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Christina Aguilera Shows Off Her Tightly Toned Tummy At The Voice Season Finale!

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christina aguilera shows off body during the voice finale

It looks like Christina Aguilera's pricey diet plan is working out for her, because she looks AMAZING!

The former judge for The Voice absolutely stole the show at last night's season finale as she took the stage with Pitbull to perform their single Feel This Moment!

As usual, Christina sounded great. But the real thing that caught our attention was her bangin' bod!

Even Blake Shelton couldn't stop himself from drooling, saying:

"How cool was that seeing Christina tonight? She looks amazing, by the way."

Um, that's a SERIOUS understatement!!

Stylist Simone Harouche also commented on the singer's stunning figure, and said she loves showing it off any time she can:

"She's really into dresses that highlight her decolletage and her waist. She's showing off her amazing figure."

And thank goodness she is, because did we mention we think she looks amazing??! LOLz!

Christina has been hitting the gym extra hard lately and watching what she eats in order to slim down, and it definitely looks like she's reached her goal!

Keep up the good work, girl!

[Image via Tyler Golden/NBC.]

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20 comments to “Christina Aguilera Shows Off Her Tightly Toned Tummy At The Voice Season Finale!”

  1. 1

    she always looks amazing to me

  2. 2

    Girl is hot no matter her size. Love you, Xtina!

  3. Alien says – reply to this


    She looks ridiculous. I will stop watching again once she returns. Shakira is so much better.

  4. Youre Dumb says – reply to this


    Re: Alien

    Ridiculous? lol. Go back to mars, buddy. She looks great!!

  5. 5

    what happened to her whole 'i'm proud to fat ass' campaign she was on last year? side note…are there any two whiter people who claim to be hispanic than pitbull and christina? pitbull is great though…i love that he says his name at the beginning of every song he does so I have time to change the radio station…it's a public service…

  6. dddff says – reply to this


    Her face looks wonderful. her body is so wide.

  7. Kurt says – reply to this


    Sounds great? She sounds like there's a frog in her throat, the same way she's sounded for the past few years. She does look great, but her voice sounds terrible.

  8. 8

    I thought she loved her curves and that she wasn't going to diet anymore because that was industry control. Her face and her hands are really the problem She isn't lady like or sexy no matter what. Her voice is awful and only tone deaf classless American people like that crap.

  9. Gang bang shoot 2dead says – reply to this


    Re: fabulousdivabuns – shut up jealous B**tch she look fabulous <3 she is making $$ 17.000.000 this season how much are you making??? Loser

  10. Gang bang shoot 2 dead says – reply to this


    People are really jealous about Xtina her talent , her boty , her voice , her fame , life style , millions $$$$$ :) she's amazing !!

  11. 11


  12. 12


  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    Amazing. Someone's been working hardddddd.

  14. Loca says – reply to this


    Re: The Eric – That was hilarious I was wondering the same thing, she said that back a few years ago when she got chubby on her stripped tour but then later went on to lose the weight. Kelly Clarkson is proud of her body not fake Christina she just straight up lied and why is her face so round with the weight loss she didn't lose much 20lbs at the most. She was extremely off key last night and the hooker outfit was stupid.

  15. La Aguilera says – reply to this


    No matter what, people will always hate on Christina! Like she has said before, she has been on all spectrums of the scale and when she's thin, people label her "too thin" and when the girl puts on some weight, they label her "Fat". I seriously don't know what the obsession is with trying to bring her down! She has never claimed to be anything she is not. Bottom line is Christina is an amazingly talented singer, she is a huge philanthropist, and a great mother…pick on someone else! Our society makes me sick with their obsession with building up stars just to kick them down. She has proven time and time again that she is here to stay, she is a puppet of no one! Give credit where credit is due people, she looks amazing!! As for her singing, she sounded great, I'd like for someone to point out a current popstar of today that can sing that song…Um yeah, you can't!

  16. 16

    It's called prescription "SPEED" & STARVING!

  17. 17

    Some people on here are so basic, aren't you ashamed to voice your opinion on a public forum without thinking things through a little first? I'd be so embarrassed, honestly.

    Yes, she preached about loving her curves. Her career was practically made by the self-love anthem "Beautiful" whose chorus is, "I am beautiful, in every single way, words can't bring me down, I am beautiful no matter what they say" etc. that she sung over 10 years ago while she was stick thin. She *still* sings it for most of her performances. It's her most consistent mantra - be comfortable in your own skin no matter what. That doesn't mean she is against being skinny or fat. Just whatever size you are, whatever natural set up you've got, don't be ashamed of it, every size is beautiful. Do what YOU feel is best, not how others tell you to be. How hypocritical would she be if she was like "I hate these curves!", really. She wasn't going to apologize to such simpletons for packing on a few pounds, she was proud of herself regardless.

  18. Loca says – reply to this


    Her own stylist said she threw a tantrum in November 12' over that purple long dress she wore at the AMA's she went thru multiple dresses and didn't like any of them because they all made her look fat according to Christina. Christina loves to play the victim the poor me mentality and I would not be shocked she regains the weight like that again when Matt Rutler dumps her. The Voice was shot in certain angles anytime they recorded Christina and that's how she wanted it done so they could not see her huge weight gain not minor lbs. This is not a nice celebrity or anyone who stands by what they say. Kelly Clarkson truly admits her weight issues but she's happy and you can see that in her its not her #1 objective at least she is real and honest about it and doesn't treat anyone like crap.

  19. angie says – reply to this


    Re: The Eric – Xtina never said something like that, she just said "I love my body". You can love yourn body and want to be better at the same time

  20. angie says – reply to this


    Re: Loca – Christina's stylist NEVER SAID THAT, and also, anyone on the voice siad that, you are just saying lies.