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The Garrett Hedlund Workout — Get That Azz In Shape!!

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garrett hedlund workout tron fitness health

There's no getting around it: Garrett Hedlund is ridiculously hot, and if more people could sculpt their bodies into what he's got, then our chances of ending up with someone with his body in a hot tub would rise exponentially! Ha!

Okay, are you ready?? Do you have your farm all set up??

Wait, what!! A farm??

Yep! Garrett grew up on a farm in Minnesota, and it became his training ground! It was a 400 acre cattle farm, and he spent his time plowing fields and mending fences — and practicing to be the fastest kid in his grade by chasing cows. Here's what he said:

"Everybody else would drive a truck or a four-wheeler, but I'd go out in my boots. When a spooked cow took off, I'd run as fast as I could to chase him back to the herd."

It worked — and he began conquering all that his school had to offer in terms of physical outlets! Then he set his sights on acting, and that was a whoooooole different story! It felt like his weight fluctuated at the wrong times for the wrong roles: he'd bulk up after not getting the soldier role because he was too skinny, only to have his next opportunity be the skinny brainy type. It was like he couldn't win!

Then he got Tron: Legacy and he finally figured out how to shape-shift his mass in a GOOD way!

The key? Commitment! Build a healthy foundation, and the rest will follow wherever you need it to go. He would regularly run 2.2-mile loops around the reservoir near his L.A. apartment, and did "a living-room prison workout" of pushups, situps, pullups, squats, and squat thrusts!

That was great for the foundation, but it wasn't what he needed for Tron!

Here's what his trainer said:

"Garrett didn't repeat any workouts, which helped keep him engaged. If you don't know what you'll be doing when you walk into the gym, you don't fall into a rut."

We're talking circuits of farmer carries, bear crawls, tire drags, and box jumps with NO rest in between!

Garret didn't really like it at first, but then started to love it when he realized it would lead to him doing the things he DID love!

Here's what he did for Tron in an easy, readable format:

The Tron Workout
Garrett Hedlund whipped himself into action-hero form by doing a variety of daily workouts, like this one from Tron trainer Logan Hood.

1 Rowing: 10 minutes, with your average wattage equal to your body weight.

2 Bag sprawl: Jump over a barrier, such as a heavy bag, and then drop and do a pushup. Stand back up and repeat in the other direction. Go for 40 seconds, rest 20 seconds, and repeat four times total.

3 Pick up a barbell, and don't put it down until the circuit below is complete. Hedlund did 7 reps of an exercise before moving to the next, resting only after completing the circuit. That's a huge challenge, so begin by doing the circuit with just 1 rep each (so that's 7 reps total after doing all seven moves). Rest as needed, and repeat for 15 minutes.

1. Deadlift
2. Row
3. Hang clean
4. Front squat
5. Push press
6. Good morning
7. Barbell squat

He already knows this, but it could use a little repeating: it WORKED. And it worked WELL!

Garrett is now one of the most sought-after working actors right now, and it has less to do with his physical shape and more to do with his dedication to it. If you can put in that kind of effort for one role, you're going to put it into every other one as well!

Plus he's super hot!


[Image via APEGA/WENN.]

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