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Oreos Are Like Crack! Well, Cocaine At Least! Science Finally Does Something Worth Reading!

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Leave it up to scientists to ignore all the real science in the world and to take up a study about delicious Oreos!


We're kidding of course! The study to see whether or not Oreos are addictive like certain drugs — cocaine, for example — is actually very important in discovering how we as humans are getting hooked on junk food!

It's just that in this study, they were totally using rats instead of humans, probably because the ad they placed for volunteers to do a study on cocaine and Oreos had way too many people show up! Ha!

Apparently the cookies trigger the same neurons in the brain's 'pleasure centre' as coke!

Interestingly enough, that wasn't the only thing they discovered! Rats prefer to eat the cream part of their Oreo first, JUST LIKE PEOPLE!

Part of the experiment had rats in a maze which had two routes to different treats: rice cakes and Oreos (not this kind, probz). The little critters were left to choose which treat they would prefer.

The finding, according to one of the scientists was that:

'Just like humans, rats don’t seem to get much pleasure out of eating rice cakes.'

Oh daaaaamn! Shots fired against the rice cakes industry!!

The test with the Oreos had the same results of the test that was done with cocaine instead of cookies!

The better we understand food addiction, the better we can battle it. According to statistics, one in 200 people suffer from it. We just hope this trial can lead to something that can help those out there with such major food problems!

Science RULEZ!

[Image via AP Images.]

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7 comments to “Oreos Are Like Crack! Well, Cocaine At Least! Science Finally Does Something Worth Reading!”

  1. sar says – reply to this


    im a neuroscientist (with some bad reading habits obviously) and this is painful to read. such an embarrassment when people outside the scientific community even try to pretend they know what new research is or about methodological flaws in a study

  2. jj says – reply to this


    Id be interested to see if given the choice between the cookie and cocaine which they would pick.

  3. 3


  4. 4

    i think i got serious problems truelly i dont like oreos this worries me no end

  5. Sarah says – reply to this


    Is what interests me is that to test if this was true they would have to have given the rats cocaine, which to me does not seem morally correct. I am completly against animal testing but I get how some people can believe in animal testing for medical purposes, ut seriosly they probably killed thee poor little defenseless creatuafter gving them ocaine and junkfood

  6. Wow says – reply to this


    Feel like going to buy some, er, some Oreos of course. Yeah they're cheaper than cocaine, I wanna get fat! Surely most people would rather have Oreos as they make you fat, who wants to stay up all night flying with coke and feeling no hunger at all? Haha! Gotta call asap my store, er, my store dealer… need Oreos RIGHT NOW.

  7. Chloe says – reply to this


    Science Finally Does Something Worth Reading!, are you serious? vapid.
    Science does alot worth reading, you idiot. Please stop living up to your stereotype.