to ween herself off of it!

  37. Romzo says – reply to this


    Where do you liberal idiots get off telling anyone else how to live…..

    How many of you liberal hypocrites advocate abortion and KIlLING innocent, unborn children…

    But smoking….oh got she's the devil….?

    Live your hypocritical lives and leave others alone to live theirs.

    Is it your little bas^%rd kid she's carrying??


    Ten why do you care?