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Paula Deen Dropped By JCPenney Too!

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paula deen dropped jcpenney endorsement

And the hits just keep on coming.

Paula Deen endorsements are dropping faster than flies underwater!

JCPenney has announced that they are not selling the celebrity chef’s wares in their stores anymore! A rep said:

"We can confirm that JCPenney has decided to discontinue selling Paula Deen branded merchandise."

We’re a little surprised at how many endorsers she had in the first place!

Not that she’s a bad chef, but the woman loves butter so much that she turned it into a lip balm!

We’re also kind of curious to see when this downward business spiral will end.

It just goes to show that being racist will cost you in the end!

[Image via JLN Photography/WENN.]

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13 comments to “Paula Deen Dropped By JCPenney Too!”

  1. 1

    The best thing JCPENNY has done in years. Very proud.

  2. 2

    Clearly Perez doesn't read any of the comments on his posts, if he did he would observe that the vast majority of people find this absurd. She is being publically disgraced for something she said 30 years ago, after being held at gun point? And is now being sued by someone who didn't even hear her say the alleged racist comments. Furthermore, I think its hilarious that Perez/his team think that he can judge people in this manner, clearly forgetting about all the abuse that he has posted over the years, not excluding the suggestion that Britney should have died instead of Heath Ledger? Really? Suggesting someone who was clearly mentally ill and probably contemplating suicide herself - die? You say you have changed - you haven't. Your just sneakier about the nastiness that you post. Done with this site.

  3. 3

    Great thing we are teaching our kids. This woman owned up to what she did and apologized and is losing everything. Chris Brown lies and hits a woman and he is celebrated for his denial as cool by many. Very sad! What she did was wrong, but people should be encouraged to tell the truth even if could hurt them. It is the right thing to do. Sends a bad message to kids.

  4. 4

    You know what sends a bad message to kids and adults alike? Lying about feelings and circumstances for financial gain. Shame on Paula Deen. Who would have thought that "I is what I is" means millions and millions of dollars!!!!

  5. 5

    I guess its ok for black people to throw the N word around in rap music , movies and on the streets beacause it cool but if someone outside the race says it all hell breaks loose and your considered a racist. You know what its 2013 and there hasnt been any 'negro slaves' in decades . Im a fu#kin beaner , wetback watever ….who cares

  6. OMG why says – reply to this


    Before you side with Paula, you have to read the case complaint. This is the reason why all of these businesses are pulling out. Her brother basically terrorized his employees with her blessing. ( atlawblog. com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Jackson-v.-Deen-et-al.-Complaint.pdf) I had to put spaces in around atlawblog or else it wouldn't post

  7. about time says – reply to this


    Re: ReinaMia – Reread your reply just like you need to read her comments. Black people can say exactly what we chose to say to each other. But we will chose to slap the shit out of you if YOU do. Do you understand THIS since you CAN'T understand WHY her comments has cost her more then her thinking "the N word" was right or funny when saying it. Now take YOUR butt in the street and be one of the few fools to be part of the "anybody else". Pretty sure you'll pay far more than Paula. Now HOW YOU DOING ?

  8. 8

    Her shit really wasn't selling, huh?!

  9. OMG why says – reply to this


    Re: about time – Its not just about the word. I didn't even care about the word, and I'm gonna guess most people didn't. If everyone who said the word turned blue, we would all be smurfs. The plantation comment really said something about her character though. Her crappy apologies did not prove to most that she really was sorry. She's just a chef yall, you're telling us to get over it, but yall are way to focused on how everyone else feels about it.

  10. Seriously says – reply to this


    Re: OMG why – I agree with you 100%. Millions of people use the N word and get away with it everyday, so you can't be mad at her fully. If she chooses to use that word she should use it only at home. However, a SLAVE style plantation wedding theme is unacceptable and nowhere near "funny" or cute. THAT shows her true character just like you said.

  11. johnsnare says – reply to this


    Ickky,Ickky,Poo. Racist.? The lady is a racist for an unfortunate remark she made over twenty years ago.? I would like to see how many white Americans in the state of Georgia, who has not used that word. Blacks included. Give us a ll a break. Jamie Foxx, never has one word said about his antiwhite rant. Amazing. Is there a double standard.? You bet your sweet rear end. Blacks, can say and do anything, without fear of reprisal. We whites are still paying the price for slavery.

  12. johnsnare says – reply to this


    A p.s., is necessary to my comment. I predict, that in a year or so, Paula Deen will be signed to a new contract, with a different. network, and be bigger then ever. She has had more positive reaction then negative, and her many fans, still support her. Hang in there Paula, time heals all wounds.

  13. OMG why says – reply to this


    Re: johnsnare – Uhh, no it's been mostly negative which is why she lost most of her endorsements. I do agree that I think she will be back though, they'll do it like Fox News and Sarah Palin.