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17 comments to “Amanda Bynes Tweets Update On Her Weight Loss Goal! Down to 114 Pounds!”

  1. @v@ says – reply to this


    Self obsession is ugly.

  2. Wow says – reply to this


    She should tweet on how she avoids marijuana's munchies! Maybe with an anorexigen drug, like cocaine? or Lindsay's Adderall?

  3. Dolly says – reply to this


    this delusional brat needs to MOVE on with her life.

  4. MrsLambert says – reply to this


    Mixed feelings!?!?! She is mentally ill. And with her body dysmorphia, is is seriously fucked up.

  5. 5

    She is too young to die..but the road she is taking I wouldn't be surprised if one day we hear she was found dead. She needs mental help asap.

  6. 6

    How can you have mixed feelings on this? 100 lbs for a girl her height is not appropriate. Unless she was 5'0-5'2 she would be under weight. With her height she should at least be around 120 lbs. She needs mental help asap and needs to be at a clinic.

  7. Chip Paulson says – reply to this


    She looks good now! Check out choppysreviews.com for a diet plan!

  8. 8
  9. Incognito says – reply to this


    Maybe her parents can get a conservatorship now. Starving yourself shows you are a danger to YOURSELF. At 5'7,5'8- 100 lbs is a dangerously low weight. That is if she isn't lying like she did about all her nonexistent surgeries.

  10. Miss. Nina says – reply to this


    She looks and acts crazy!

  11. bree says – reply to this


    I'm only 5'3" and when I dropped to 114 pounds I stopped menstruating and started getting huge bruises all over my body. Someone Amanda's height should be at least 120. Even that is very thin. 100 pounds though? No, never! Only if she were under five feet!

  12. kellyh says – reply to this


    her boobies are prolly what weighed 35 pounds! dang. girl get ur mind right.

  13. teeter totter says – reply to this


    If she is 5'7" or more, that is too low a weight for her. I'm 5'2" and weighed 111 when I went to the Dr. last month. Your body needs a certain amount of weight to stay healthy and fight off infections.

  14. 14

    a grown woman should weigh about 135. she's got such severe body dismorphia

  15. 15

    if she had her breasts removed of course her weight would have gone down!

  16. 16

    130 is my 'normal' weight! i would never go lower than that!, that is my smallest slimmest me and i am shorter than her at approx 5 foot 4 (and a half). i feel sorry for her. i think someone got her hooked on drugs and then deserted her! and now an underlying mental condition is manifesting! :/

  17. scc says – reply to this


    I wouldnt put too much stock into anything she says, last night per her "scale" she was down to 107, in a few days?? Not to mention her 4 non existence nose jobs, that she apparently had done within a week of each other, yet had no bruising etc. WHERES THE VIDEO?? Everything she says is a figment of her imagination.