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Paula Deen Bails On The Today Show Last Minute!

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After admitting to the world that "of course" she's said the n-word — and in which awful ways she has — was anyone really expecting Paula Deen to show up and go through with her interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show??

NOTHING is shocking about this!

She was scheduled to appear on the show to talk about her admission under oath in a deposition that she has used racial epithets — which is a watered down way of saying she said some extremely racist things, and totally owned up to them like it was no big deal!

Deen's rep contacted the show MOMENTS before she was set to appear live and told producers that she was feeling "exhausted" after flying into New York. Or, feeling "cowardly" is more like it! LOLz!

Here's what Matt said:

"We had planned to have an exclusive live interview with Paula Deen this morning. We spoke several times with her people yesterday and then I spoke with Paula yesterday afternoon. We arranged an interview this morning. We agreed there would be no restrictions to that interview only that it would be an open and candid exchange.

"We started to hear from her people that she is exhausted. She has not called us at all. Her publicity person and I spoke a little while ago. Simply said they believe she is in the hotel but she has not confirmed anything other than she is not here."

This brings up an interesting thought: should anyone be expecting any professionalism from someone who would throw racial epithets around, or make her own brand of butter after lying to her viewers about getting diabetes from her unhealthy cooking TWO YEARS after the fact?

No, they shouldn't. And at this point, nobody should even want to interview her anymore! Her actions have been consistently inexcusable, and she should no longer be in a position of influence — plus, watching her try and dig herself out of this mess will just be an eye-rolling bonanza!

You know, because she has NOT apologized for the things she has admitted doing, and instead her team gives the public this:

"During a deposition where she swore to tell the truth, Ms. Deen recounted having used a racial epithet in the past, speaking largely about a time in American history which was quite different than today. To be clear Ms. Deen does not find acceptable the use of this term under any circumstance by anyone nor condone any form of racism or discrimination."

Saying it was a different time is such a cop-out. That excuses nothing. Own your mistakes, apologize for them, and CHANGE.

[Images via JLN Photography/WENN and Joel Ginsburg/WENN.]

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14 comments to “Paula Deen Bails On The Today Show Last Minute!”

  1. Vincent says – reply to this


    Yet, no one calls into question the professionalism of SEVERAL homophobic "musicians" and athletes. All too often I read about homophobes, "well, we don't agree with them but their entitled to their opinion." I don't agree with Deen here but why isn't she entitled to her opinion? Why is her professionalism being called into question? I find in this country it is inexcusable to be a racist (as it should be), but it's still okay to be a homophobe. The double standard of it all, not to mention the racial slurs against white people that pop up all over network television and music nowadays.

  2. happygurl says – reply to this


    Don't African Americans use the N word as a term of endearment sometimes? Richard Pryor used it every other word. At least she kepted it real and didn't lie.

  3. Grimmmilken says – reply to this


    I wonder had Matt Lauer been born in the same location/era Paula Deen came from and was exposed to the culture/atmosphere of those times, would he be so judgmental? We are all products of our environment. She at least come to the realization that it was wrong and made a sincere effort to make up for her ignorance/insensitivity. She's grown and moved on. She does a lot to try to help people of all racial backgrounds. I think her actions have proven that she is a different person. Actions speak louder than words. Matt Lauer doesn't mind beating a dead horse to death when it comes to someone else. Shall we talk about/bring up your injustice to Ann Curry again Mr. Lauer? Get off your high horse please.

  4. gen says – reply to this


    what the fuck is on her neck–PLEASE, does anyone know??? i need an answer so i can sleep tonight

  5. lol says – reply to this


    Re: gen – It is a microphone made popular by Janet jackson in the rhythm nation tour. Maybe she doesnt like a mike(sic) pinned to her clothes or keeps touching it but when speaking to crowds she wears an ear mike that wraps to her mouth.

  6. Kristy says – reply to this


    I don't care what anyone says, everyone on this planet has made a remark at one point and time that can be construed as racist, hateful, or just plain hurtful. Get over it

  7. Peggy says – reply to this


    Who cares if she said the "N" word or used it? We have all done things in our past that may not be socially acceptable in our current day. Why does the left wing media make this such a big deal? But this word is used on the radio every day and played over and over (although beeped out) and no one makes a deal out of it. Oh yeah that's because Paula Deen is a white American whom must be demonized somehow. Buttergate didn't get her but maybe this one will….. I think this being reported on makes me want to hurl…

  8. 8

    Re: happygurl – Yeah, keywords African American,which she isn't. And she wasn't using the word as a compliment, as she explained in her interview.

  9. 9

    leave the old lady alone good grief.

  10. Lee says – reply to this


    If we really wanted to stop any racism or be equal in all ways no one should say it, whether you're African American or not. It's ridiculous to say that it's okay if you are, but not if you aren't. Undeniably hypocritical.

  11. jessie j says – reply to this


    well then maybe we should give other races the right to call us redneck honkeys and problem solved…. no. I know what is socially acceptable for me to say and joke about and what I would not wanting someone of another race saying to me i stick to that and I know other races have things that are socially acceptable for them to say and joke about that they don't want someone of another race to saying to them. why do white people want to use the word or want people to be ok with them using it freely in the anyway? I admit I don't quite understand

  12. jessie j says – reply to this


    if the sole reason is because its hypocritical that isnt good enough that sounds like you just want to say the word to say it. white people have no real reason to say it or use for the word. if it became ok for you are you going to start calling your white friends that just because you can? does it give you a rush or something?

  13. 13

    Being old and from the south is no excuse for being an asshole. Do I think she is an extreme racist? No. Is she a racist in that she hates all people that are not considered "white"? No. Does she judge some people racially? You bet. Am I tired of her? Oh ya! Is she getting what she deserves? Probably.

  14. Bette47 says – reply to this


    What's that orange thing on her neck?