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Mountain Dew Mouth Happens When The Drink Destroys Your Teeth

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mountain dew mouth teeth

Candy, soda, sweets — we've always heard from our parents that too much will rot our teeth!

Well, looks like it's true! You know, alongside giving the world diabetes and obesity problems!

According to this new study, in Appalachia there's one major soda to blame for destroying their teeth, and the aftermath of consuming the amount they do even has a name: 'Mountain Dew Mouth.'

Mountain Dew is the region's favorite drink, and now something needs to be done about it — so they're writing new policies, including restricting soda purchases with food stamps.

Here's what one analyst had to say:

"We are using taxpayer dollars to buy soda for the SNAP program, and we are using taxpayer dollars to rip teeth out of people's heads who can't afford dental care and are on Medicaid. It makes no sense to be paying for these things twice."

Like any company worth it's weight, of course they're denying any of these claims. They've even challenged claims REPEATEDLY, only to have dentists fight back.

Here's what one dentist had to say:

"I see erosion from the acids in the drinks, and decay from the sugars. They go hand in hand many times, and they're equally bad. I would definitely attribute these problems to drinks."

Meaning, both sodas and energy drinks, along with sugary juice drinks. They even say they're way worse than the sugary effects from food!

Another shocking side to this is that dentists see a lot of similarities between methamphetamine or crack on teeth, and Mountain Dew Mouth.

Now, the problem with MDM in Appalachia also has to do with dental care being harder to get in that region, because it includes many of the poorest and most remote communities in the country. When people don't trust the well water, they reach for soda.

Oh, and Mountain Dew was invented in Tennessee!

The stats are unavoidable! About 26 percent of preschoolers have tooth decay, and 15 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds have had a tooth extracted because of decay or erosion!

The question is, though — should we be regulating what people eat, or is it their decision to rot out their own teeth?

Is it right to step in because of government funding?

Tell us what U think!!

[Image via AP Images.]

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2 comments to “Mountain Dew Mouth Happens When The Drink Destroys Your Teeth”

  1. Ry_91 says – reply to this


    Rather than restrict what people eat or drink (seriously, the government is going to start having a say in our diet, now?), they should "help" in other ways. Appalachia is a region with a poor economy, and it has always been that way. The government should, rather than taking away soda, help fix the water in the area. My family has a well. When it storms or even rains a bit, the well gets stirred and the water goes brown, as it is filled with dirt. People in Appalachia can't afford fancy water filtration. Maybe if they had other options, then Mountain Dew wouldn't be consumed so much. The people are poor, so they have to get their drinks through food stamps. If they are going to use them, might as well get soda. Another thing the government could do is help get better health care and education in the area, to make it easier to go to the dentist or doctor, and provide the people with education that can be used to boost the economy. Maybe the government should even provide subsidies for medical professionals who wish to set up shop there, or people who want to start businesses. My family was from Appalachia. They were moonshiners. There aren't many options in that region. Rather than focus on a small piece of the problem, and focus on the medicare problems for everyone else, the government should help the people there. …I got ranty.

  2. Ry_91 says – reply to this


    And Mountain Dew Mouth has been happening there for YEARS, and it isn't just there. My Dad and Uncles all loved it growing up, and drank it as young adults, and they all had dentures before they were forty. Hell, maybe Mountain Dew is the problem.