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Thirdhand Smoke Is Damaging Your DNA!

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You know, we know, everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health. The world knows that second hand smoke is also awful for you. But did you know that THIRDHAND smoke is also terrible?? Did you even know thirdhand smoke was a thing??

That's what they call the surface-clinging residue left over from secondhand smoke. They're finding that it can cause damage to our DNA.

What more reasons do people need NOT to smoke?? It's time for the world to wise up!

Here's what one researcher said:

"This is the very first study to find that thirdhand smoke is mutagenic. Tobacco-specific nitrosamines, some of the chemical compounds in thirdhand smoke, are among the most potent carcinogens there are. They stay on surfaces, and when those surfaces are clothing or carpets, the danger to children is especially serious."

You don't want to harm yourself OR kids, right? Then it's time to quit!

According to the source, here's how they came to this scary conclusion:

"[They] put paper strips in chambers with smoke; one chamber exposed the paper strips to the equivalent amount of smoke and chemicals that comes from smoking five cigarettes in 20 minutes. The other chamber exposed the paper strips to cigarette smoke for a total of 258 hours as well as ventilated air for 35 hours, spread out over 196 days.

The researchers found higher concentrations of the toxic compounds in cigarette smoke on the strips of paper that were "chronically" exposed to smoke, compared with the strips of paper "acutely" exposed to smoke."

And our cells and DNA pay the price! The thirdhand smoke led to oxidative DNA damage, as well as DNA strand breaks!

So yeah, it about time you quit — and if you're thinking about starting, don't!

[Image via AP Images.]

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