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Lamar Odom Has Another Mistress?! Read The Scandalous Deets HERE!

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Lamar Odom's second mistress comes forward with new details

What in the world is he thinking?!

We previously mentioned that Khloe Kardashian suspected Lamar Odom of cheating on her, so the NBAer shacked up at the Roosevelt Hotel.

And Khloe had plenty of reason to kick him out since his alleged mistress came forward with the sad details of the affair.

Well, now there’s a SECOND woman who Lamar met while he was staying at the hotel!

Lawyer Polina Polonsky said that she had a six-week affair with him, which started on June 2nd when they met. Then on June 9th they kissed, and by June 13th they were committing adultery at Polina’s apartment!

So many details! She must have been penciling him in. Ha!

However, Polina says she was misled, explaining:

“I was under the impression that he had left Khloe, and that’s why he was living at the Roosevelt. He acted completely available and we definitely had a mutual attraction. After we had sex, Lamar stayed the night with me. The next day we went back to the Roosevelt. I stayed there with him for the next couple of nights.”

But Lamar couldn’t keep his whereabouts a secret for long, and Polina says that on June 21st, Khloe and Kris Jenner came banging on the door of the WRONG ROOM looking for her hubby. Apparently Khloe even used her pilates legs to bust down the door.


However, Lamar wasn’t happy with his wife, and stayed with Polina from June 22nd to July 8th, which means he missed the Jenners’ Malibu 4th of July celebration. Sadsies!

So, Khloe used this time to track down her man AGAIN and she and her mama went to POLINA’s apartment, where Khloe broke no doors, and Lamar wouldn’t come out.

Maybe he should turn off his “Where’s My iPhone” app if he’s trying to sneak around, because you KNOW Khloe has all of that info!

Okay, okay, but what if this Polina lady is full of crapola? Well, it turns out she passed a lie detector test while telling all of these stories, and yes polygraphs can be wrong sometimes, but it’s still pretty compelling.

And if you’re wondering where Lamar’s paparazzi attack fits into all of this, it happened just days after he reportedly left Polina’s pad. Frustrated much???

All of this is so sad, heartbreaking and embarrassing for the youngest Kardashian sister.

We know that Lamar had previously agreed to take Khloe’s lie detector test, so hopefully that gets done soon, they get a couples counselor and fix this ugly, ugly mess.

[Image via BauerGriffinOnline.]

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