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Kanye Has BANNED Kim Kardashian From Plastic Surgery!

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Kim Kardashian is no stranger to plastic surgery, but now that she's with Kanye West… well, the distance he's putting between her and the knife may one day make them strangers once again!

That's right! Kanye has CUT OFF Kim from plastic surgery!

Especially major surgeries like liposuction! His mom died due to complications from a cosmetic surgery, so we can totally understand where he's coming from!

Here's what a source close to the family said about when it all started:

“Kim was certain that she wanted to have surgery after giving birth because she wanted a head start on losing her baby weight. He really flipped out. Kanye told Kim in no uncertain terms that she needed to put her baby and her life first. He got pretty emotional because he really didn’t want her going through that kind of major surgery. He’s still traumatized from his mom’s death.”

Nobody can fault him for that — his mom died at only 58 years old after complications after a liposuction and breast-reduction surgery.

The source continued:

“Kanye was devastated by her passing and it’s made him extremely protective of those he loves. He really put his foot down and told Kim the surgery ban is a condition of being with him. To her credit, she considered Kanye’s position and decided not to go through with the operation.”

We think that's the much HEALTHIER decision anyway! Good old fashioned eating right and hard work will pay off in her life in the long run anyway, and we're really proud of her for what she's accomplished!

The source added that it, of course, has been much harder than surgery:

“Kim has had a much harder time losing the baby weight than she ever anticipated. She works out extremely hard and everyone said she would shed the weight fast, but it just hasn’t happened. Kim is telling everyone that she doesn’t want to go out in public unless she absolutely has to, because she’s still too self-conscious of her body. She keeps saying that she doesn’t want to have to look at ‘fat’ pictures for years.”

That hard work she's putting in is SO INSPIRING though! Think of all the moms that watch her reality show that need the encouragement to get healthy in the healthiest way!

Oh, and Kanye hasn't banned her from ALL cosmetic enhancements:

“Kanye just laughs at it. It’s pretty obvious he thinks she’s just being dramatic. He loves the way she looks. He’s fine with her getting Botox and fillers, but anything that requires getting knocked out, like lipo, is a huge no no in his book. They’ll find a compromise. Kanye tries to let Kim do as she pleases, but this issue is really important to him, and she understands.”

Compromise is a huge part of a relationship, you guys!! This is wonderful to hear!

Plus, Kim doesn't need any of that shizz anywayz!

Keep up the hard work, girl! You look FAB!

[Image via Instagram, Insert via WENN.]

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