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Brad Pitt Disagrees With Melissa Etheridge! Says Angelina Jolie's Surgery Was "Empowering!"

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brad pitt disagrees with melissa etheridges comments

Many have applauded Angelina Jolie for her strength since announcing her double mastectomy last month, so we were more than a bit surprised when Melissa Etheridge spoke out and said the decision was made out of fear and not bravery.

Brad Pitt was recently made aware of the singer's comments, and understandably he couldn't help but disagree.

The World War Z actor said:

"I think it's an individual decision and I found it very empowering instead of scary. We experienced the exact opposite."

We couldn't agree more!

Brad also said that he and Melissa are good friends, and he hopes to speak with her soon:

"Melissa's an old friend of mine. I'm sure we'll talk on the phone. I don't know what it is."

It was a bit shocking to hear the singer-songwriter speak out AGAINST Angie's surgeries considering she is a cancer survivor herself and has received a ton of public support over the years.

Obviously she is entitled to her opinion, but she should also respect Angelina's decision to handle her own body and health however she feels necessary!

[Image via Dimitri Halkidis/WENN.]

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18 comments to “Brad Pitt Disagrees With Melissa Etheridge! Says Angelina Jolie's Surgery Was "Empowering!"”

  1. caroline doab says – reply to this


    It doesnt matter whether the decision was made out of fear or bravery, it was a decision that she needed to make, and in making this decision she has prolonged her life, especially considering that she has lost family members to this disease and knowing that you have the gene that is most likely going to cause you to have the disease, she has now made sure that she is going to be with her kids for longer, Brave woman announcing what she did and she will empower other women to do the same.

  2. 2

    I am surprised that Melissa made such a judgemental statement about another woman's experience. Melissa has gone through it - she knows that she is very lucky to have survived. Would she feel differently if they suddenly found out that they didn't get it all, and she had to face another round of chemo that may or may not work?

  3. rosemary says – reply to this


    A stupid old lady trying to be relevant.
    A choice is simply what it was. Inaction due to ignorance isn't a choice.

  4. 4

    Just another angry lesbian.

  5. Kissofdeath says – reply to this


    What Angelina did was extreme and cutting out your ovaries is extreme too. But, if she feels she needs to to protect herself, that's on her. Her body will have to compensate for losing her ovaries which provide essential hormones too. She will develop other problems due to taking out her ovaries. She will need to hormones to compensate. Best of luck to her.

  6. he-ta says – reply to this


    Hell YEAH it was made out of Fear! But if anyone with her strong family history of cancer wasn't fearful, they'd also be stupid! She also made her decision out of being SMART! She took control of her future, and because of this, she will have a long, happy, healthy, wonderful life. I guess Melissa favors fighting against the odds and if Angie DID end up w/cancer, she'd be the 1st in line to write a song for her. pfft. What a friend.

  7. 7

    Re: he-ta – Well said!

  8. 8

    it was HER choice. you can cut off your tits and get cancer in your lymph nodes, its an ugly disease and doesn't care if your a movie star and or the neighbor next door. whatever a persons choice is just respect it.

  9. 9

    You're all missing the point in what Etheridge said and, having experienced the very cancer that Skankelina Whorelie cut her tits off to avoid, Etheridge is in a unique position to know what the issues are. Do any of you have the same experience? No? Then shut the fuck up. As for Pitt, he has all the spine of a wet noodle. Of course he's going to agree with the nutjob he's stuck with because if he doesn't, she'll make him pay. You're all such dumb shits.

  10. 10

    Melissa is not Angelina Jolie's doctor, so she should keep her mouth shut until she becomes one. Jolie protected herself and good for her. Melissa should worry more about screwing over her kids with her ex-wife Tammy than worrying about what Jolie does with her own body.

  11. 11

    Melissa and Angelina are two women who hate other women. Look at how Melissa Etheridge has treated all of the women in her past relationships, and we all know what Angie has done, with no remorse I might ad!

  12. 12

    geez why are people not allowed to have differing opinions? she wasnt even having a go at Angelina just the choice of words useed by the media to describe her decision as brave. Bravery has nothing to do with anything you just look at the options and make the best choice for yourself and family. She's not fighting lions in a cage. She can have even better tits rebuilt with all her money so its not like she has to walk round looking like a flat chested scarred freak.

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    I guess the women come to it from different experiences. Melissa's can only accurately represent her own views and experience. One can't speak for another.

  14. MrsLambert says – reply to this


    Being in charge of ones destiny, instead of instantly wondering if you have cancer is empowering.
    Melissa was out of line, and frankly bitchy.

  15. 15

    Brave? No. Empowering? How? and No. Deciding to go through a routine surgery with almost no chance of death or complications isn't really brave. Deciding to do something to prevent cancer even if it's a major surgery isn't empowering..

    People throw around words way, way, WAY too loosely these days.

  16. lcp says – reply to this


    I'm not really sure what was brave about it. "The doctor's told me I have a huge chance of getting cancer so I'm going to pay for a bunch of surgery so I don't get cancer, I'm so brave people." She did do it out of fear and that's a fact, she is afraid to die of breast cancer. How is there anything brave about going through surgery to prolong your life? If someone can argue how it can be considered brave I'd love to hear.

  17. Lisa Jackson says – reply to this


    What is "brave" are the individuals who do not have the $$$$ to have testing and preventive procedures done and have to fight horrible diseases the best way they know how- Now that is bravery, and when they are inspirations to other people fighting for their lives as well, THAT is empowering-

  18. giana3013 says – reply to this


    Re: Lisa Jackson – going under a surgery is a brave decision. why dont you try for yourself and tell others what it feels like. dumbasses like you are all around the web LOL!