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Tom Brady Checks Out A Water Girl! CREEPER Alert!!!

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As a quarterback, it's EXTREMELY important to have good vision on the field, and that's what makes Tom Brady one of the best in the business!

But apparently he also has great vision OFF the field, and he was spotted putting it to good use when he was checking out one of the water gals on the sidelines!

Now it all seems innocent enough at first. That is, until Tom flashes one of the creepiest creeper smiles we've ever seen!

C'mon, Tom! Don't you know that cameras are ALWAYS on you?

We sure hope Gisele Bundchen wasn't watching this!!

Ch-ch-check out the hilarious moment (above)!

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13 comments to “Tom Brady Checks Out A Water Girl! CREEPER Alert!!!”

  1. 1

    that's CLEARLY not even what's happening here..good try though. its 100% clear that hes giving a face to the guy that passes like 5 seconds after that girl is gone. grow up

  2. 2

    Oh, you think Gisele has something to worry about?

  3. tempe says – reply to this


    I wish someone would punch Perez in the mouth, this dumbfuck streeeeeetches the truth

  4. T says – reply to this


    Yeah, a creeper moment..a guy checking out a girl…if he was checking out a guy's hairy ass, it wouldn't be a creeper? You're such a heterophobe.

  5. 5

    prob the same creepy smile he gave jizzelle when he was with the other gal…

  6. UglyMichelle says – reply to this


    So the guy who openly drools over Harry Styles and Niall Horan is calling Tom Brady a creeper. Please.

  7. 7

    Sorry people but that is creepy. He's effing married and doing that crap on national television! What a moron…

  8. 8

    I know that you are gay Perez, so maybe you don't seem to understand that straight men married or in a relationship still check out other women, and even flirt with them. That goes for some women as well. That doesn't mean they are cheaters. It is after all only human nature.

  9. 9

    Re: ok_then – It absolutely means you're a cheater. Because you aren't satisfied with what you've got. It means you're greedy. If you can't stop yourself from obviously checking out or FLIRTING with other people, then you shouldn't be in a relationship. Just stay single. Period. Thinking another person is attractive is totally normal, but following them with your eyes, flirting with them for your own ego boost or for a "rush" to feel desirable, or talking about a person's body with another person as a topic of desire is EFFING CREEPY. It means you can't control yourself.

  10. Meh... says – reply to this


    Re: Cristopolis
    I completely disagree. I could care less if some hot girl walks by and my man happens to follow her with his eyes for a sec. Hell, I'm probably doing the same! And just because I think a guy looks hot done not mean I would ever want anything with or from him. I have enough confidence in myself not to be stressed or worried about my guy looking at a hot woman.

  11. 11

    He's a man, it happens. They can't help it and, really, god love em.

  12. 12

    He was looking at her face not her ass. It just seems like he was looking at her because she passed by him then he made a face at one of his teammates. Not news worthy.

  13. 13

    I mean, it's a funny face. I enjoyed the video for that reason alone.
    But he's not creeping on the water girl? Like it's pretty obvious. And you're only telling half a story and bullshitting the rest (as per usual) because the video cuts off and he's looking at someone else on the team.
    Literally just a few days ago there were a bunch of pictures released of Gisele and their kids visiting him at the Pats practice, and based on their googly eyes for each other, it doesn't seem like he's wandering.