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Barilla's Anti-Gay Comments Leading To Damage Control With 'Inclusive' Ad Campaign

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barilla ad campaign inclusive anti gay

Too little, too late?

Barilla, one of the world's powerhouse pasta manufacturers, decided to go all anti-gay on their consumers not too long ago, resulting in boycotts and reduced sales worldwide.

What company WOULDN'T see that happening and then go into damage-control mode?

The thing is though, they totally wouldn't be apologizing for anything if they weren't hurting — so it seems a little hollow to us. We mean, the chairman DID flat-out say that he would never use a gay family in his advertising!

Now the company is saying they're going to make the company more diverse and run a more inclusive TV ad campaign.

Chairman Barilla is the 55-year-old great grandson of the company's founder, who we assume holds the same values the company has always had, handed down from generation to generation. He has since held at least eight meetings with gay organizations and activists both in Italy and in the United States because of the awful things he said.

Here's what a company spokesperson said:

"Italy is a very insular country, and in cities like Parma it's even more so. The meetings have helped open our eyes and ears to the evolution taking place in the world outside Parma."

Give us a break — your sales are hurt, so you want to change that. What won't change is the bigotry in your hearts!

He continued:

"We are already working on new advertising concept that will be much more open and much more inclusive."

So what are they doing to make that happen? They're introducing an advisory board that includes American gay activist David Mixner to improve "diversity and equality in the company's workforce and culture."

He has quite the job, but is this REAL change??

They even announced the company will start to participate in the U.S.-based Human Rights Campaign's corporate equality index, which rates companies' policies relating to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees.

Privately owned Barilla, made about 4 billion euros in sales last year. The U.S. is its SECOND largest market — so they can't really afford to offend everyone here who supports love and equality!

Because let's be honest: there ARE other options for people in the market to by pasta, bigotry-free!

[Image via AP Images.]

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13 comments to “Barilla's Anti-Gay Comments Leading To Damage Control With 'Inclusive' Ad Campaign”

  1. 1

    I just bought store brand spaghetti, made locally, instead of Barilla…IT TASTES GREAT!


  2. 2

    I agree, I stopped buying Barilla and will never buy it again. I actually didn't mind him saying that his company didn't represent gay people because that is his choice but it insults a person's intelligence much more to pretend and think gay people will pretend with you what you are really about. Too little, too late and too bad!

  3. GAGAFAILS says – reply to this


    I bought heaps. #ProudHomophobe

  4. 4

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  5. r says – reply to this


    You can't taste racism. I think to boycott a company solely for their beliefs is just as messed up as saying you won't include gay families in your advertising. Everyone has a right to an opinion, even if you disagree. Now, if the company said something along the lines of "I don't want gay people buying our products", that's different. Stop being so fucking narrow minded and just love the haters. That'll only piss them off more ;)

  6. eric says – reply to this


    So now in order for gay people to buy products, the advertising has to be DIRECTLY aimed towards them? Get a life. I'm gay and even I realize that a man and a woman and a kid represents a traditional family. I'm not offended if there are no commercials of 2 guys making out with spaghetti up their asses

  7. susieserb says – reply to this


    Buying heaps of Barilla; they have a right to their opinion (that means if it's against YOURS)

  8. 8

    Although I don't agree with MR BArilla's comments, he is entitled to his opinion.
    I am also entitled to not buy his products. Who cares if they hire the big apple gay marching band, or do ads with gays and lesbians in it
    He is still homophobic and nothing will change that. He made his bed and no counseling, therapy, or gay involvements will change the fact of how he hates gays.
    The only thing that will sway is his public perception of gays is the almighty dollar or shall I say euro.
    So no matter what he says he still is homophobic so but ronzoni

  9. 9

    Nah - you can go fuck yourself Barilla. I wont be buying this product anymore. Its too late.

  10. 10

    Flour, water, salt, maybe an egg. The secret is in the sauce. Don't talk with your mouth full.

  11. 11

    i recently found some barilla fetticine in my cupboard that i must of bought awhile back i feel too sick to eat it to be honest itll prob go in the trash i noticed their stuff was half price the last time i was in store but there is NO WAY ON THIS earth i will eat it and im not gay just disgusted by the attitude .

  12. 12

    good grief, half the world hates queers. you just can't say it out loud, they are "sensitive" like the blacks. just tell queers how cool they are and they'll buy your stuff.

  13. 13

    I find it hard to believe their sales dropped. Most countries don't threaten boycotts like Americans do. Also, people threatened a chick-fil-a boycott which was much more public than this pasta brand and it had record breaking sales. Poor LGBT community, they have to lie