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13 comments to “LeAnn Rimes Cancels Dublin Concert After Scary ER Trip!”

  1. Dan says – reply to this


    The girl who cried wolf way to many times. Isn't she known for canceling concerts? I'm surprised anyone books her anymore. What's left of her fading career is going down the toilet fast.

  2. 2

    Maybe she caught something from Eddie?

  3. excuses says – reply to this


    The Viral infection is that her husband tried to leave the tour early or she caught him in bed with someone they were partying with last night. If Leann is so sick, why has she been tweeting all day long? Why is everyone so afraid to call her out on her lies? People are posting photos of her partying last night. The day after she is spotted with fans partying with her husband, his mistress, and groupies, Leann gets sick?

  4. 4

    Maybe Eddie needs to get that CHANCRE & OOZING DRIP checked out….

  5. jujubee says – reply to this


    If Eddie-boy has HPV and gave it to Brandy, I can only imagine what type of VIRAL throat thing Leann's got going on. Didn't Michael Douglas get throat problems from oral thex?

  6. Leslie says – reply to this


    A dry erase board???? Why the hell would she need that? Is she teaching a class? She probably stole that from a conference room in the hotel. Doesn't she have all her electronic technology for communicating–iPhone, iPad, laptop???? This girl is downright STUPID!!!! Since the only thing she does is tweet, Is she going to print all her stupid tweets on that board?? What??? Someone explain her stupidity to me.

  7. 7

    she could leave earth and noone would be any worse off

  8. Casey says – reply to this


    I was pretty much done with her like everybody else after what she did to her hubby and Eddie's wife and espesh her arrogant attitude about it all. But I'm just starting to feel sorry for her cause it seems like she's never going to be forgiven! People are still super mean to her. Idk, ever since she had that mental breakdown, I just feel bad for her at this point, lol. its been so long.

  9. 9

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  11. 11

    Just wondering, Perez, is this has been paying you to write things about her? That's got to be it, otherwise, why would you try to keep her relevant? Why can't she and you too get it through your brain,

  12. 12

    Why do you continue to post stories about her, Perez? What's she paying you? Her career is totally over, and frankly, the majority of the public is fed up with this pretentious, husband stealing bitch. Get it through your brain, NO ONE CARES ABOUT WHAT SHE'S DOING!

  13. 13

    Crazy was out drunk the night before, canceled after Eddie walked out and flew home, then she was out being a tourist.


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