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Kris Jenner Worried That Lamar Odom Will Hurt The Kardashian Brand!

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kris jenner mad lamar odom is hurting the family brand

Protective mama bear in action!

Kris Jenner is going into major protective mode now that her son-in-law is turning into a media nightmare with details of his past drug abuse coming out.

However, the momager isn't as concerned about Lamar Odom’s well-being so much as the Kardashian brand itself!

Naturally, Kris is worried that he will hurt the family's….BUSINESS!

A source said:

“Kris is seeing red. Kris worked so hard to make her talk show a success during its trial run. She was riding high off of all the publicity from her interview with Kanye and the big reveal of granddaughter, North. Then it all went kaput. Kris fiercely protects the Kardashian brand name and empire and to now have it associated with a drug problem, to her, it’s unacceptable. She used to be very close to Lamar, but she is disgusted by what has happened.”

We can understand her concern, but the real issue here is the well-being of her son-in-law, and more importantly to her, we're sure, her daughter Khloe's emotional stability right now.

But, then again, this is Kris Jenner, the woman who inspired the word "momager" LOLz. Guess she has every right to be concerned about how Lamar is affecting her bread and butter!

[Image via WENN.]

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13 comments to “Kris Jenner Worried That Lamar Odom Will Hurt The Kardashian Brand!”

  1. 1

    What a crock. If she is worried about drugs sullying the Kardashian brand, she should remember that the Kardashian brand started with her daughter's amateur porn movie.

  2. MichJB says – reply to this


    Hurt the family brand? They are already the world's biggest media whores, a porn star and illiterate tramps. How could having a doper in the family matter?

  3. Kardashian Fame Whore says – reply to this


    ruin the family brand? lol ohhhh no, what will they ever do to fix the damage? I know, use the Jenner girls in a new amateur porn and hire Ray J.. there, all better now….

  4. Jonas says – reply to this


    Who cares what this disgusting excuse for a human being thinks. What brand is she talking about, they became famous for kim kadashian sucking Ray j big dick.what is she worried about? Lamar is the one who has a brand he needs to be fucking worried about he actually is the only one with a real job. So fuck kris jenner for trying to ruin that with all this bullshit talk about crack. If nba players are subjected to four random drug test between oct- jun and two during their break how in the hell he could be doing crack, do we even know what Radom means? Who would jeopardize their career like that when you don't even know when a random drug test is coming. And all this bull shit about him looking thin, have you guys seen what a real crackhead looks like? If I was lamar I would not thrust these bitches any more obviously they leaked this bullshit story to make themselves look good but its backfiring on them. Because no one agrees with the way they choose to ruin this decent young man life and career. Am sick of these kadashians now, the only one I liked was khloe that's because I thought she had a backbone. And to the people who are saying that's what khloe gets for liking a black man….get your heads out of your stink asses and accept that love does not come in color and stop painting all black people with the same brush. This guy has done every thing society expects of him , shame on you racist mother fuckers.

  5. 5

    that's rich. the mother of a porn star and 5 other whores and the mother being an alcoholic is worried Lamar will ruin their brand. you're brand is already crap

  6. jack says – reply to this


    What brand? Their name? Really? Get some talent and substance behind that name and then we can talk brand.

  7. moveon says – reply to this


    bitch do you think the kardashian would've been where they're at if kris wasn't caring this much for their name? no so shut the fuck up and start worrying about shit that really matters like your stupid government giving chemicals weapons to the rebels and syria and then blame it on the syrian governement just so you can go to fucking war again!! SHAME ON AMERICA!

  8. vanessa says – reply to this


    Lamar odom is the best thing that could happen to that family the only one with a real talent and credibility. i don't think she should complain

  9. stfu says – reply to this


    Re: vanessa
    why do you keep fucking talking about being talented? WTF does that have to do with anything? they'Re BUISINESS WOMEN!!! NOT FUCKING ACTORS OR SINGERS and they're not pretending to be either so shut your ugly fucking face and get a life you loser

  10. 10

    Re: stfu – they are annoying trash. I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL WE HEAR LESS OF THEM.

  11. 11

    ..the guys life is in jeopardy and all shes worried about is they're 'brand'….

  12. scarlett says – reply to this


    The only thing she should be worrying about is how soon she can get this guy checked into rehab. He is going to kill himself or run someone down. And honestly if something happens to Lamar and they exploit it on there reality show then are completely depraved.

  13. Annie Banks says – reply to this


    Vanessa one of the many many sheep fans that follow the stupid ass Kardashians/Jenners. Their name is synonymous with dirty low down nasty ass women!