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Rob Kardashian Knew About Lamar Odom's Drug Abuse For More Than A Year!

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rob kardashian knew about lamar odom drug use for over a year

While most of Khloe Kardashian's family is just learning the news of Lamar Odom's history of drug use, it seems as though her brother was in on the secret for quite some time.

Rob Kardashian and the troubled basketballer have formed a tight bond over the last few years, and they even lived under the same roof together. Sources close to the family are now saying that he knew about Lamar's addiction for over year, revealing:

"[Rob has] known about Lamar’s drug addiction for over a year. How could he not as he has lived under the same roof with Lamar and Khloe? Rob even spent a significant amount of time with Khloe and Lamar when he was traded to the Dallas Mavericks."

Earlier this week, we found out that Lamar had been abusing drugs since his days with the Los Angeles Lakers, and while he and Rob remained close, it eventually began to create a rift in their friendship.

The source goes on to say:

"Rob isn’t a party animal like Lamar, and drugs just aren’t his scene. The two used to be very close, but have drifted apart because Lamar has been abusing Oxy and cheating on Khloe. Rob has continued to live at the Tarzana mansion to support Khloe, he really has her back."

Things have gone from bad to worse for Lamar, as just this morning he was pulled over and arrested for a DUI, although no drugs were found in his car.

He has apparently been working really hard to get back in the good graces of the Kardashian family, but sources say Rob remains skeptical since he won't go to rehab.

It's very saddening to see just how bad things have gotten for Lamar, and we really hope he gets the help he needs before they get any worse.

[Image via WENN.]

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11 comments to “Rob Kardashian Knew About Lamar Odom's Drug Abuse For More Than A Year!”

  1. 1

    Oh please. There are no secrets in that disgusting, fame-whoring family. They just needed to pick the right time to tell everyone to maximize their exposure. STFU, you sell-out queer.

  2. 2

    don't believe a word of it. you know it was pimp mama jenner that got this ball rolling after Lamar cheated on Khloe.

  3. hilarious says – reply to this


    i love how everyone keeps saying this is Kris' doing and how she's the one putting all this in the press.. um Khloe loves Lamar and she's never been afraid to speak up against Kris, why in the world would she do it now? People need to get their heads out of their behinds and stop hating on them just because everyone else is. You don't like them? Then stop clicking on the articles that are written about them. Jeez, no one is forcing you to read about them.

  4. dare says – reply to this


    i used to watch their show the first few seasons, and Lamar's "bff" jamie always seemed like a mooch and a druggie.. i'd bet money he's invovled.

  5. Ron says – reply to this


    Now the first family of whores has to figure out a way to make money from this situation

  6. jules says – reply to this


    At this point Lamar Odom is a damn LOSER. If Kris Jenner didn't leak this info in my mind I thought it was PSYCHO Rob or even Scott. Rob was only using Lamar to have somewhere to live which was proven when he moved out of Lamar's house after Dancing with the Stars and didn't even say Bye. Khloe cannot help Lamar get better cuz she's not a doctor or a psychologist so all of these stories are stupid. Lamar is supposedly addicted to Oxycodine and Ambien and he's smoking the Oxy that's why he pass through the drug testing given by the NBA cuz he had a prescription. I guess Lamar will keep these Kardashians around him until he has NOTHING LEFT CUZ I REALLY DON'T BELIEVE ANYONE IS PICKING HIM TO BE ON THEIR TEAM SINCE HE'S A INDEPENDENT AGENT. WHERE AND THE HELL IS LAMAR'S FAMILY

  7. MissLing says – reply to this


    i wish i could send this to rob himself or to someone who could make a difference, but here goes anyway — maybe someone helpful will see it and pass it on. Rob seems to have a chronic problem with "finding his niche"……. he can't seem to achieve success on his own the way the girls have. What everybody fails to notice is that: THIS GUY'S FUNNY AS HELL !!! PLEASE, SOMEONE, get this guy a comedy career !! Listen to him when he's on a roll, he's hilarious !!! he obviously needs a career, and this is one that would work well for him. someone PLEASE TELL HIM OR HIS "HANDLERS."

  8. 8

    Rob is addicted himself because he swallows.

  9. Dehlia Lopez says – reply to this


    Robert Kardashian? Why is this so important? After being a blood relative of his sister Khoe, he must have forgotten that Blood IS thicker than water and let someone know. LO could give her AIDs using drug needles. Rob is nothing like his sisters and have lived behind them for years. Even his two youngest sisters have surpassed him and have the abilities to live on their own. LO is the biggest reject and she as in Khloe could do so much better! Odem is no longer a Lakers because he does not fit the brand LAKER. I am happy they traded him. Rob is an idiot! Drugs and a cheating? Find this woman a better husband please!

  10. bsug says – reply to this


    Khole, have FAITH in yourself..if you feel your marriage is worth saving, then follow your heart. IT'S BETWEEN YOU N LAMAR…NOT YOUR NASTY CONTROLLING MOTHER. Tell her to take care of her marriage. Love u Khole

  11. Gareth says – reply to this


    I just assumed that Rob was being boned by Lamar too. Was I wrong?