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Paula Deen's Deal With Caesars Casino TERMINATED!

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paula deen caesars today show n word racist deposition admission admit racial jokes legal matters

Paula Deen probably should've held her tongue this morning on the TODAY show when she seemingly bragged about only being dropped by TWO business partners because she uses used the n-word and has no idea if and/or why it's offensive.

She can now add a third to that list!

The professional relationship between Paula Deen and the Caesars Entertainment Corporation has been destroyed, and they will close all 4 of her restaurants that operate on its properties! That means the following: Harrah's Tunica near Memphis, Harrah's Joliet near Chicago, Harrah's Cherokee in North Carolina, and a buffet at Horseshoe Southern Indiana.

They'll be rebranding the places, and plan on reopening them in a couple of months — so nobody is about to go hungry over this! LOLz!

The company flatly said it was just in their best interest! Probably the right move, at this point!

[Image via NBC.]

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38 comments to “Paula Deen's Deal With Caesars Casino TERMINATED!”

  1. tempe says – reply to this


    The gleeful manner of this posting is people don't like you. Reporting and posting about her is fine but you have a kunty way about you.

  2. nationalenquirer says – reply to this


    I wonder if sponsers of this site really ever read and or see what's posted on here ?

  3. me says – reply to this


    I'm calling BS. Why must she be punished for using the N word (which WAS wrong), but ol' Fatty Limbaugh calls a woman the C word and he's still over at Clear Channel making his mega-millions. Interesting how there's no nasty words for white male in our language, eh?

  4. 4

    LMAO! Yep, it was THAT bad. And Matt's face, omg. I died laughing. She just keep looking worse and worse. I wonder what the woman who started all this is thinking.

  5. thebigboot says – reply to this


    Too bad you weren't stripped of everything after your F word debacle.

  6. TLA says – reply to this


    I don't quite see the "LOLz" in someone's livelihood being destroyed over a mistake. This whole fiasco is like a lynch mob. People fuck up, and the fact that everyone jumping on the bandwagon of destroying Paula Deen's career, makes me truly pity the world today. It's so nice of Perez to jump on this bandwagon, considering he got his start making cruel comments about people that are truly regrettable. He needs to get off his soapbox.

  7. 7

    Re: me – Because like you said it was wrong. Why shouldn't she be punished? Calling a woman the C word and calling a black person the N word are not comparable. I understand why some of her affiliates do not want to be associated with her. They would suffer more of a backlash if they pretended like it didn't matter. I don't think people understand how hurtful and disrespectful this word is. I feel bad for her but this will pass and people will forget. Her career will be fine.

  8. TP Fischer says – reply to this


    Really—you are enjoying her demise? Really? All this crap from a guy who had to remake himself because he was such an a-hole in his previous life. Remember how you had to throw yourself on your sword??? C'mon people. Check yourself.

  9. Gilbert says – reply to this


    The fact that you find this all funny is sickening. This woman's life is falling apart right before our eyes and you couldn't be happier about it. But you can call someone the "F" word and feel no remorse. Obviously Paula feels awful for the mistake that she made, but this was blown way out of proportion. And the way that you have been reporting on this has made me lose a lot of respect for you, Perez. Especially since everyone was so quick to forgive and forget your mean ways! Paula has a kind heart, and even kind hearts can make mistakes. I wish people would give her a break.

  10. Pat says – reply to this


    Really Perez…you are enjoying her demise and promoting it??? You are perfect, right? All of you? That is why you had to practically throw yourself on your own sword when you had an epiphany about just how mean you were being and what a bully you were. C'mon people-are you all perfect or truly just jealous.

  11. litlluvbug says – reply to this


    I see a serious breakdown, mental and physical, for this woman in her future. She seems to be clueless as to why she has offended so many people. She needs to just stay out of the public eye for a while. She seems to just keep digging this whole deeper and deeper. I think instead of PR people telling her what to say, they should clue her in as to WHY she needs to say it. Being "southern and from a different time" is no excuse. Very sad spiral. Poor old lady, has no clue.

  12. Ridge Runner says – reply to this


    Paula Dean has admitted her guilt. Now is the time to drop it as life goes on. Our Lord says that those with no guilt pick up a stone and cast the first stone. The media latches onto things that celebrities have done and they ride it till something happens. When I returned from Vietnam we were cussed at, called names and many other things were said for years. One wrong can cover up a thousand good things. Paula Dean admitted her wrong ands stated she used a wrong word. "Let the dead dog lie" Why don't all of you
    look at the good this woman has done, How many of you have led a perfect life with no errors. How many of you have laughed during her show. How many of you have learned
    how to accomplish better things in your kitchen because of Paula Dean's shows. Quit
    digging up the dirt, Paula has admitted her wrong doing. God forgave her why can't you.

  13. 13

    You have already apologized enough!!!! Let it settle down and start over. People are mean…you are not going to change everyone's opinion of you. Let the dust settle and put the tears away. It's getting annoying and I personal have forgiven you.

  14. Fluff says – reply to this


    She said the N-word. So what???? She isn't as wholesome as you thought….Shocker!!!!! Get over it people. The word is used all the time in rap songs, and those guys make millions!!! This woman admits to have used the word one time and people are acting like she is the head of the KKK suddenly. Stupid…. People who are shocked by this, will have real trouble in life when they encounter real prejudice and hate. This woman cooks on television and admits to have used the word once. So fucking what?????? I thought she was funny, and I like her even more now.

  15. Michelle says – reply to this


    This is a serious matter Perez, honest you were viewed as one of the top bullies in this industry and In general. You had to revamp yourself and apologize so you of all people should know what this is like. The difference is you weren't stripped of anything financially or else you would've really been hurting.

    Okay so she made a mistake and said the N word ( I know the allegations go over that) but that is what started this… How about people don't say that word in general? It's okay for an African American person to throw it like a hot potato but the minute a white woman uses it lord and behold! Such hypocrisy we live in, no race should have an upper hand on saying anything hateful about anyone!!!

    Honestly you're a fellow Cuban and I like you but seriously lately it's just plain annoying. Someone's misfortune shouldn't make you "LOLz".

  16. bforr says – reply to this


    Ok… for real? Give it a rest. She screwed up, she's paying for it. Quit acting like you're happy her career is virtually over. Also, the use of the word is horrible, and shouldn't be selective. So if you're going to celebrate the end of this woman's livelihood, then you better stop listening to all of the music that uses the word, stop associating with people that use it as a greeting, and maybe write a story or two about them. ;)

  17. just a thought says – reply to this


    what she did was wrong- HOWEVER, she has apologized multiple times. I feel like if the people who say they are offended by the N word would stop calling each other it maybe that could be a big help. if it is degrading… why do you all call each other it? not one person can honestly say they haven't said a racial slur in private. this is overkill and they should stop punishing her.

  18. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    ** NEWSFLASH ** In Lisa T. Jackson’s deposition (the plaintiff’s own words) taken February 11, Paula Deen’s attorney Franklin asked Lisa, “You have never heard Paula make a racist remark, have you?” She replied, “Not heard it.” Franklin asked, “You have never known Paula to discriminate against a person based on gender, have you?” Lisa responded, “I’m not aware.” Franklin asked, “And you have never known Paula to sexually harass anyone, have you?” Lisa responded, “Not me.”

  19. Bee says – reply to this


    Regardless of her behavior there should be not reason the rejoice in her demise. We all make mistakes and say hurtful things to others so before celebrating such a disturbing issue, look in the mirror! I'm black and of course I was disappointed and angry at her I would not wish ill on her for the Lord says, "vengeance is mine". Backlash was an obvious outcome but I think instead of putting energy into destroying this woman we she rather band together and show them we aren't wat they perceive us to be!

  20. richsp says – reply to this


    Re: Bee – You need to clean up your own race before you work on mine!!!
    We dont owe you nothing or your ancestors. WE ALL didnt have blacks as servants in my house or my great great grandparents. There is actually WHITE folks that fought for your freedom!! Butt hey! We must be white so WE ALL must be racist!! Like ALL blacks are criminals, slackers; racist, welfare, rapist, murderers. Sorry mine comes statistics, how about you!!!!!

  21. amy floyd says – reply to this


    @richsp wtf is your problem?! bee didnt say anything wrong she said yea she was disappointed but you should not rejoice in paula's demise or put energy into destroying her! instead show that everyone in her race is not all those negative sterotypes you just fucking named off! she didnt say anything about you me or any other white person owing her or her ancestors anything or say all white ppl are racist! she said nothing about fixing "your race" did you just troll the post to find any black person to jump on and take you frustration out on? like seriously she said nothing to make you disrespect her like that!

  22. lola says – reply to this


    @richsp so wait…. statistics show that ALL black people are criminals, slackers, welfare cases, rapists, and murderers? like every single one? lol you ignorance is laughable to say the least. none of what you said even related to what that girl above you was saying. if you are going to try and make an argument out of a bee's post that wasnt negative or argumentative to begin with at least try to make an intelligent argument. you just made yourself look bad not her.

  23. richsp says – reply to this


    Re: lola – Sorry if this BOTHERS me "I was disappointed and angry at her"

    Band together!! There is MORE racist remarks done in a black household then a White, Chinese, etc family! They listen to the grandparents, uncles, parents who talk about the white folks who HOLD them down!! This still goes on, not in my house. Dont fool yourself thinking that everybody is just peaches!!

    One more Rodney King event and watch were they ALL stand!!

    Sorry!! Not!! I didnt have slaves and tired of being clumped into that ALL white had slaves!!!

    I am angry and disappointed Black television, Black magazines etc!!!! This is racist at its best and you all just stare at it like dumb shits!!! They can say WHAT EVER they want with NO recourse but SORRY!!! We dont get away with SORRY!!! THEY WANT OUR FUCKING HEAD!!

  24. richsp says – reply to this


    Re: lola – Hey ass fuck!! STATISTICS show the overwhelming number of blacks in the prison system!! Welfare babies, food stamps etc.. With the Mexicans right behind them!!

    Lets call the kettle black when its black!!

    Its OK bashing Paula but boohoo to miss bee!! Talk about some assholes and racist shit!! DAM!!!

  25. richsp says – reply to this


    Re: Bee – Regardless of her behavior!! REALLY!! Like BEE NEVER said Honkey in her life time or even worse stuff said!! Put you on the stand and see if you would lie!!!
    Funny the guy who busted up the truckers head during the Rodney K riot! Was a hero in that hood, remember a grandmother saying that boy was welcome over to her dinner table anytime!!
    Its racist now, defending my rights and calling out your behavior……

  26. IDK says – reply to this


    I say live and let live. we all pay for our sins on judgment day… paula, me, and everybody else on this post. This is crazy that her mistake is turning into something like a race war. white people are lumping all black people together and black people are lumping all white people together. everybody needs to relax and see that people are not their race. they are individuals with there own thoughts, views, and opinions. not one person no matter what race thinks or behaves like someone else. most people trying to "band together" thru a computer screen right now probably couldnt stand each other if they met in real life situations using real names. I don't agree with how her and/or her brother conduct business (I read the deposition but it is hard to tell what she was really aware of and what she wasnt) but this thing with paula is getting a little excessive but that is the media. they attack any celebrity as much as they can if they get the chance to place them in a bad light it doesnt matter what race.

  27. lola says – reply to this


    You said all black people like what you were saying was a fact not me don't get upset with me because your ignorance was showing. I cant speak for anyone's household but mine and the friends and family members I am associated with and neither can you, and no I don't encounter racism in the black homes I've been in. I come from a succesful black family and live in a predominately white neighborhood. oh and so you are insinuating that I am taking up for bee because she is black not because you just flipped out on her because she was "disappointed and angered" by paula's actions while saying no one should be rejoicing in her demise or putting so much energy in destroying her in the exact same breath? (in other words no reason at all) no I defended her because you were wrong. for you to assume that and spout off all of the other nonsense you are talking is racist isnt it? I am not the color of my skin I am my own person I defend and support who i want. I am a black girl but I am product of my parents and their values first. don't talk about what you don't know about.

  28. richsp says – reply to this


    Re: lola – Aint it all whites when you all speak. I would bet ALL the money when the shit hits the fan, will you stand behind the white folks??? NO!!!!

    You show your TRUE colors in the news, tv shows, comedy acts and specially the music you write!! Please band together with Bee and work on your own race, there is a LOT of disappointment & anger all around you!!

    Just like the Muslims, never see them on the news condemning the killings!!

  29. lola says – reply to this


    I read the deposition and I dont agree with paula because I quite honestly don't believe HER. my opinion of the situation is reflective of my opinion of HER. not the entire white race. she is and individual not a representation of her entire race. When people speak they represent themselves not what race they identify with. you start generalizing when you attacked that girl's opinion stating all kinds of things that she never expressed in her post just because she was black. you were being racist with your comments not me and not her. you set out to offend her not because of her comment but because she was black. that is what you attacked was her race. band together? band together against what black people? again your ignorance is showing.

  30. richsp says – reply to this


    Re: lola – Isnt it ALWAYS!! WHITE when you guys talk????
    Not saying ALL blacks, statistics shows the truth!! You need to educate yourself, but you live in a white hood, so why look back!!! LOL!!!
    Even thou you dropped the housing market on your block!! STATISTICS!!!
    Funny when I sold my house, even the blacks were asking if any blacks lived on my block!!!

  31. richsp says – reply to this


    Re: lola – Your right a black woman disappointed and Angry and band together to educate us white folks!! That angry some of us white folks! This word is NOT illegal but it sure looks like it is when a white person uses it!!!
    I bet you love S Jackson who is so f ing racist but still gets work with SO MANY other black entertainers who speak racist shit ALL DAY LONG!!!

    How fucked up is this country that she feels she should APOLOGIES!! AMAZING!!

  32. lola says – reply to this


    there you go again generalizing and assuming all black people think act and talk exaclty the same. you are proving YOU are racist rather than proving black people are the racist ones like you were setting out to do. you and your ignorance is no longer worth my time have fun spreading your stupidity. they need to make stupid a race. you would fit right in and wouldnt have to worry about who is "banding together" because stupid people always stick together. have a good day dear.

  33. richsp says – reply to this


    Re: lola – I will admit I am racist now!! How about you???
    I am Jewish, do you feel worse for the Jews or the slaves??? I know your answer!!!

    It is always ALL the Whites when you all speak, ya its all the blacks when we talk!!!

  34. Sacramento says – reply to this


    People, not me, elected a President who admitted to attending a racist, anti-American church. He "apologized" and downright lied about not hearing what the Rev. Wright was spewing and the media let it go. Now Paula is being crucified for something that she said 30 years ago. I am so sick of it. I support you 100% Paula.

  35. Sybil says – reply to this


    You are really having a big time with this! If Al Sharpton can forgive, why can't you? Me thinks you may prejudice to white people!?!

  36. kelly mah says – reply to this


    not even that big a deal!!!! People need to relax. AND to top it off interviewers try to stir controversy and get celebs to say things- in which they edit in their favor. Not fair.

  37. Bee says – reply to this


    Re: lola – don't let him anger you. His react to a simple comment only says more about him than u or me. Thank you tho :-)

  38. Bee says – reply to this


    Re: richsp – how u concluded that my comment was against all white people is a mystery to me. U really just need to calm down. Its statements like urs that prohibit solutions to problems like these. Firstly, u don't understand what the n-word means to a black person when said by another race nor would I if I said a derogatory term to a jewish person or any other that is why it is best to not say them even if its without malice. Secondly, murders, rapists, thieves and bad people r present in all races so to sum up and say that's how black people r is redundant and unfair. Do not speak what u know nothing about. Thirdly, I am not trying to "fix" white people… Dude are u sure ur ok? the only thing that needs fixing is our assumtions about other people and realise that besides the color of our skin we are no different. Lastly, no race is better worse than the other therefore we should not look at each other differently.