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Everyone's doing it! And Justin Bieber is the latest celeb to let his tongue hang loose! It certainly can't rival Miley Cyrus' long licker, but good f… Read more…

12 comments to “Justin Bieber Does His Best Miley Cyrus While Tossing Around Some Balls!”

  1. Tripingdalesbales says – reply to this


    When did he get that tattoo?

    Damn. Are there no clean skinners left? Am I the last man with a clean canvas of untainted honky flesh??
    Oh god. Whats happening to my peeps. I dont have anymore peeps.

    And when was that basketball made? 1973? His fugly tattoo matches that fugly ball.

  2. dave says – reply to this


    I think all of these celebrities are assholes, but just to clarify: sticking your tongue out while playing basketball is commonplace; Michael Jordan practically made a career of it. So while you may see the entire world through the lens of what celebutards are doing, the reality is that just because some pathetic celebrity does something attention grabbing doesn't mean that they own the patent on that behavior.

  3. 3

    he went from cute kid to really ugly grotty dirty looking douche its a shame

  4. jesse says – reply to this


    He's going to hate his tattoos in a few years.

  5. John says – reply to this



  6. Zoey_Graham says – reply to this


    Re: jesse – And he's going to have enough money to have them removed.

  7. Carl says – reply to this


    At least he's not letting his balls hang out…I bet his arse is not as saggy as Miley's and with all that running around his legs will be toned…his tongue looks a lot healthier than hers too…Go, Biebs!!!

  8. 8

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  9. Me says – reply to this


    What tool! And you too, kellyehernandez.

  10. Haha says – reply to this


    I'm not gonna lie, the picture made me laugh. Usually your writing on the pictures is annoying, but this time it's hilarious because of the guy in the back's face.

  11. 11

    sexy justin

  12. Jdawd says – reply to this


    he could lick my balls with that tongue ;) mmmm