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Obese Boy Scouts Banned From Jamboree!

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bsa boy scouts ban obese jamboree

The Boy Scouts: an organization that's really into banning people from things, regardless of who they are deep down.

It seems like we were just getting over the whole gay-ban thing from the Boy Scouts, so we're shocked that they're moving to ban yet another group of people — obese members!

That's right, extremely overweight Boy Scouts are banned this year from the scouts’ annual Jamboree. They say it's because this year's Jamboree is expected to be the most physically-demanding in the organization’s history!

We get it, they want to motivate their scouts into being healthier and using the Jamboree as an incentive. The thing is, though, the Boy Scouts isn't exactly a cheap organization, and if you put the time AND money into making it a huge part of your life, you shouldn't be restricted from doing ANYTHING.

Here's what the BSA said:

“Teaching scouts and scouters how to live a sustainable life, which includes a healthy lifestyle, and the health of our participants are important goals of the jamboree. We published our height weight requirements years in advance and many individuals began a health regimen to lose weight and attend the jamboree. But, for those who couldn’t, most self-selected and chose not to apply."

If this were a safety thing, we'd understand a little more. 10 days of hiking, camping, and other activities is not easy, and this year it will take place at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve in West Virginia. Not easy terrain.

But what about those that might be considered overweight that have the will to have this kind of experience, and that could physically do it through passion and support?

Specifically, scouts with a body mass index of 40 or higher are not eligible to attend the gathering! Regardless of drive!

Banning people doesn't seem like the best motivation — there has to be more positive ways to do that! Lift them up! Don't crush them!

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4 comments to “Obese Boy Scouts Banned From Jamboree!”

  1. 1

    The bottom line here is that they don't want to be held responsible for any lawsuits if one of the obese scouts suffers a heart attack, heat stroke, exhaustion, etc. The problem with this is that anyone, of any size, can suffer these things also.

    A good motivation would be for them to include the obese scouts also and teach them that. by doing these things and participating in healthy activities, it will help them achieve their goals of living a more active, healthy lifestyle. They need to teach by example, not by exclusion.

    I guess it costs to much to include medical personnel in this endeavor. IMO, medical personnel should be included in any of these activities. No one is exempt from injury or illness.

  2. piper says – reply to this


    OH PLEASE, Lord Baden Powell ( if you don't know who that is then you shouldn't be commenting on this post) would roll over in his grave if he had ANY idea anyone in the boy or girlscouts were held back at anything. Its disgraceful they BAN anything. As for the idiot comment about getting sued when kid have heart attack Pu-lease! You've got to sign a ton of waivers before you can even pack for camp so that comment is just as stupid as them banning any kid from attending. Leaders are made to take first aide. There is always medical personnel at all these kinds of events ALWAYS. They should be making a programme that allows everyone to participate. You can promote healthiness with out it being stupidly demanding and taxing on anyone's system it's boyscout camp, not Fat camp……what do they do for the disabled kids ban them too? The entire Scouting system is a disgrace and needs a complete over haul and new people in charge of running it. Yet another black eye and sad day for the Scouting industry shame on them!

  3. 3

    Re: Soxylady – Parents sign a waiver for all Boy Scout activities that makes it where the Boy Scouts can't be sued under any conditions, no matter what happens, so it has nothing to do with that. There are always medical personnel at things such as this, I believe it's a requirement legally.

  4. 4

    So, they're banning overweight children, yet those with asthma or other health or physical conditions that would be just as difficult to deal with under such circumstances, are free to go? Makes no sense whatsoever. It's absolutely disgusting the way they're targeting certain groups. Every child who wants to go should be able to. Obviously some of them aren't going to be able to do everything, regardless of if they are overweight or not. They could easily remedy that situation by providing an alternate task. I mean, what are they planning to do with the non-overweight children who physically cannot do some of the activities?