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Subway Employee Put His PENIS On Some Bread, Another Froze His Pee!

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It's soooooo weird that people like this keep getting hired to make food for the world, because it seems like they're not smart enough to even do the most simplistic of tasks, like tying their shoes or remembering to blink!

And yet here we are, with another nightmare captured on social media about the places we dine! Today, we bring you news from the Tuttle Mall in Ohio, where two Subway employees (human adults with brains) decided to snap picture of themselves putting their penises on bread, and showing the world how they used the freezer to make a pee-cicle!

We're gonna go throw up now, hold on a second! LOLz!

This probably doesn't fall under the category of "sandwich art," and the employee has admitted to placing the grosses kind of meat on the bread he could find. The other, Cameron Boggs, admitted on Instagram flat-out that "today at work I froze my pee."

Ian Jett was the one who put his wiener on the bun (they don't even sell hotdogs!), but denied doing it at work. It sure does look like he's at work, though! Here's what he said:

"I would never do that at work — it was at home. This isn't something I'd ever do at Subway. It was totally a joke."

But can you prove it?

Regardless if you can, nobody wants you touching their food anymore! Great job!


[Image via Instagram.]

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20 comments to “Subway Employee Put His PENIS On Some Bread, Another Froze His Pee!”

  1. 1

    Disgusting beyond imagination. Ewwwwwwww

  2. 2

    Shape up their hiring process? Keep paying them min wage….

  3. 3

    "It's soooooo weird that people like this keep getting hired to make food for the world"


  4. meow says – reply to this


    Fast food.
    Who hired these peeps?

  5. MB says – reply to this


    You gotta wonder, what kind of a tard….. Seriously though, as if you fuck around with the food. If you're making somebody elses food, you need to use a bit of empathy. Put yourself in the place of trusting a god damn tard to make your food…'

    If you can' handle it, don't ecome a fuckin sandwich artist. They make good sandwiches,asshole. This guy's a fuckin disgrace.

  6. fid says – reply to this


    This is becoming some sort of new idiot trend, like planking. Why doesn't the FDA create some SERIOUS fines for people who do stupid crap like this. They are knowingly putting others at risk by putting their bodily fluids and private parts on someone elses food.

  7. 7

    Your junk is so small it would not even go across a 2 in bun, it might be best if you just hid it, it seems as small as your brain.

  8. anon says – reply to this


    this is so sick.

    do they not think about the little kids and old people that could be eating it??

    i agree with the person who said to FINE these POS. If they're working fast food, they're not smart, but they need to be punished because it's a major health risk. Nasty.

  9. 9


  10. Kels says – reply to this


    I used to work at Subway and that red silicon tray is definitely what we used to make the bread. So that was definitely done at Subway!

  11. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Hope to heck they threw out the bread!
    Always liked Togo's better anyway, but they do not have one in my town.

  12. 12

    Maybe because all these places seem to want to employ only teenagers and then you never even see an adult around to supervise. Back when I was a teen yes, we got the jobs at these fast food places but we also had an adult around to supervise. You don't know how many places I go into and there is no adult supervising. Instead they slap that title on other teens and this is what happens. Idiots!!

  13. 13

    In addition to what I said above, yes, they obviously DO need ADULT supervision if they're doing sh*t like this. Not that adults can't be idiots too. But, more often than not it's always teens doing this crap.

  14. Chacha says – reply to this


    I worked in the fast food industry at various restaurants for years, and this would happen far more than you think. After hours many of the employees would drink, or just didn't care and wanted to be reckless. Many of them were teenage kids that thought they were super cool. I would recommend not going to get fast food after about 10pm.

  15. szc4 says – reply to this


    Fight Club copycats. Except Tyler Durden DID do questionable things to other people, and he never would have taken pictures…he would have enjoyed his work with more of a secret satisfaction.

  16. Crystal says – reply to this


    This is what happens when you hire a bunch of teens, and leave them un-supervised. My husband and I were just commenting on the fact that all these businesses are leaving a bunch of teens to work the store, with no adult in sight. WTF??? I know they do it because they can pay them less, but they are effing nuts! This is the kind of shit that happens when they do that….oh and to the idiot who is trying to backtrack and say he didn't do that at work….we can all clearly see that you are at work!

  17. MichJB says – reply to this


    Re: teeter totter – Are you a Yooper?

  18. MichJB says – reply to this


    Two things that Perez is used to having in his mouth.

  19. Sarah says – reply to this


    @kels …. that was going to be my comment! that photo is 100% taken in a subway… those are subway prep counters, that is UNBAKED subway bread …. this person is even more of an idiot for thinking people would believe he DIDN"T do this… you took a picture and put it on the internet, dumbass…..

  20. Bebe says – reply to this


    Oh yeah cause we all believe that you just love to bake bread at home! Freakin Moron!