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New Cocaine Gets You High Then DEVOURS YOUR FLESH — Find Out How HERE!

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Someone is cutting cocaine in NYC and LA that's laced with something unusual — something that wants to eat you alive! Ahh!

This isn't some sort of horror movie, either! This is real life, because the cocaine is being cut with a drug called levamisole, which is something that vets use to deworm cattle, pigs, and sheep — and it eats the skin off your nose, ears and cheeks!

Oh, and guess what? 80 percent of the country's coke supply has it.

Here's what a dermatologist with the LA Biomedical Research Institute said:

"It's probably quite a big problem, and we just don't know yet how big a problem it really is. It's important for people to know it's not just in New York and L.A. It's in the cocaine supply of the entire U.S."

This dermatologist happens to be just one of several doctors across the country who have linked the rotting skin to this huge supply of cocaine, having studied the rotting flesh in person. The awful side effects don't surface instantly, either — they pop up a day or so after the tainted hit as an immune reaction that attacks the blood vessels supplying the skin.

No blood, no healthy skin.

According to the US DEA, 82% of the seized cocaine had levamisole (in 2011)! Nobody knows why dealers are cutting with something so dangerous instead of baking soda — unless they think it enhances or prolongs the effects! But it also eats your skin, so we'd say the trade off isn't worth it.

The good news is that the flesh-eating doesn't happen to everyone. The bad news is that you're still doing cocaine, and why are you doing cocaine? You're an adult (hopefully), you don't need cocaine. You don't need an overdose or arrest, regardless if you can avoid it rotting your skin.

Oh, did we mention it prevents the bone marrow from producing infection-fighting white blood cells? Because it does:

"It's a little bit like having HIV. About 10 percent of those patients will die from severe infections. They may be walking around like a time bomb."

Cocaine: not even once.

Grow up guys — you don't need to put your lives at risk like this!! SO scary!!

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2 comments to “New Cocaine Gets You High Then DEVOURS YOUR FLESH — Find Out How HERE!”

  1. JSeb says – reply to this


    Oh! THAT is what happened to your face.

  2. Laura says – reply to this


    I love it how it makes sound like it's so aweful that there's something wrong with the cocaine as if cocaine is like taking tylenol. People shouldn't be doing cocaine anyway so this just cracks me up.