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Paula Deen's Racism Circus: Everything We Know About The Main Events!

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paula deen racism scandal everything we know fired today show

Paula Deen ADMITS To Using The N-Word And Racial Jokes In Deposition!

Paula Deen Bails On The Today Show Last Minute!

Paula Deen Apologizes For Using Racial Slurs! Watch HERE!

Paula Deen Gets Cut Like Butter From The Food Network After Issuing 2nd Apology! See It HERE!

Paula Deen Has Her PR Team To Thank For Food Network Chopping?!

Paula Deen Releases Statement After Food Network Tosses Her Out With The Leftovers!

EXCLUSIVE! Paula Deen In Crisis Mode & Cooking Up A Plan To Clean Up PR Mess With NEW Experts!

Paula Deen Losing ANOTHER Gig After 'N Word' Admittance Turns Into PR Nightmare?!

Paula Deen Is Boiling In A Big Pot Of Racism As More Accusers Come Out!

Paula Deen's Misguided Fans Defend Her, REGARDLESS Of Racism!

Paula Deen FIRED By World's Largest Pork Company!

Paula Deen's Sons Have Undeniable Proof She Isn't A Racist! She Bought Them Hank Aaron PJs!

Paula Deen Defended By Author Anne Rice!

Paula Deen Apologizes For Using Racial Slurs! Watch HERE!

Paula Deen Gets Cut Like Butter From The Food Network After Issuing 2nd Apology! See It HERE!

Paula Deen Makes Tearful Excuse For The N-Word On TODAY With Matt Lauer

Paula Deen's Deal With Caesars Casino TERMINATED!

Paula Deen Hires Olivia Pope To Help With Her PR Scandal!

Paula Deen DROPPED By Wal-Mart!

Paula Deen's Businesses Aren't ALL Failing, Just Most Of Them! Her Book Sales Have Skyrocketed!

Martha Stewart Feels Bad For Paula Deen!

Paula Deen's TODAY Show Interview Beats GMA In Ratings!!

Paula Deen DUMPED By QVC After Her Teary-Eyed Today Interview! Find Out WHY!

Gilbert Gottfried Talks Paula Deen: STOP THE PRESSES!

Paula Deen Lawsuit: Woman Suing Never Heard Racial Slurs Firsthand!

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25 comments to “Paula Deen's Racism Circus: Everything We Know About The Main Events!”

  1. irvinegirl says – reply to this


    Fuck you asshole. They are railroading this woman. Why aren't you spouting off about the gay tirade Alec Baldwin just unleashed? Why aren't you calling for his firing from Capital One commercials? Hypocrite.

  2. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    Well, well, well. Just read an interesting story about how Lisa Jackson lied. She claimed to be African-American adjacent, using a niece who is black as proof. Well, the niece is Hispanic - not black! Paula is pissed, and rightfully so, that Lisa alleged in her lawsuit that she used the N-word in connection to her brother’s wedding, yet never offered any proof. So now Paula is fining her with sanctions for creating a bogus racial harassment case.

  3. 3

    You seem genuinely happy that this woman is losing eveything for something so trivial (she didn't beat anyone, kill anyone, lynch anyone as far as I know).

  4. beach says – reply to this


    Perez and the media in general disgust me. This is so over the top it's down right stupid.

  5. 5

    Holy f*ck, leave this woman alone. She says the "n" word? Really? That's a reason to ruin someones entire life? I'm far from racist, but African American people are one of the most racist bunch out there. They stick together and hate Caucasian people and say racist shit about us all the f*cking time. They also can't stand to see when a white female is with a black male. They need to open their eyes and realize how racist they are towards Caucasian people.

  6. gina bo bina says – reply to this


    You are right he should be accountable for that as well. But Paula is shady. it is a little overkill all that is happening, but companies don't want to be associated with that. Stop pointing fingers at who said what. I'm tired of hearing "the black people do it" argument more than anything. there is a difference between "that n***er" and a black person saying "my n***a" it is well known it is socially unacceptable for a white person to use that word. I'm against racism and discrimination of any kind no matter who it is, but a black person not wanting a white person to use the word is not racist. there are white people who want free range to the word… for what? While there are some who will use it how black people use it there are others who will use it out of anger and disrespect. they want free range to hit below the belt without consequences. Like people admitting to using the word out of anger then saying everybody should be able to use it… why would black people want it to be socially acceptable for you to get mad and be able to say it to our faces. no! While all won't use it that way plenty will.

  7. thebigboot says – reply to this


    Re: gina bo bina – The point is there should be no difference. Name a single word that one race can say about themselves that another race can't. Can't do it, can you?

  8. amy floyd says – reply to this


    @it-is-what-it-is how many black people do you know to say the whole race thinks and feels a certain way about white people? I'm sure it is not the entire race to make such a general statement. Those are not the views of every black person. I don't even think your racist I was just using that as an example to piggy back off of what you said. EVERYBODY needs to open there eyes to ignorance not just black not just white EVERYBODY. both races generalize each other and make sweeping statements based on personal experiences and/or things they have heard when really everybody should be looked at as individuals and there character should be judged as an idividual not by race. Black people don't know every white person and white people don't know every black person to get onto a social media site and put those kind of negative views or sterotypes into cyberworld for tons of people to see and catergorize it as a black or a white thing is silly. I frequent this site as well as a predominately black site and the same thing happens there too on controversial topics. Its crazy. Nobody is more guilty its not more frequent on either site, but something definitely needs to be done about it.

  9. 9

    Re: it-is-what-it-is – 100% DUDE!!!

  10. 10

    seriously. I question why the hell I go to your shitty site. I guess I like to see what bullshit you are going to pull out of your ass everyday. It just pisses me off to no end. I need to stop coming to your crap and go to actual sites that make me laugh at the celebrity news. not make me mad. you are a dick, and always will be. I feel sorry for your kid. and your Mother seems nice, how did she raise such a monster.

  11. gina bo bina says – reply to this


    then maybe other races should make up their own word no one can use if they have individuals in it that are upset its not socially for them to use one word. because the real point is there is a difference. the intent of the word changes everything and if it can't be trusted that everyone (not just some) of another race then why not keep between friends that are the same color as me that I know without a doubt wouldn't use it to cause me any pain? I've been called n***er and I've heard it used by a white person amongst his black friends they way black people use it and they were ok with that. But no I'm not gonna agree that every single person should be able to use it because everyone's intent is not pure.

  12. gina bo bina says – reply to this


    *if it can't be trusted that everyone (not just some) of another race will use it without malice I don't expect black people to stop using it either just beacause people are upset that it is preferred that other races don't use it beacuse it will be used negatively by someone. we don't call each other n***ers. all black people don't even use it or believe it should be used but the ones that do it is because of the belief it has been adapted into our culture as something completely different than the original meaning. of course this is debated but the word still won't go away. I don't see why it is such a big deal does it hurt not to be able to use it?

  13. ruraldane says – reply to this


    Who among us has not used some slur against someone else in their life? We ALL have. Shame on Perez Hilton, Food Network, Target etc. for thinking they are so politically correct. I am so tired on hypocrisy.

  14. maria says – reply to this


    This is super STUPID… it's 2013 and EVERYONE has said something racist or degrading against someone else.. If someone has a big nose, if someone is gay, if someone is fat, is they have a mole, if they are black, yellow, white, brown.. WHATEVER… get over it, she is obviously not a bad person, you can tell by just watching her. The hateful people are the ones making this such a big thing. Get over it and work as hard as her.
    Perez you criticize people and are mean to them all the time, so stop playing Jesus you hypocrite.

  15. Chandler02 says – reply to this


    Why is everyone so focused on "the word" when she was complicit in so MANY LABOR VIOLATIONS? She was running a company that was so SEXIST! They were abusing their employees in racial, sexual, and physical ways! The worst part isn't about the use of a word, it is the entire picture of what it meant to be a slave, I mean employee, of Paula Deen.

    They made employees use different bathrooms depending on race!
    They told female workers they would NEVER make more money than men, no matter their work load.
    They forced female employees to watch porn.
    They had a policy to only hire "light' employees to work in the front.
    They wouldn't pay their staff for catering events, but forced them to work anyway and threatened their jobs!

    Too many things to list…

  16. Chandler02 says – reply to this


    Re: WillowWynde

    You wrote, "Lisa alleged in her lawsuit that she used the N-word in connection to her brother’s wedding, yet never offered any proof."

    Except for the fact that another witness has already given their deposition testifying about that conversation. The racial discrimination was in regards to Lisa's position of manager, and being in an environment where there was racial discrimination against employees she was supposed to be there for. (And FYI-"biracial" doesn't always mean "black" you know. Latinos can be "biracial". )

  17. gina bo bina says – reply to this


    all that is ever screamed is its just hypocrisy or "racism" (which are invalid arguments because you don't want the right to use it to never use it.) nobody ever actually answers anyone who asks why its such a big deal black people don't agree with white people using the word, why some even want the right, or how you plan to use it if you had the right.

  18. The Matrix says – reply to this


    This site has gone from bullying to race baiting. Not an improvement.

  19. ONIT says – reply to this


    Since you all obviously hate Perez, you must be into S&M going to Perez' site and reading it.

  20. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: WillowWynde – Yes I read that same story. I think some folks are over reacting but they are of course all entitled to their own opinion.

  21. OMG why says – reply to this


    Before you side with Paula, you have to read the case complaint. This is the reason why all of these businesses are pulling out. Her brother basically terrorized his employees with her blessing. ( atlawblog. com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Jackson-v.-Deen-et-al.-Complaint.pdf) I had to put spaces in around atlawblog or else it wouldn't post

  22. OMG why says – reply to this


    Re: gina bo bina – The answer to your question of why Blacks don't like non-blacks to use it is because of the intense history of OVERT Racism and Oppression. We've come along way, partially from white people having been shamed and financially penalized into not being openly racist. There used to be a time when a white person would call you that a few times a day. When it was so acceptable to talk down to blacks just because you were black, people would just say it and no one could have any recourse. Imagine someone calling you the equivalent of ignorant for nothing 10 times a day. People get enraged on here for being called stupid when they say something people don't agree with, imagine being called ignorant because of the color of your skin. We've come a long way, but there are still subvert forms of racism that we are battling every day. If we let whites use the word, then we're all the way back where we started. If I do something stupid, then IIIIII did something stupid, not my whole race. That's why black people get upset.

  23. OMG why says – reply to this


    Re: gina bo bina – For me though it was not about Paula using the word. If everyone who ever used the word in derision turned blue, we would all be smurfs. It was about the bigotry in the plantation comment. It was about her inability to take responsibility for her words when she is someone people look up to and sets an example. She just reinforced the acceptability for a whole bunch of people to continue to think negatively about someone solely based on the color of their skin and that's not ok.

  24. lovely2 says – reply to this


    I don't get why its a big deal how many people say it all the time nd its not made a big deal. Everyone by now has made a racist comment about another race at least once even if it was accidental it still counts. I'm so over hearing all this negative talk about paula she said it now move on people.

  25. gina bo bina says – reply to this


    I agree with you 100% @OMG why. I'm black I get it. My question is why it upsets some people who are not black that its not ok for them to use it and why they would want to or how they would even use it. this is a question that never gets answered. always the answer of hypocrisy or reverse racism which is bull if you ask me and an indirect answer to the questions originally asked.