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So Sad! 22-Year-Old Woman Dies At Gym, Employee Refused To Help!

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If there is an extreme set of circumstances, ABSOLUTELY a male employee should enter the women's locker room! This is like the ONE situation where that is just fine!

And yet, an employee at Planet Fitness in New York refused to go into the locker room to help Emily Hamlin, as she slumped to the floor in the toilets after a workout, because he's a man and men aren't normally allowed in there.

That's normally correct!

Her collapse in the locker room was witnessed by gym member, Stephanie Dick. She ran to the front desk to get help and spoke to gym employee Sean Higgins, after seeing an arm drop to the floor, followed immediately by a loud snoring sound.

Here's what Stephanie said Sean did:

'He said he didn’t know what to do and that he wasn’t allowed to go into the ladies’ bathroom.'

Not only that, but almost 5 minutes passed before anyone called 911! So the family of the woman who passed is PISSED, and has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit!

The only thing is, we don't think they have any kind of grounds! We're sure the gym has waivers that people sign to even become members, and unless employees are explicitly told when/where they can't go (and unless the doctors say those extra 5 minutes would have saved her life), we don't think they can sue Sean for not having the backbone to do what needs to be done!

It's just a shame that someone lost their life at all — but a lawsuit isn't about to bring anyone back!

[Image via YouTube.]

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57 comments to “So Sad! 22-Year-Old Woman Dies At Gym, Employee Refused To Help!”

  1. kk says – reply to this


    so the family is trying to cash in and the media is basically labeling the employee as the killer. really fucked up situation. i feel bad for him.

  2. Drareg says – reply to this


    If there isn't a bathtub in there, it ain't a 'bathroom'. At least the writer called it for it is 'slumped to the floor in the toilets'.

  3. 3

    I worked with her & she was taking weight loss pills!! The gym should have done more but her heart gave out & thats the real reason!!

  4. sr says – reply to this


    so how'd she die?

  5. elee says – reply to this


    no one will know if those 5 minutes could have saved her. he should have called 911 right away.

  6. Manda says – reply to this


    Acctually she stopped taking the weight loss pills months before that and that had nothing to f
    Do w it, but either way he wasnt trained properly and he should have helped quicker even if it would or would not have saved my cousins life! Either way in being employed in any gym you neec to know wat to do and know cpr and how to use the machines to help a person in need ! He did none of that!!!!!and no the family doesnt want this to happen to anyone else so we are making people aware! Wouldnt your rather helped then be a unconsiderate asshole?

  7. JINJIN says – reply to this



  8. 8

    Re: MandaRe: Manda – Sorry to say Manda, but it still wasn't his fault that she died. If he was't properly trained right, the it's the people who own the gyms fault, not his. And just to point something else out, if he was just the front desk person, then its NOT his job to know about how the machines work to properly show people how to use them, that's the personal trainers job. So the family needs to stop making this sound like its the people at the gyms fault! It sounds like to me that she should have consulted her doctor before taking these diet pills to see if the doctor approved them for her, if the results come out that it was a "heart" situation, then maybe she shouldn't have taken them in the first place.

  9. texasannie says – reply to this


    Why is there no common sense anymore? He really couldn't discern whether or not to go in the locker room? What a country of idiots we're becoming. It's scary as shit how some people can't reason or think for themselves. Sounds like she'd have died anyway, but seriously dude, man up and think outside the box!

  10. Mon says – reply to this


    Don't feel bad for him how can you hear someone's in danger and not run to help all you can think about is getting in trouble well if losing my job to save Ones life isn't worth it then I don't know what is I understand maybe there was nothing he could of done even if he did go in the women's washroom but I think it's just common sense and waiting a whole 5 minutes to call 911 WOW!!!!! Pretty crap how the family trying to cash in

  11. 11

    Hey dee tee's

    I think the point is that the employee wasn't properly trained and the gym has some bad policies if people can't help other people. The biggest issue with this dude is he never helped until it was too late. If you are in a store and someone is falling, if your close enough you don't try and stop them from falling. He could have done more.

  12. Lindsae says – reply to this


    Perhaps it is just me but a lady saw the young woman fall off toilet…she then walked all the way to the front desk and now the poor front desk employee is to blame-instead why would she not have called 911 herself instead of wasting time walking all the way to front first?

  13. 13

    Re: Mon

    I have to disagree with that, u ever lose someone in a bad way like this situation and all you want to do is make sure no other family ends up like you. You can't save this person but maybe u can save someone else's daughter, mother, brother or wife. I'm glad someone is standing up against what is wrong. If that was my daughter it would be way worse.

  14. 14

    Re: RIP Thelma

    I couldn't agree more

  15. 15

    Re: Lindsae

    Read the story, the women heard her hit the floor but the bathroom door was locked. Now we are passing blame.

  16. Dan says – reply to this


    Re: Drareg – Well there are showers in the room, its a change room. The gym member mistakenly called it a bathroom.

  17. 17

    Wow. Thats sad. Condolences to her family & friends. 22 is so young. May she RIP.

  18. manda says – reply to this


    Dee teez i didnt mean the work out machines i mean the defrib machine, and yes everyone that works at the gym should be trained esp. if you are listed as only one working in the building, bc cases like this happen. even still you dont need to be trained to call 911 thats common sense, also just re reading, this is not the whole story and definatly twisted look on the real news not this, if you happend to be interseted. and btw now that one person said she was on pills brings a whole new belief to something being FALSE!!!!!!! she was not.

  19. manda says – reply to this


    This is also definatly missquoted, the video states what acctually happend, which is the bathroom door is locked and she heard her hit the floor so to get in she went for HELP!

  20. manda says – reply to this


    Re: Mimi the Magnificent – thank you:-)

  21. Heather says – reply to this


    If you want to blame the employee then you might as well blame the lady who found her as well. She could of called the police also once she saw what she did. Her heart could of gave out right away and that 5 minutes could of meant nothing. Its sad when someone so young is taken away from this world, but blaming people is not bringing her back. Lawsuits will not bring her back.

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    I'm stunned that an overly rule respecting employee might not do what they had to in an emergency. There are many times in life where everyone will agree that a rule has to be broken. Go ahead and just do the right thing. I'd gladly get charged or thrown in jail to save a life, but the likelihood of that happening is small. Always call 911 before anything else.

  23. Maria says – reply to this


    Re: truth30 – no she wasn't taking diet pills. Not sure who you are but get it right!

  24. 24

    Re: Heather

    Are u just get lawsuits? Hopefully this lawsuit will stop this from happening to others, why don't you get that? That's why recalls exist on cars and other items so when one person gets hurt b/c of someone else's negligence they fix it. No one knew what was actually happening in the bathroom so that's why that gym member asked an employee, who is suppose to be trained on a defibrillator since he is only on working by law, to at least unlock and open the door and call 911 in case. I know at my job if someone passes out and I'm asked to call 911 I do it pretty quickly.

  25. 25

    Re: Heather

    Lets say that this gym didn't have a difibulator on hand and didn't train it's employees like they should have, not the guy working desks fault. Lets say they have a rule that guys and girl employees can't go into other bathrooms, not guy at front desk fault. Lady comes up to you and says person may have collapsed in locked bathroom can u call for help, he does NOTHING, that is his fault and needs to own up to it.

  26. 26

    Anybody who thinks this is about money, did u realize in the news report that they didn't try a lawsuit until over a year after it happen. If they wanted the money so bad why not file right away. People love tearing others down, especially and blogs and comment sections.

  27. K.Rod says – reply to this


    For starters this article does a horrible job highlighting the key factors. Emily belonged to an established fitness facility that should abide by the state laws requiring a defribulator on-site as well as an employee trained to administer CPR. Clearly Planet fitness decided to cut corners and it cost Emily her life. Regardless there is no excuse for the incompetent employee that failed to dial 911 when he first became aware of a woman taking ill in the restroom. Law does not require anyone to intervene, but as a paying customer Planet Fitness and their staff have a sense of responsibility to insure the safety of their patrons.

    Perez, you need to fact check before drawing your own idiotic conclusion. Other media outlets have reported Emily collapsed at 5:16 am and Higgins did not bother to pick up the phone until 5:21am. Considering she was tended to by another employee at 5:21 that said she had a weak pulse those 5 minutes were crucial and resulted in her death. Not to mention the hospital where she was declared dead at 6:03am is less than 2 miles away. There is no doubt Emily would have survived if this employee and the club had taken the right steps to deal with an emergency situation. Unfortunately it is too late for Emily but maybe the lives of others can be spared by telling this story properly.

  28. 28

  29. 29

    Lets not read perez hilton or truth30 bc they are way wrong, i would be happy he picked up the story if it was correct . But thats perez hilton for you

  30. PINKY says – reply to this



  31. Rae says – reply to this


    If he couldnt go into the changing rooms because he is male the femal should have had been working as well incase there is an emergency. Im a fist aider and if your needed you go. i know people who have sued after someone has saved there life because its classed as assult as soon as you touch them. This woman has every right to sue the gym no the employer but the gym due to not having a fist aider on site or a female emplyee if the gy.s rules are not to go into females rooms because your male. Those 5mins would of saved her life….

  32. maria says – reply to this


    Re: truth30 – - she was not on diet pills - who ever you are get it right - don't just talk nonsense!

  33. 33

    truth wont delete the comment either way, who cares we know its not true and it wont hold up for anything.

  34. Jenn says – reply to this


    What did she die of???

  35. jay says – reply to this


    I find comments are all one sided and for the most parts are the ladys that dont have the mentality of a corporation job. in a corporation job as i suspect since its a gym. anyone can ask for help in waivers it states the gym employees are not licensed for medical situations. not only that but its a liability think of this situation, say that girl knew this gym member or anyone there and she really wanted to get this guy in trouble asking a friend to get this guy to walk in to the girls locker room and this causes him his job. not saying that was the situation here but the guy all he could think of is not walking in on someone getting naked and when you work at a job like that it is very much real. if this caused her death then something tells me she had been having issues with this before why not go to a doctor before?

  36. T Mack says – reply to this


    Re: jay

    Really? Dude I have worked in corporate America for 15 years and if someone says a man or a women needs help whoever is around comes running to help. That is such a cop out excuse Jay. If he was afraid to go back there then you dial 911. And once a second person comes out I think u can figure out its not a joke. Don't defend stupidity.

  37. roni says – reply to this


    yoo nobody gives a fuck who's fault it is! bottom line is someone is dying in your fucking bathroom calling the cops shouldn,t be too hard

  38. Patrick says – reply to this


    Any normal person who knew FIRST AID could have saved this lady.

    An arm dropping and a loud snoring sound does not mean her heart gave out. It's not possible to keep breathing when your heart stops. She simply passed out/fainted from a hard workout, and happened to fall in such a way that she ended up laying on her back causing respiratory distress. As evidenced by the loud "snoring". That sound happens when a person's tongue falls onto the back of their throat, preventing them from breathing properly.

    Simply put, she died because within the 5 minutes that elapsed, no one BOTHERED to put her on her side and she asphyxiated.

    Seriously. People are idiots. Don't even bother trying to have kids when you don't know how to save their lives if they happen to be choking on a LEGO block!

  39. Patrick says – reply to this


    Btw, a defibrillator/AED won't do shit if no one knew the basic ABCs (airway, breathing, circulation).

    The fact that she still had a weak pulse when attended to meant that she was not suffering from ventricular fibrillation at the time she collapsed. Which means that putting paddles on her won't do anything unless you first clear the airway obstruction (in this case, her tongue).

    Think about it, if you had a piece of bubble gum stuck in your throat, should I go ahead and shock you? Same concept.

    People who are talking out of their ass about gym procedures, defib are uneducated tards who like to hear themselves talk and their opinions matter. This woman plainly died because of human negligence.

  40. Kat says – reply to this


    I'm said this happened to this young girl. She was so beautiful. Let this be a reminder to not push ourselves so hard at the gym. We aren't perfect, our bodies tell us when something is wrong we should listen to it. Please exercise and diet in moderation. Bless this girls soul.

  41. Lesley says – reply to this


    Sites like this make death seem lighthearted with all the extremely the sick comments, the constant blame, and even the way the story itself is written. I am ashamed for having read it.

  42. lilac says – reply to this


    he probably wants to help, but at the same time he could be blamed for her death, specially in this country…until the truth comes out and all the wait for exames and this that, he would spend some time in jail…so whats the problem here ando whos fault???????????? its difficult in this days to even help people , because you could get in a lot trouble for that,so its a very sad situation.

  43. 43

    The lawyers are the ones you need to hold accountable. Many-o-people have been hung out to dry for thinking they were helping a situation by going against policy only to turn around, be fired, sued for sexual harrassment, assault, etc etc etc. So, with all due respect (zero), Sean did the right thing. The law caused her death. Greed caused her death. Your local congressman caused her death. Hence, you caused her death for starting off the evil cycle with your vote.

  44. Glamvamp0820 says – reply to this


    First of all, someone should have dialed 911 immediately, secondly, even if you don't have experience with CPR or knowing exactly what to do , the 911 dispatcher walks you through the process, and thirdly, there should be an AED in all businesses especially a gym. Trust me, i'm a 911 dispatcher so the faster help gets to the person, the more chances the person has to be saved. That is the problem with society, we are so afraid to help other people in need because we are afraid of the potential consequences. I'll take my chances and help anyone in need because if I was the one in that position, I would surely want anyone to help me out.

  45. Lena says – reply to this


    Actually, you CAN sue someone for not doing what they're supposed to do. In most countries' constitutions the primary purpose is to preserve life, so in Criminal Law, there's a crime committed by omission when you don't do what you're supposed to do, for example, not aiding someone who's dying is a good example of a crime committed by omission. So next time someone is dying near you, think twice about ignoring the person, you COULD be charged with a criminal act by not aiding that person. I suggest to the family to go ahead and sue the Gym. A Gym is a place where medically trained people should work at, not just any untrained employee with a bad attitude. Btw, I'm a Lawyer.

  46. Christine says – reply to this


    Re: Manda – I'm sorry for your loss, I truly am. But it's not the employee's fault. He clearly wasn't trained properly on how to handle emergencies. And honestly, most companies lack in emergency preparedness training. The gym manager/owner should have trained their staff better. I do understand he should have called 911 a little sooner. Better safe than sorry. But again, he wasn't trained in what to do. He is not at fault for her death. And like the article said, gyms make you sign a waiver, which includes a warning of sudden death. Again, I'm very sorry for your loss, and it's definitely a tragedy, but the employee isn't the one to blame.

  47. 47

    For the record,The 24-hour gym is required by law to have an automated external defibrillator at all times and at least one person with certification to operate it.Hamlin’s gym had neither. Also the male employee was waiting for a female employee to arrive. When she did the female checked Hamlins pulse, fOund out to be weak and though trained, never performed CPR. And to KK, the family has started no amount of money Will bring her back. However they want a change in policy and to accomplish this a case needs to be made. To say a family is trying to cash in is incredibly disturbing. I find it hard o believe anyone upon hearing of a loved ones death would exclaim "sweet! I can finally put that wrongful death suit I've been dreaming on into motion! " Imbecile.

  48. Speeedy says – reply to this


    In a situation like this, the guy should have broken the rules and gone in to help this woman. It's not his fault that she collapsed of heart problems, but if he had swallowed his fear of breaking rules… the woman could have potentially been saved. That 5 minutes they mucked around before calling 911 could have been the difference between life and death. The parents of the daughter have every right to sue for NEGLECT for not calling emergency services sooner. They do not have the right to sue over wrongful death in my opinion as nobody really knows whether she would have survived regardless.

  49. rebs says – reply to this


    The gym is not at fault. Why did the person who found her not call 911? The poor guy at the front desk is just that…a front desk customer service rep. He might not necessarily have been trained with CPR or any other life saving techniques as it is not his job. Poor guy. He did not do anything wrong…people who sign up for gym memberships release the establishment of any harm for reasons like this. You need to monitor your own health and fitness and be responsible for that. It's a tragedy that she is dead, but nobody is at fault here.

    As far as the employee "refusing to help", that makes him sound like he refused out of laziness which is not the case. We don't know how old he was or what how long he had been with the company, and he played no part in the girl's health issues.

  50. boing says – reply to this


    Well at least Sean made sure he'd keep his job. Now if he could just get his priorities straight.. Seriously, I hope the guilt eats at him for being a selfish dumbass.

  51. wow2much says – reply to this


    I accept what Sean did (or didn't do). Now I hope Sean has a heart attack in the bathroom while only ONE other female employee is working up front, and she refuses to help him, or call for help as he lays there dying. So does he feel in the right? I'd bet anything he won't be working there a month from now.

  52. mapine says – reply to this


    96% of people are sheep. They are complete idiots! This man and everyone at all gyms should have basic first aid training. This girl could have been saved.

  53. Taylor says – reply to this


    Any loss of life is an absolute tragedy. My heart breaks for the family and friends of ALL involved. Emily and her loved ones with be in my thoughts and prayers. This scenario unfortunately will not be the first or last….with the rate people suing for sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior increasing at a ridiculous rate, the real problem is the obsession with political correctness that creates situations where there's a fine line between right and wrong. There's no excuse for not calling 911, with that being said- there's the severe reality that had he gone in and found her conscious and other women were offended, he and the gym corp. could have been sued as well. This is a combination of so many unfortunate and unacceptable circumstances. Try to have some compassion for the rights and emotions of this family at such a terrible time. Again, all with be in my thoughts and prayers.

  54. ER.ICU.guy says – reply to this


    5 minutes would have made an immense difference in survivability. A report of snoring sounds is likely from a seizure and/or airway obstruction. Cashing in??? No- someone dropped the ball with her…

  55. joe says – reply to this


    The only thing that will make a corporation listen to an issue is to sue them.

  56. Amber says – reply to this


    It really depends on the sense of urgency in Stephanie Dick's voice when she reported it. If she ran in and was like 'somebodys dying in the restroom, i think she needs an ambulance' and he did nothing I would be like 'WTF'. But if she was just like 'dude I heard a chick fall in the restroom, her arm dropped and she started snoring, u might wanna check it out', then I'd be like I get it.
    Like he's seriously going to risk MORE than his job by going in a changing room where he's not supposed to be.

    BECAUSE if in fact a woman was NOT dying and he went in and there were 3 naked women they would have been suing HIS ass and Planet Fitness and he would have been eating the blame for not following protocol.

    People who try to do good things always end up getting screwed, like the people who get sued for saving someone's life with CPR. Sad world.

    So all in all, we don't know how urgent she made it sound to him. May Emily Hamlin rest in peace.

  57. chillax62 says – reply to this


    No pun intended, but what cost her life was this:
    Working out without confirming with your doctor that it's ok! People don't drop dead like flies without a reason. She must have gotten pretty dizzy and fainted due to her cardio workout on the machines. Or she simply had a heart attack. It is not for nothing it is always advised to consult a doctor before heading to the gym full time. I'm sorry but i cannot blame the employee, even if he should have braved it and gone all the way to pull her out of the locker room or call 911 immediately. On the other hand, the lady that saw her fall should have contacted 911 directly also. So yes, in this story there are issues, but the front desk dude is not to be blamed.
    I only wish she did not go to work out with an empty stomach and diet pills on daily bases. This is what the "new wave" has introduced into society now. Super fine women, thin, glamourous women with every part of their bodies retouched… in other words, this is unfortunate, but when you're not destined to be slim, don't go looking for beauty elsewhere at any cost. This is a big loss for her family, but they should get a grip of themselves and not try to make profit.