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Paula Deen's Son Will Be On Iron Chef!

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Bobby Deen's still getting opportunities on the Food Network, regardless of having an alleged racist mother in Paula Deen, who was ripped from their programming and had her contract promptly NOT renewed!

Because what's better than looking like you don't enjoy the company of an alleged racist (even MORE alleged as of late!) on your programming, but planning to use that alleged racist's son to boost ratings for the Iron Chef??

Here's what Jamie Deen, his brother, said on Twitter:

It's somewhat of a tightrope here, because what if Jamie and Bobby have nothing to do with racism? Would it be right to pull all of their professional lives because of what their mother has done? She IS the reason they are where they are today!

Or is the Food Network leaving them on the air just for scandalous ratings?

What makes us think this is just a ratings ploy is that Iron Chef America is typically filmed six months to 1 1/2 years out from airing — so they plan on having the Deens around for a while, unless they're rushing the show, then it'll be even more obvious! We'd like to know whether or not this had been planned long before any of the scandal happened, but we'll probably never know!

This might even be a long-term plan to get Paula back on the network — get the world comfortable with her sons, bring her on as a guest in a year or so, and then bring her back under new and improved circumstances (people forgetting)!

At this point, they should just find someone else to fill her spot! Preferably someone who doesn't ask their black employees to be slaves at a wedding! Who knows: maybe that person could be even BIGGER than Paula ever was!

We were proud of The Food Network's response, we just hope they keep to it and all of this isn't what it seems!

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One comment to “Paula Deen's Son Will Be On Iron Chef!”

  1. mamacita says – reply to this


    I am so sorry that this pisses you off. The Paula Deen lawsuit was exposed the same week that the Supreme Court voted to basically return to the Jim Crowe voting laws? And we don't tolerate racism?
    It wasn't about Paula Deen, it was about her brother Bubba, (aka: Billy Carter) Her situation isn't about racism, It's about $ money $. The sponsors backing out are hypocrites. They don't give a rats ass about racism…it's all posturing.