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Barack Obama Doesn’t Think Boycotting The Olympics Is The Way To Go

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barack obama says we will be better than russia in olympics gay lesbian athletes

The Olympics are a time when people of all backgrounds can come together and enjoy competition together.

Since the 2014 Olympics in Russia are creeping up on us, President Barack Obama has been talking about Vladimir Putin’s choice to not let gay and lesbian people publicly express themselves. In a press conference on Friday he said:

"I know that one question that’s been raised is, how do we approach the Olympics? I want to just make very clear right now, I do not think it’s appropriate to boycott the Olympics. We’ve got a bunch of Americans out there who are training hard, who are doing everything they can to succeed. Nobody’s more offended than me by some of the anti-gay and lesbian legislation that you’ve been seeing in Russia, but as I said just this week, I’ve spoken out against that not just with respect to Russia, but a number of other countries where we continue to do work with them, but we have a strong disagreement on this issue.

And one of the things I’m really looking forward to is maybe some gay and lesbian athletes bringing home the gold or silver or bronze, which I think would go a long way in rejecting the kind of attitudes that we’re seeing there. And if Russia doesn’t have gay or lesbian athletes, then that would probably make their team weaker."

Well said, sir!

Obama also talked with Jay Leno on Tuesday and elaborated on his thoughts there too.

No matter whether you’re gay, lesbian, straight or a monk, athletics is an arena for everyone to show off their hard work and talent.

The Olympics are still a ways off, so there’s always a chance that Putin could come to his senses.

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18 comments to “Barack Obama Doesn’t Think Boycotting The Olympics Is The Way To Go”

  1. TruthSpeaker says – reply to this


    bullshit & bottom boys! boycott the fkn olympics and fuck Russia! fuck their vodka and whatever else that country markets to the world.

  2. 2

    Hope there'll be lots of gay kisses on live TV on award ceremonies etc! Fuck Russia.

  3. sm87 says – reply to this


    this is such a crock of shit - how are gay or lesbian athletes supposed to bring home the gold when they're not even allowed in the country, and risk being reprimanded for their sexual orientation. It's barbaric, archaic, and this behaviour should not be tolerated in the slightest. I call bullshit on your stance, Sir Obama.

  4. TruthSpeaker says – reply to this



  5. 5

    Re: sm87 – Yeah like this sudden interest for how gays and lesbians are treated in Russia has nothing to do with Edward Snowden :)
    If we start counting how many countries in the world mistread gays and lesbians (starting with the jolly States), we'd realize you'd have to boycott 95% of the planet.

  6. mr pete says – reply to this


    I find it strange,
    that Obama feels he can lecture Russia on their treatment of gays,
    but totally ignores the subject with Muslim countries, the same countries that we give billions $$$$$$$$$$ in aid to

  7. 7

    Re: sm87 – Gays can go, they just have to stay in the closet.

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    I agree with Obama…yet you have Geoge Takei and some petition trying to whip up a boycott roping in ANOTHER country to hold the games, a huge diplomatic faux pas. Other countries decide how they wish to handle international human rights.

  9. 9

    If you can't respect other culture then keep your ass home. not every country wants to be homo central.

  10. RIZAAAA says – reply to this


    Obama keeps pushing this gay agenda
    I really do think he will be coming out very soon as a bi sexual man

  11. 11

    He doesn't care about the gays. He just kissed up to you before the election. Now he shows his true colors.

  12. UglyMichelle says – reply to this


    And Obama is so stupid he didn't realize Russia was hosting the Winter Olympics (on Leno). Sites like this get a monthly fee from the Democrat party, as well as celebrities. Most of this stuff is not news-his One Direction "gossip" is always a few days later than oter sites. Expect to see lots of pro-Hillary stuff soon as that hag runs for office. Obama is only lately become pro-gay and that is just for show.

  13. Katya says – reply to this


    Why punish the American athletes' that have worked hard for this. I think its a good thing that there is a country that does not what this vile behavior in their country. Its disgusting.

  14. 14

    China infringes on many human rights and no one boycotted. Say no gays and that's where ppl cross the line?

  15. r3al1tych3k says – reply to this


    Sad. Really? This is what you write about and take away from the president's press conference today. The Olympics? Did anyone pay attention to what else was discussed. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  16. 16

    The new hat in the history of the lowest, do not miss it

  17. richsp says – reply to this


    Always telling someone how to run there house while his house is in total KOAS!!! Talks out both sides of his mouth!! Do as I preach not what I do.. When are you guys going to see his true colors!!!!

  18. richsp says – reply to this


    Re: UglyMichelle – It was ALL for Votes!! The gays wouldnt care if Hitler was running this country as long as they get there gay rights!! Nothing else matters to them!! The millions spent on this fight while the country is going down the toilets! YOU DONT CARE!!!!