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Paula Deen Lawsuit: Woman Suing Never Heard Racial Slurs Firsthand!

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Remember the lawsuit that started all of this? The one launched by Lisa Jackson, who is suing Paula Deen and her brother for sexual harassment and racial discrimination? Well, it sounds like Paula never used the N-word or racial slurs in her presence!

The whole reason we know that Paula's used the word is due to her deposition stemming from the lawsuit!

Here's what court docs say:

“Jackson’s deposition also puts the lie to her allegations regarding Paula Deen. Jackson testified that she has never heard Paula Deen make a racist remark, other than when she described what clothing she’d like the wait staff to wear at her brother’s wedding.

“However, Jackson mentioned nothing about Paula Deen ever using the N-word.”

The defendants — Paula and Bubba — now assert that because Jackson is white, she can't sue based on racial discrimination! So Jackson filed a second amended complaint against them, alleging racial discrimination and that her nieces are bi-racial with an African-American father — which says:

“derogatory remarks regarding African Americans are even more personally offensive to Ms. Jackson than they would be to another white citizen.”

The court docs, though, refute that claim:

“Summerlin, however, flatly refuted Jackson’s claim testifying that the young child’s father was Hispanic, not African American, and that she hadn’t seen her sister’s children for years and had absolutely no relationship with them in the past five years! Jackson and her counsel know that certain allegations for her race based claims are demonstrably false, and have no support in the law, yet they have pursued those claims in a stubborn effort at the personal destruction of defendants through this litigation.”

So, what do we think about all this?? Well, it doesn't excuse the use of racial slurs OR wanting black employees to dress as slaves for a wedding, regardless of Lisa's skin color. Legally, though, we're not so sure she has a case in the racial department — the sexual harassment department, though, might still have some merit.

That is, if she's telling the truth about that in the end!

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46 comments to “Paula Deen Lawsuit: Woman Suing Never Heard Racial Slurs Firsthand!”

  1. thebigboot says – reply to this


    I think if you had bothered to read anything instead of jumping on the band wagon you would have realized this a while ago. However, that was assuming you'd actually do the right thing.

  2. CF says – reply to this


    I think you need to take a few minutes and actually read the suit before posting anything else about this. It's VERY eye-opening.

  3. thebigboot says – reply to this


    Re: CF – There you go using common sense! How many times do I have to tell you about that!

  4. Ew Marcel says – reply to this


    Wow how about that. You bring something to light that has already been out there. Yes she made mistakes in the past; but haven't we all? Haven't you Perez? Are you so perfect that you've never made a vicious comment about someone or OUTTED them? You forgot many a things….

  5. Julie says – reply to this


    I agree with the big boot person. also, I would like a staff to wear a uniform also, it's to make it look formal not like slaves. This to me sounds like someone trying to get a dollar without earning it on their own. Seriously Perez, I love your website. but this here about Paula is ridiculous. As for name calling, I believe there are more important issues in this world that we seriously need to focus on and not always sweating the freaking petty. MWAH!!!! HUGS!!!!!

  6. 6

    I kinda figured this was going to happen. Too bad that Paula Deen has been dragged through the mud with media groups, such as yourself, who do not and will not take accountability for all the damage you've caused. But that's how you make your living, and keep us "entertained". Too bad Paula Deen was too honest, she should have just lied. REal sad.

  7. CF says – reply to this


    Everyone is commenting on this without even reading the suit. It's clear that Paula Deen and her brother are racist jerks and she can't even mutter out a real apology. It's excuse after excuse. Here's a link to it so you can sit back and enjoy the read:

  8. victoria says – reply to this


    Wait, so white people can't be offended by racism and racial slurs against other races?? wtf!!! the logic in this court case is ridic

  9. Jax says – reply to this


    she never said she wanted the to "dress like slaves" Read the damn deposition before you start condemning and jumping on the band wagon. The "Quotes" from her were pieced together from two pages and the questions taken out making it sound like something it was not. SHESH!

  10. 10

    Well, well, well. What we did years ago has little to do with us today. You cannot change yesterday and this shit was a long time ago. Perez, you owe her a personal apology for being so judgmental, right here on your site!

  11. 11

    This woman doesn't have a case and that's why no one really cares or is talking about it much in the media. Paula's deposition and how she says things so matter of fact like it's okay, is what have people talking. I also think if she told people about her diabetes, people may not have dropped her. It's multiple things not just one.

  12. Pat says – reply to this


    Here we go people….a perfect example of (bllshit) character assasination without merit. Yep. Going for the money with weak ass claims. Pathetic and even worse, all the losers who jumped on the bandwagon! i.e. Matt Lauer, Perez Hilton, etc.

  13. r.billyvols69 says – reply to this


    Paula we support you? Every white cracker joke that Blacks Spew out their ignorant mouth Offends me ? But it's ok cause they be Black and they think since White Folks been keeping UP most of the lazy black asses that won't work ? Welfare Food Stamps AFDIC Social Security Disability and all other Handout programs the Government can come up with? Go Home Afro-Merican never been to Africa most Blacks can not locate it on the Map?

  14. 14

    for the fucking gold digger who filed this false suit, there ain't nothing left to get…
    all gone…stupid, lying fuckin twat won't get shit…just what she deserves.

  15. FLO says – reply to this


    THIS is ridiculous! Lisa Jackson needs to get a life, and possibly a JOB if it's money she's after. Are you kidding ME??? This case should be thrown out and Ms. Jackson charged with harassment!

  16. Caleb says – reply to this


    If you would actually have read the deposition and not just repeated other misinformation you would realize that she never said she wanted the waiters to dress like slaves… Sloppy reporting of sloppy reporting…

  17. 17

    Its sad that it took two weeks of attacks on her by Perez, and poeple saying that he was wrong, before he did an little research on the whole case. after reading the deposition, which is online if anybody cares to take a look at it, Perez would have seen that Paula never said she used the N word in a joke, but that she is sure she has been around someone who has. I was thinking, we keep talking about apologies, maybe it is time that "Perez Hilton" comes out with an apology for charactor assissination. Who agree's with me?

  18. sylvia miller says – reply to this


    all this by the news media to cover up real news worthy concerns, Bengazi, IRS, NSA, and much more. I agree with Paula, something 'evil' is behind all this. I will no longer watch or shop at the locations that have jumped ship.

  19. ohhh says – reply to this


    Yes, but when you make Mistakes there may be Consequences, do people understand that.

    If you think you can go around being a racist forever LIFe might prove you Wrong. These people are LIKE Stop , NO we can stop when all the witnesses come out.

    IF it's no Big Deal what Paula Deen says I want to hear it All for as long as they want to air it.

    It's no biggie right so Let it Play out.

  20. anna123 says – reply to this


    Re: sylvia miller – I agree with you. The media wants to distract us from all that you mentioned while Obama spends millions on his trip to Africa.

  21. teresa says – reply to this


    Hey can't you guys read I think this time Perez is defending Paula Geezzzz You also need to read Inside Edition employees say Paula is no racist and defend her. Even Jimmy Carter is defending Paula,and he's a huge liberal! I say leave this woman alone she has been punished enough! What about forgiveness. Isn't that what the bible says,and those without sin cast the first stone…..

  22. OMG why says – reply to this


    Before you side with Paula, you have to read the case complaint. This is the reason why all of these businesses are pulling out. Her brother basically terrorized his employees with Paula's blessing. ( atlawblog. com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Jackson-v.-Deen-et-al.-Complaint.pdf) I had to put spaces in around atlawblog or else it wouldn't post

  23. OMG why says – reply to this


    Before you side with Paula, you have to read the case complaint. This is the reason why all of these businesses are pulling out. Her brother basically terrorized his employees with her blessing. ( atlawblog. com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Jackson-v.-Deen-et-al.-Complaint.pdf) I had to put spaces in around atlawblog or else it wouldn't post

  24. John says – reply to this


    Paula Deen has offered no plausible excuse for her conduct and should be broken.

  25. Ellsworth says – reply to this


    What do I think?
    Please, do your homework.

    Big difference in slave days and shirley temple days, isn't there?

    (from the Deposition-of-plaintiff-Lisa-T-Jackson)

    Q. her (paula deen) comment was that she wanted a wedding back in the Shirley Temple days
    with blacks wearing what?

    white shirts.

    white shirts?

    A. And black pants or black shorts.

    Q. And that's the sum total of the
    conversation about that; is that correct?


    h-huh, correct.

  26. ellsworth says – reply to this



  27. OMG why says – reply to this


    Re: ellsworth – Judy Smith give us a link, because I'm reading her 281 deposition right now and I don't see that. I think you just made that garbage up.

  28. KANDY says – reply to this



  29. kandy says – reply to this


    Well give ur soul to god if u have been or trying to make blks look like fools make been that back in the day but can't play them race games no more look how food network pulled the plug on her hope these charges or not true if so get on ur knees an prey may god bless u

  30. Wendy says – reply to this


    Paula Deen didn't say she wanted them to dress like SLAVES you said that. Slaves didn't wear black shorts, white shirts and bow ties.

  31. David says – reply to this


    As a white person name calling isn't isolated to whites. As this is a free speech country if blacks can use the N word whites can to. If it was used as little by blacks as it is whites it would vanish from usage. It can't go away as young blacks are rapping it every day on radio. I would rather be called any race name than be called a SOB. My sweet mother was an angel. Blacks need to get the chip off their sholder and not be so sensitive. Every one was made by God character is more important than color

  32. Pypsqweek says – reply to this


    She can't sue. Coming from a buisness perspective, I can't blame the companies because she exhibited in questionable behavior in the past. She may be different now but we don't know her, only her tv persona. At this time, it would not be wise to support her products, given that they sell their products to minorities. It would be the same for any other celebs, who said ant-semantic things or participated in risky "anti-semantic" behavior. It's not just about her using the n word, but her comment about her son's wedding. On top of that, there are accusations, in lieu of a lawsuit, of racism. If she perhaps had staff members, particularly black staff members to refute it, she may not have been dropped from companies. Who knows? Still, regardless of whether some artist/ some black person has used the n word, this is about Paula Deen. Whether it was a mistake or not, what she said was wrong and she represents her product. The companies can't vouch for her character. Her products, yes, her character, no. Still she might bounce back, like Martha Stewart. Who knows?

  33. Leiah says – reply to this


    Re: Pypsqweek – if you think it's ok for whites to say the n word your dumber then u sound. Black people have chips on their shoulder, please get a life and stop sounding so ignorant.

  34. Hobart says – reply to this


    Savannah was a very southern town.If I were rich IT would be nice to have a wedding on a old plantation dressed from the anabelliem period.I bet the waiters wouldnt mind getting paid for dressing in a white shirt and black jacket.She didnt mean to offend anyone its just a mad ex employee.

  35. Southern Fan says – reply to this


    Read the complaint:

  36. AlbanyGA says – reply to this


    OMG!! The black community in her hometown says let her get on with her life. Bunch of money grubbing hypocrites. Ya'll make me sick.

  37. JASE says – reply to this



  38. anita says – reply to this


    The information about her using the N word a while back came out while she was giving testimony in a deposition. A former employee of her and her brother’s restaurant is suing for sexual harassment and racial discrimination including racial language in the workplace. The issue is not so much that Paula used the N word, but that in her testimony, she condoned her brother’s sexual and racial harassment. BTW: the complainant is white, the racial slurs were about Jews.

    Here’s a link to the deposition:

  39. dragonfly85 says – reply to this


    All of the stores, publishers and network should be embarrassed that they banned Paula Deen. You should of supported Paula Deen. All the years you were affiliated your business financial status greatly prospered.

    Where have you been, tv, radio, cd, dvd and etc. All you hear is the N word, plus a lot worse…. Nobody contradicts!
    I have read where blacks label themselves as African American. Whites are label honkies, white trash, now referred to as crackers. If you're sophisticated person, you'd stop pursuing, deal with apprehensiveness

    If I were Paula Deen, ALL that threw her under the bus, BANNED her. I wouldn't deal with them in the future.. There loss!!! I believe in KARMA!! Paula Deen will be successful….

    The person who accused Paula Deen of the accusation, he remained working at the business. He pursed after he was terminated…..

    Instead of ALL this over the N word.. You should want to know what happen in Benghazi. where Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed with three other Americans who served our country..

    © 2013 Microsoft

  40. LL says – reply to this


    I think people don't have enough to do! I am not excusing any racial slurs, but come on people the woman is 66 years old, grew up in the deep south, I for one know that the older I get the more likely stuff I heard in my childhood will pop out, sometimes to my embarrassment. I have been called a white trash honkie bitch by a black person just for looking in his direction, did I want to sue the next high profile person of color I had access to, no! This type of thing goes both ways. I just considered the source!

  41. idocare says – reply to this


    [re=6456818]Re: r.billyvols69[/re you sure do know alot about blacks. I find it funny when ignorant, inbred white(such as yourself)always want to through welfare, going back to Africa. If you people didn't want us here then you people should of not brought us here! As far as the welfare comment I can pretty much tell you grew up on it. You know from experience don't you. And I can surely tell you no white person has "kept me". You are so insecure it is sad, so very sad. And if you don't want blacks here in America, why don't you go back to where you came from? Leave this country to the intelligent and patriotic people. PWT.

  42. idocare says – reply to this


    Re: David – First of all when you say blacks be careful that you say "some" blacks. As for me, if any white person come up to me and say that word; well, let me just say, it will be the last time you say it to my face anyways. Why are you and people like you want to use it anyways. Oh, I get it, you want an excuse to use it. When you say it you are demeaning; when those rappers say it they use it in a different way. Those young black rappers will never know what that word meant and still does mean. Their families did not teach them. So David I tell you what you do go to an older black person and call them a "n" and see what happens and get back to me.

  43. Latoya says – reply to this


    I have to respond to a comment in regards to slavery. White people generations ago went out of their way to capture Africans and bring them to America to do their work. It took them 6 to 7 months traveling by ship to get to Africa. I'm drained after 7 hours traveling by car somewhere. Now can you amagine traveling almost a year to get to your destination. The word lazy should never roll off a white person's tongue to describe anyone black. Nobody is going to put that much effort in enslaving lazy people. I am a hard worker. But I have sense enough to know when enough is enough. Fredderick Douglass, Harriet Tubbman and Kunta Kinte abhorred slavery and they fought hard to eliminate slavery. I will honor their efforts. You can't get some black people to work hardly at all. Who knows maybe God has something to do with that. I have encountered a lot of good white people. They have done so much for the unfortunate. Some are very hard workers, I've seen them in action. I really don't believe that white people can survive without black people though. Send us all to Africa. I guarantee that you will be back to get us in less than an hour of dropping us off. You would go crazy. The blood of your ancestors runs through your vines. One love. Have a blessed day.

  44. Teisha says – reply to this


    R. Billy, Why all the hostility. Is it about the lawsuit or is it about the lack of sex your getting. Maybe the displeasure of sex? You miserable thing You. Do you believe you're caucasion. Foolish individual you are. You are about to have a heart attack of Paula Deen. She sure isn't going to have a heart attack over you. You poverty stricken low life. You seem to know a lot about governmental assistance. Is it because you are being assisted by the government as yourself. You of all individual have the audacity to thing you're superior to black people.

  45. florence baldwi8n says – reply to this


    i dont think its nice paulas seema like nice lady. good luck paula.

  46. RedQueen says – reply to this


    Re: r.billyvols69 – The Welfare rate for Blacks and Whites are the same and all others Whites are the highest recipients for unemployment, Social Security, etc. So you should feel pretty ignorant for your ridiculous comments you racist piece of crap. It is people like you who make this country so bad. Can you find Africa on a map? And FYI Native Americans are the only true individuals who started here and deserve to be here. Why don't you go jump off a bridge and do the world a favor.