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MasterChef Contestants Accuse Judges Of Assault & Sexual Harassment!

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Someone's in hot water here!

Two former MasterChef contestants have accused Gordon Ramsay of sexual harassment and physical assault, in addition to his harsh ranting we all know and love.

For the record, we're not jumping to any conclusions, because these are VERY SERIOUS allegations.

The first contestant, Marie Porter, made the top 100 of the current season. She launched the complaints on her personal blog, and the producers say they're without merit. Here's what she claimed:

“Two of my MasterChef friends have had suicidal thoughts since coming back, as a result of the treatment out there. One friend was sexually harassed by the judges to the point that she had her lawyers get her edited out of the show completely. As part of it, one of the judges told her the only way he’d have an appreciation for her is if he was looking at her naked body! Two of my friends were physically assaulted, one by production, one by a judge. … I’m beyond disgusted … I’m livid.”

See? This is NO laughing matter. If the allegations are false, then it's a very serious offense to launch them. If they're true, well, we don't have to tell you how awful we feel for those who were harassed — and the culprits should be dealt with!

Here's what the other contestant, Playboy playmate Carrie Stevens, said in support — and she’s also the contestant who asked to be edited out:

“Everything Marie says is absolute truth… I witnessed it.”

Her rep followed up with this:

“I can tell you that Carrie was not happy with the way she was treated on the show. She was grateful that when she requested to be edited out of the show, that they did kindly comply.”

We're floored — because we LOVE MasterChef. We would never expect this kind of conduct!

Here's what a show rep said:

“Contestants on MASTERCHEF are treated with the utmost respect and professionalism and we care tremendously about their well-being. The recent comments posted about the treatment of the contestants are completely without merit.”

If this goes legal, hopefully we'll get some truth in EITHER direction! We're stuck here not knowing who to believe quite yet — but you bet your asses we'll have a few things to say when we get more info on what's happened!!

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15 comments to “MasterChef Contestants Accuse Judges Of Assault & Sexual Harassment!”

  1. 1

    I call bullshit, there just mad cause they got booted, and want money.

  2. carrie stevens says – reply to this


    This is Carrie Stevens. Re: Michmasterflex – I have no intention of suing MC. I am not looking for money. I've been included in this story, because a comment I made on my friend Maries's blog was taken out of context, and I am disappointed that this story has spread over the web without my consent. I never accused anyone of anything. I simply wanted to be edited off tthe show, for personal reasons. The show comlpied. I am grateful they did, and I have no ill will towards MC and it's producers….I wasn't even on the show so it's really ridiculous that my name got dragged into this fiasco as much as it has.

  3. 3

    Gordon Ramsey was and is notorious for spewing foul language and treating people like dog shit. Yet people go back on his shows for more. Their fault, their responsibility for what is happening to them. I have no sympathy for any of the contestants. They knew what they were in for right from the start and they deserve everything that's coming to them.

  4. Sam says – reply to this


    sounds like bs to me…

  5. Carrie Steens says – reply to this


    Re: Sam – I had actually heard from casting that season four would be showing a different side of Gordon… that he would be mentoring and kind….and I know many people who had that experience with him…I didnt. But some people liked him….you really should go audition for season five…I'd love to listen to your opinion, once it has merit.

  6. olivia says – reply to this


    Re: Bella2u – Wow way to victim blame…Good on you, you must be so proud of yourself.

  7. 7

    I listen to a past top 3 contestant talk on a radio show about her experience and the new seasons and she praises the judges all the time. I'll call BS as well. Show the receipts!

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    I don't watch Ramsey as he's off the charts offensive, in my opinion.

  9. Kimmi says – reply to this


    Marie wants money because she sucks at cooking. Get over it. I have a hard time believing this story at all.

  10. 10

    I call BS. These contestants are just mad that they didn't get to extend their 15 minutes of fame. A playboy playmate? Sheesh she has zero credibility. She gets nekked for a living. Lord these two need to grow up. The other thing is they are sad and suicidal because they were yelled at…lol. That is what the show is about. Buck up contestants!!!!

  11. 11

    I call bs. Honestly, Gordon can be a bit of an ass but I just don't see this. Especially as it's originating from a blog and as the one girl has come here and made it clear she wasn't starting anything…the whole thing stinks.

  12. rox says – reply to this


    This is assuming Gordon Ramsay had anything to do with it. None of the "quotes" mention his name.

    Gordon has a reputation for being a hard-ass. But I highly doubt this is "really him". Just yesterday, on Hell's Kitchen, he was very kind and patient with the past-winners. But flip it on for the current contestants. And as someone who's worked in a commercial kitchen, Executive chefs are almost always asses during service, so chill out. lol

    This is reality television. He is a real chef, so of course it's assumed he's really like this. But we all know that reality TV is often scripted, in some way. Pretty sure some of the things he says were written for him.

  13. island29 says – reply to this


    You two just want money.before u go on the show,u know gordan is a no.u got booted out n want money.go sit in a corner n read your bible.speading false rumurs.no bueno

  14. 14

    What about the racist contestant Chrisse. It is all over the internet except here. She made nasty comments about blacks and used the "n" word. Wake up on this website. Get this racist off the show

  15. LikeitorDont says – reply to this


    Re: Carrie Steens – Carrie Stevens: Quite amusing comment - Bella2u's already has the "Merit" content in the post. Chef Ramsey has ALWAYS been known to be verbally abusive. Dare say, you knew it as well. Funny how you entered yourself in the public arena, yet when another voices an opinion differing from your delicate sensitivities you resort to snarkiness.