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This is awesome for SOOO many reasons!! Every year, the University of Warwick Rowing Club releases a calendar to help raise money, but they've added thei… Read more…

15 comments to “UK Rowing Team Gets Butt Naked To Help Fight Homophobia!!”

  1. reng says – reply to this


    The correct term is "buck naked."

  2. mikal says – reply to this


    I'm raising money to fight Hetrophobia. The fear from gays about straight and normal people. 80% of people worldwide find your lifestyle deviant and gross. Face the facts!

  3. Cubs guy says – reply to this


    80% of the world? You dumb shit, get a life!

  4. Jessica says – reply to this


    And I just picked my dream college.

  5. mikal says – reply to this


    Re: Cubs guy

    Get a life? Get a clue. Go. Research. Find facts. Get mad. Because the truth hurts. I have a life. A normal no drama, no high alcohol, no drug abused, high suicide rate life. If all people were gay, the human existence would cease to go on. Please dispute this. I beg you.

  6. Special Effects says – reply to this


    To mikal

    Good one….!

  7. Special Effects says – reply to this


    To mikal

    Good response
    (I just read your second posting)
    You bring up good tough to face facts

  8. 8

    @Special Effects

    He hasn't brought up any "facts".

  9. 9


    Uh….drama, high alcohol, drug abuse, and suicide are all prevalent in heterosexuality as well so using your criteria…that would make heterosexuals abnormal also. Orientation isn't a lifestyle. This is also a natural occurrence in the animal kingdom, so it is normal in relation to nature regardless of your subjective view of normality. It isn't a phenomenon limited only to the human species, and it obviously isn't dependent on gays reproducing and likely an outcome of heterosexual reproduction. So, as long as there are heterosexuals in a population, there will also be gays.

  10. 10

    That's what so great about Europeans. They don't care. They are totally comfortable with their sexuality and being naked straight men around each other. In America there would be some sexual attractions with some of them and some would even act upon it post photo shoot.

  11. 11

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  12. 12

    It's "buck naked," you idiot queer.
    Re: Trox5z – "So, as long as there are heterosexuals in a population, there will also be gays." DUH. That doesn't mean the rest of us have to go out of our way to make the disgusting deviants feel good about themselves by accepting their disgusting habits. Men fucking each other in their asses and women eating each other out isn't normal; I don't care if animals do it, we are self-aware humans, and we can make other choices. So cram it, homo lover. The majority thinks gays are disgusting, and I don't care how the liberal media and you desperate deviants try to spin it.

  13. Bongo says – reply to this


    Re: The Truthinator – Your American I'm guessing? So to be fair, the rest of the world doesn't give a sh*t about what you think. Your whiny self indulgent drama can go and do one.

  14. black american says – reply to this


    JESUS. All these fine fair-skinned men with muscles bucked-naked. That's just wrong.

  15. 15

    Re: The Truthinator

    Your subjective opinion on the matter is irrelevant. No one has to make you feel good about hating other people either, deal with it. Anal sex isn't practice by all gays and isn't limited to gays, so using your logic, that would also make heterosexuality abnormal. Self-aware humans don't trump natural attractions nor dismiss humans as a biological species in the animal kingdom. Pretending otherwise only make you appear deluded.